Two Years Later...

and I'm still at it. I posted In April of 2010 about having Pica and eating toilet paper. For a little while I thought I'd gotten a handle on it but it's just getting worse. I do find that I consume more when I'm stressed, which now, is most of the time. Since my first post, my mom had a heart attack, stroke and is now on dialysis. I don't work because I have to take care of her. For all of her health problems, she is getting stronger and I finally have --a little--help. I also know that my mom's health is going to continue to decline and I do need to be able to work when she's I'm going back to school to be a dialysis technician. But having to take her to appointments, manage her meds, manage the household and now, plan a wedding...I'm eating more and more toilet paper. I'm actually afraid for my health. Way back when it was just a few sheets here and I could actually eat a whole roll in a day although I try to have SOME restraint and not do that. Although I haven't gained any weight, I've noticed my abdomen getting larger also. and then there's the nausea. I have to stop...I know I do. A dietician told me I absolutely need iron pills or a daily multivitamin and I've tried that but it doesn't seem to help. The addiction is still there. I tried replacing my toilet paper with baby wipes but that's hard to do when there are 3 bathrooms in the house and I can't do that in every bathroom. I wish I knew why this all started. I don't want to keep doing this. I don't want to have this secret I have to hide. My mom knows. My exboyfriend knows because I had to tell him---he was living with me and would have found out anyway. Like a lot of people I don't have medical coverage and I can't even afford to see a doctor. Something has to happen...and soon. I know this stuff is making me sick.
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I do it when I'm stressed as well. It's been going on for a little over a year, but I don't know how to stop. It's upsetting that this disorder isn't taken very seriously. I hope more research will be conducted soon. The stress and the toilet-paper eating is beginning to affect my relationships, so I understand how difficult it is. I hope things work out for you

Abdomen swelling= bezoar/ accumulation. You've got to get an endoscopy ASAP. Nausea is another sign.

I must say that has to be my toughest part to deal with returning to university to study....the constant contact with writing paper and the urge to eat a piece in class.

i eat old book paper its better

when my youngest child was younger we actually had to hide the toilet roll in our house becuase it was all he would eat..and i mean all he would eat. He was getting to the stage he was asking the neighbours if he could use their toilet just to get some. Thankfully he has'nt done it for a few years now but i do worry about him because I suffered similar experiences when i was young and still do during times of stress now.