Producing Documentary Series On Pica

Hi there,

I'm producing a documentary about PICA for a major cable tv network. I'm looking for people who are willing to share their story and their experience with PICA. I believe that recently, the public has been exposed to more and more cases of PICA and it is something that is becoming normalized and understood. People seem to talk about it now with less judgement and more interest. If you are interested in speaking with me everything will remain confidential. I'm really looking for someone I can get to know and learn from.

Thank you

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Yes. I eat copper wire.<br />

Yes, please do!<br />
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I look forward to speaking with you. Take care!

i am willing to share my story. is it okay if i email you?

That's great! Feel free to email me at I'm really looking forward to speaking with you.

I woule love to help