Support Group For People With Pica And Family Members

I have been on the computer almost everynight, looking for information or groups that know more about PICA. My daughter has this condition and has already had to have emergency surgery due to it. I have started a support group in hopes that it will grow and people will share their stories and solutions to help people cope with the everyday stresses that come along with it. Keep in mind I just started this site so it only has about 80 + members right now. It is on facebook Please join if anyone is interested. Thank you
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I have this condition I am 40 years old and I eat tissue and I love scott tisse it started as a child chewing and spitting the tisse out but 6 years ago I got sick from endometroisis and I started to eat tisssue like crazy I felt like and addict I would hide and eat at first then i just openly eat it I never publicly tell people my daughter told her boy friend he knows and he wanted me to eat tissue wright in front of him I said no I no it not normal I tryed not buying scottts brand it helps but the craving is so strong so I don't buy tolet tissue I used a shampoo bottle rinse with warm water add soap and wash just so I can stop if i get threw 30 days i would fell like a winner of this condition I don't use drugs and i want let anything make me a slave for it !

I have a 5 year old son who has pica he has had to have emergency surgery also i have tried to find the facebook page but cant as i feel i need some help and support from other parents who are going through the same as me could you post the link again please

here is the link above. IF you have trouble with it. Search for Family members with PICA. It should come up. If you have any problems please let me know.


i do not have it but over the years i have worked with many that do

I baby sat a little boy who just turned 2. He only eats Ice cubes and drinks milk. I got him once to eat a gold fish cracker but other wise he does not eat food. When we would go on the porch to play he would like the side of the house which is stained, everytime!! He does not speak only grunts. I often thought he might be a bit autistic, could this be a sign of Pica?

I am still looking for help with my daughter and help getting her PICA page off and running. I am hoping more people with PICA join so their experiences can help others please check her page out on facebook. The link is above. It is titled support for family members with pica.