What Can Doctors Do Exactly

i remember eat sponge at the age of 6 and i still eat it to this very day and i am 18.

my family knows it and they think i do it for fun and i can just stop whenever i want but the thing is i cant even though i did stop for a year when i was 11 but it came back again when i start high school. when i eat it i feel so relax and i just want more. last Christmas i did some research and i want to know why i eat sponge and i found out about Pica syndrome. 

if i go to a doctor i want to know:

  1. how will they find out i have it 

  2. what will they do

  3. and if i get help from the doctors can i stop eating it 

(sorry for any bad spell and grammar) thanks for reading it 
NoN101 NoN101
May 5, 2012