Really Want To Eat Dirt And Rocks...

Hi I'm 30 years old, my child is one years old, my pica started when I was pregnant with her, and it still continues. I started craving dirt like sand and mud and I also craved pine sol too. It is getting much worse, exspecially when it rains the smell of the wet earth makes my mouth water, I just want to grab the mud by fistfuls and shove it in my husband thinks this is very strange. Im very embarassed by this. I have yet to have eaten any mud or dirt, right now Im at the stage where exspecially after it rains I have to be outside smelling the air, and playing in puddles while fantisizing about eating the mud in them. Im happy to have found others in my same situation but Im not sure I want to fix this problem because I have never enjoyed the outdoors as much as I do now, and the smells are so satisfying to me that I dont want this to go away but I fighting with myself to not eat it..
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1 Response Jul 25, 2011

Thank you for sharing your story. I used to eat dirt frequently as a child and learned not to (I got worms 3 or 4 times), but now my Pica manifests itself in other ways. I feel for you when you say that you are embarrassed but not sure you want the problem to go away. For your health, I recommend not eating dirt because of the parasites, but ultimately it's your decision.