I Have Pica Syndrome & Nobody Knows

All My Life I Just Loved The Feeling Of Touching Sand , Dirt , Rocks , And Chalk. I Am 17 Years Old & About 4 Years Ago I Started Eating Drywall. Ive Been Faithfully Eating Drywall Everyday For The Past 4 Years. Ive Ruined My House A Lot And It Causes My Mother To Pay A Lot Of Money To Get Things Fixed. She Thinks Its My Brothers That Made The Holes In The Walls But Its Really Me. I Want To Stop This Addiction Before It Gets Worse. I Dont Have Anybody To Talk To Because This Is So Embarrassing. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT
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I know how you feel... I had the same problem. My closet is gone and some other places in the house... I feel bad because both my parents have to fix it and spend money on it to fix it. Now I have been eating clay that I buy 20lbs(lasts me around a year to two years) its called AMACO Natural Clay. I started off eating the alb moist pottery Amaco clays. But the 20lb one is WAY cheaper and you get more. Plus there isn't damage done to the house anymore.

I suggest looking up the MSDS of the materials you are eating.


This is a soft clay that is easy on your teeth. Its clean and tastes good as well.

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Find a trusted friend or relative to talk to, i just told my best friend about my Pica disorder (i eat paper) and Im feeling tons better already. Then go see a doctor.. I know its embarrassing but you need to get help.

Talk to someone about it. You will feel better. People have all kinds addictions and a lot of them harm their bodies with drugs and alcohol and we know the damage long term drug use does but we don't know the damage from drywall but I can't imagine that it is good. For your health and safety talk to someone. Get addicted to treatment.

Thanks :)

I have OCD and PTSD and I go to therapy. It's hard to admit what your thinking a feeling and painful but once you talk about it then its not just yours anymore. It's everyone's and we all have secrets, fears, hurts. Human.