I Can't Stop Eating Cardboard

Hi, I am currently 18 years old and in college and I've been struggling with pica for about 6 years. It began with paper from a Spanish workbook from school, and then I began eating chalk around the same time. I quit eating chalk relatively quickly, because seeing it in my stool kind of scared me so I went back to paper. At first I would just chew it for a while and then spit it out, but now I chew and swallow larger and larger amounts of it. My boyfriend is starting to notice the bits of chewed up paper in the garbage and I don't know how to tell him.. or even if I should. I keep telling myself that I can quit easily but I know it isn't true. And I'm also pretty scared about what affects paper could have on my body. I mostly eat the cup sleeves you put on cups of coffee from Starbucks, and the cardboard inside of binders, certain types of hardcover books, and even scrapbooks and photo albums. I'm in my first year of college and I'm worried I'll never get over this bad habit. So if anyone out there has any suggestions, advice, or information on how this could be affecting me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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Let me put it out there. Paper contains bleach. You may have a fiber deficiency. I suggest taking fiber supplements.

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Can I just say how awful it seems to me that you are on this website trying to sell an addiction to people who are asking for help. You're no better than the man selling meth to people fresh out of rehab.

I agree with you O.o