heyy there.
my name is Tori Shaya Pilling. i am now 17 years of age and i have had pica almost all my life. dont think i dont understand the embarresment of living with such a disorder. i know. i used to play organised sports and the pain in my stomach kept me from playing rugby. i just recently lost a tooth because the drywall i was eating ground down my teeth till one of them just fell out. its just that i crave drywall. literally i do. almost like my ciggarettes. the feeling comes over me and i dont realise it but then im walking to the wall. the moment i see that ive broken off a peice i begin to drool. then when it gets closer to my mouth i begin to smell the drywall and that makes it worse. its almost like i can smell each individual sandy gritty peice of the wall chunk. then i place it in my mouth and i chew it. i think the thing i crave the most is the way it crumbles when i chew it. i then sift the bigger chunks out of the smaller ground up stuff and i swallow the smaller stuff. then i chew it again. after im done however i usually dont feel satifyed so i break off and eat peices till i am. then usually i dont ea that day till dinner.its bad though because im rrunning out fo drywall to eat. like itis literally a scavenger hunt to look for places to find drywall.. i also eat chalk. i dont really care for it. i mean it takes away the cravings for a little while, but then their back with a vengence. pumice stones are the same deal they just dont get rid of the cravings the way drywall does.
torigirl09 torigirl09
18-21, F
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