How To Quit Eating Sponge!

I am 13 years old and since I started my period a year and a half ago I have been eating sponge. At frist I ate 10 washing up sponges a day and when I couldn't get that I ate a jumbo car cleaning sponge but then I read on the internet that it was bad for you to eat sponge and cut back to 2 washing up sponges a day and then to half a sponge a day. If you really want to quit you will, you've got to have the will power. After that I was at the hospital with my sister (she's having a baby) and I asked a nurse about it, she said that when you start your period you need more iron in your blood and if you dont have the right amount of iron in your blood it can mean you have a iron deficancy, the symtoms of iron deficancy are tiredness, get out of breath easily and  feeling sick. Having a iron deficancy can cause Pica (eating sponge). So I went to the doctor who gave me iron tablets and now I feel a lot better. I then threw a party for me and my friends and family and burnt the remaning sponge I had at my house. If you don't go to the doctor you will never stop !!!
boberpet boberpet
Jul 8, 2011