Living With Pica.

I never thought that my paper eating habit was a huge problem, until I took health class in high school. Granted, before then, everyone else had problems with me swallowing sheet after sheet of paper, but it never bothered me.
My health teacher started talking about mental disorders one day and she mentioned Pica. I found it odd, as people with this problem have an uncontrollable urge to eat non-food items. Glass, dirt, paper, soap, ice. I thought,
"Well, I don't have that. I just like to eat paper!"
I was at my friend's house the week before and we were recording a cover for youtube, and she started yelling at me because I was literally eating one of her notecards for class.
I didn't even realize it. I told her I wasn't swallowing it, just chewing. She offered me gum and to be honest, I REALLY didn't want the gum. Just the paper.
I noticed myself slowly swallowing the paper after time instead of spitting it out.
It gives me a good feeling. Like satisfaction, if you will.
Whenever I go somewhere, my friends literally babysit me so I don't do it.
The worst part is, some of them think I eat paper just to get attention and to start conversation.
That is far from true. If they weren't standing next to me, I'd probably be eating even more of it. Hahaha.
It's just odd. I love the taste and the feeling. It gives me a rush almost.
I hope I'm not alone here.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Most Pica sufferers have a craving for either soil, paper, or toilet paper. It isn't uncommon. I know a kid at my school that likes erasers. I myself had pica... and then it suddenly stopped. Cold turkey.

Paper isn't too likely to form bezoars in your gut, but paper contains a lot of bleach and other chemicals. I suggest chewing on some sugarcane or pine bark (directly from a tree), as you may have a fiber deficiency, and sugarcane and pine has a lot of that. Sugarcane also tastes good, and a lot of people chew on it. It wouldn't be too harmful to swallow sugarcane, but it would cause you to poop a lot.

I eat old book paper very good