I Was Up To 3 Boxes A Week...

It started about the time I was pregnant with my daughter 12 years ago. Up untill recently I always had to have a box with me. One in the car several at home . A little in a container inside my purse. Everyone close to me always knew I had a box stashed somewhere. Even my little nieces and nephews. It was something about the taste that made me crave it more. When I was stressed I craved it most. The way it made my taste buds water. I went to visit a friend out of state and the separation killed me. The good news is after a recent visit to the doctor he told me to take iron pills because my iron was so low. (I didn't tell him about it so I wonder could he tell) so now for a happy ending for now I haven't had baking soda in over a month and my stomach feels much better that soda was getting to me.
keshaeve keshaeve
36-40, F
1 Response Jun 8, 2013

I am so glad you have gotten this under control. Good for you!