I Eat Chalk

Hey group! I see I'm not alone...

it started in my childhood...I remember nibbling on the wall..loved the smell of wet gypsum and plaster...everytime I passed a construction area my mouth would start watering and now I'm on that chalk chewing thing sometime I eat a whole piece  too ....one box with 12 sticks of chalk last only 3 days....does anybody know about the health consequences? sorry for my English...I'm from Germany

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Hey Guys,
You don't understand the relief I feel that I'm not alone in the world. I first started when I was 8 nibbling on the wall. Then I tasted kaolin clay and I just LOVED it, but my parents found out about my wall eating, and we're furious. I was cast an outsider in my family, and was made to believe I was the weird one. My parents told all my family, and I always got stares and judged by family members whenever we went to a gathering. This made me stop for a while, then I was back at it again. I've been eating chalk on and off for 10 years, and kaolin clay. Whenever I walk past a building site and see dry bits of clay, I always take some home with me to eat later. Now that I'm 18 I'm trying to stop this addiction, as my boyfriend doesn't know about it, and I'm scared to tell him as my family already labelled me as a weirdo when they found out. Plus I feel there is a negative side effect to my health if I continue eating kaolin clay and chalk. If anyone knows where I can get help, it would be much appreciated

I've recently noticed that when I wipe the chalk off the dart board I LOVE the smell of the dust. I keep smacking out the rubber so I can breathe it in. Really tempted to eat a piece

Forest I stayed eating baby powder , then inhaling it until it blocked my air almost like smoking it . I gained weight and would get sick alot from it... I switched to white chalk then stalked eating colored Crayola chalk board chalj because it taste the most like earthy but it hurts my so I spit it out after.

As a child I would stay after class to steal chalk, I ate chalk and magnesium carbonate all my life. This is because I'm very anemic. The magnesium carbonate is a laxative so early every morning I'm running to the bathroom which is responsible for my flat tummy.

hey guys im a proud chalk eater ive even told some friends about it. chalk is not dangerous at all as long as your eating white NONTOXIC chalk. I love the Crayola brand so I recommend that I have been eating chalk for about 4 years now I have always been tempted but was too scared to act upon it but eventually I was like **** it I cant hold and im so happy I did but it not only delicious it also calms me down as well hey its better than smoking lol

I love clay, i used to eat chalk but then i moved on to clay i find it hard to stop i get my clay from school in the art room but im not an art student so i have to be very descreste i like they grey hard clay i think the air drying one, i just wanna know any affects it could have to my health appart from constpation.

I don't know if this is bad or not, since I haven't heard of anyone else who does, but I crave wet terra cotta clay (unbaked, still malleable). When I can't get ahold of it because it is a tad expensive, I eat white crayola chalk. I know that many of you in here said you eat the chalk without any health problems, but will I have problems with clay? I'm worried...

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Mmmmmm yummy chalk

I also seriously have a problem of eating chalk, at school I usually take some from my teachers and they would ask me what am I going to use it for. I would lie and say I use it for art but no actually I eat it, even if its during the holidays and I get chalk cravings, I go and buy a box for myself at any shops,,,when I don't have a bar or a stick of chalk a day it just feels like I'm running out of blood in body, so I really need serious help I don't know if this is normal or not :(

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Hello out there-----you are not alone, I have been eating chalk for years. I may have PICA or some other kind of issue but I don't care, I love eating chalk. To avoid constipation, please drink at least 30 oz of plain water to aid in your system naturally getting rid of the chalk in your body. It will be chalk-y. I even lost 120 pounds eating chalk. The chalk does not allow your body to keep the fat/calories/sugars/cholesterol/etc that some of the foods we eat contain in high numbers. I usually eat about 1.5 boxes of white chalk--do not eat the colored chalk because of the dyes which really can hurt you. I follow behind it with at least 30 oz of water and then about 1 or 2 hours later, I drink another 30 oz of plain water. The water is what pushes it out of the body along with the food and bad things associated with the food. Your body is not holding onto the fat/oils/sugars/cholesterol/etc thus not allowing the body to gain weight either. Chalk does not ***** the blood either, but take vitamins to supplement what your body is not getting from the foods you are eating and that the chalk is moving out of the body. The price I pay for 1 box of Crayola chalk (which I think is the best, stay away from plaster of paris, which hurts people's stomach because it is not natural) is $ 1.19. I go to about 5 different stores and just buy all they have. I love eating white chalk, it is a feeling of complete joy!!!

Hey .
I just love eating chalk. i just chew the hardest chalk & spit it..& just love chewing it, biting it very tightly & then spit it in wash basin. I dont swallow it inside.This i am doing since childhood. The love of chalk cannot be replaced by any other thing..

i am looking for the name of chalk that is heavier than normal chalk... it tastes better. Can anyone please help me?????

what kind of chalk are you eating now??? Crayola chalk (white) is the best. Anything heavier ----would be plaster of paris, which is not natural and causes serious gastric issues.

Check out crayola anti dust white chalk

BABY POWDER, CHEAP and gets the job done..get the quality stuff though.

Baby Powder will give a person a blockage. When baby powder gets wet it binds itself up and when you eat it( I used to eat it for 4 years till I had to have surgery to remove a 12 pound blockage in my lower intestine, this was not pretty nor pain-less!!) it just stays there getting wet and then it hardens to the point where you will not have a bowel movement and get pains in your stomach area. You develop a blockage that Milk of Magnesia, Natural and Stimulant Laxatives will not--could not correct. You WILL need surgery to remove the blockage. if you are eating baby powder or any other kind of powder, please stop ---chalk is the best way to go!!

I eat chalk as well, I thought it was due to my iron deficiency but i found that people who eat chalk usually have a calciumdeficiency. I eat about a box and a 1/2 a day

i also eat small bits of left over chalk at school, which is usually thrown off...but my parents are going mad about it!!!!!!!

Hoi! I have to admit that I eat chalk too. I'm thankfull that you all are being honoust about it, it makes me feel like I am not alone in this..

But I have a question; what does the chalk do to your teeth? I like it most to grind it between my canines, but I think that now, they are starting to shorten.
I don't know how to ask my dentist..
Sorry for my English, I'm from Belgium...

I have the same problem as you. The gritty chalk has ground down all my teeth!! So much so the dentist wants to cap them all. Very expensive and scary. Gritty/sandy chalk WILL grind down your teeth permanently if you eat it for a long time. I have learned this the hard way. :(

there is a thing i found called gaviscon it taste a lot like chalk and it is a little sweet!! if you have a need to eat chalk i would say try that. it helps me. look it up!

I'm really glad that I'm nt alone in this cos I actually thought I ws possessed. I eat chalk, dry walk, dust,I luv the smell of dust, I also eat clay, I prefer d red clay its so delicious, I also eat this local chalk the taste and smell is irresistable. I'm nt addicted to them bt wud eat them if the opportunity come my way

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I used to eat chalk. it started in primary school I eat it for a dare and it tasted good but I pretended it didn't. then I told my friend (boy) and when he went to detention he used to sneak me some then I would consume it at home. when I went to high school I told my friend and me and her stole tons of chalk from the art room and we would go to my house or hers and eat some! my favourite was the black chalk because it had a metal taste. I kept doing that until the start of 3rd year because I didn't choose art as a subject. so I would go in to the city and buy some from local shops, preferably crayola white and sometimes the coloured! it was so tasty! and about 2 months ago I stopped because when I would go to do a number 2 the poo would stick to my toilet and I would get constipated. so after Christmas I started consuming coal as I have an open fire, I always take my time eating it as I like to find pieces of coal that aren't rock hard. I'm trying my hardest to stop but I can't. my mum is taking me to the doctors to get my bloods done because she thinks I'm low on iron, so hopefully if I get iron pills I will stop my addiction:)

I still eat chalk. I tried to stop but it didn't work out. I'd just go back after being deprived for so long. But now my face feels funny. Anyone else having this?

chalk tends to dry your skin that's also one of the reasons why some people that eat chalk get constipated i mix it with water.

Im so Glad I'm not the only one. I started when I was younger with dry wall, and then got worse when I started breaking my bathroom tiles. But i noticed it started making my stomach hurt so I went with chalk which is tastier and easier to get. 😅 Nobody knows and it's kinda embarrassing. Especially in times when I don't have chalk (like today) and I'm in a grumpy mood cause I NEED to have some.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Crayola's large colored sidewalk chalk has had some awful tasting ingredient added that makes it... sour? I can't describe the taste but even airing it out doesn't help! I was forced to eat the waxy square sticks that taste sweet. They aren't crayons, they are still chalk ("washable") but they don't taste anywhere near as good as decent, wonderful colored (yes! The more natural the color, the more earthy the taste!) sidewalk chalk! I hate to change brands because with Crayola you know it's non-toxic but the dollar store stuff might come from china and have lead or whatnot in it...

Anybody else notice the huge disgusting flavor change? I wonder if they did it on purpose???

I myself don't like Crayola chalk the sidewalk chalk taste nasty,yuck!!!!!! And the white Crayola chalk if you read the label It's Made in China I prefer PRANG white chalk and its made in France and it tastes good you can find it online or at Staples.

cool thanks for the tip I'm going to Staples

omg...yes the Crayola sidewalk chalk does have a weird sweet taste. It's something different in them than regular chalk.

Yes I noticed the change as well. Now I only eat white Crayola chalk

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My mom knows I eat chalk but won't let me because she read I causes intestinal blockage. How can I convince her otherwise

That is not true. I have been eating chalk since I was 5years old my mother also knows I eat chalk but I drink a little bit of water I am 33 now I still eat chalk

Hey wow!
its so cool to see i'm not the only one. My friends think i'm crazy, but i really cant help it. It is especially had for me because i'm still on school, I mean the place filled with chalk ! Also my mom was a teacher and i always ended up stealing her chalk. I don't eat the colored ones, because i'm afraid of any chemicals it may contain. I always like to check if the box says non-toxic, because I've read that it may lead to poisoning.

i also eat chalk ilike the cryola big colored ones i like all the colors except the balck and brown ones. i just like the texture and the feeling in my mouth and since school is out i cant get any more my stash ranout and i cant buy more cause i live far from a store i could walk there but it will raise suspicions in my family no one knows i eat chalk and and we all go to the store im scared they are going to see me buy it please help im trying to stop. and im scared when school begins im going to get addictated again helpp meeeeeee

I started eating chalk when I was younger does anyone know if it can affect me from having kids????????????

no I cannot affect you a lot of pregnant women eat chalk too.

I share the same taste as most of you here.. I am a mother of 2 kids now and i eat up their chalk begore they use it! Well i tried to find a substitute so that i do not set a bad example for my kids by eating their chalk. Nuts are very similar to the consistency of chalk, dry clay, etc.. Especially peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds..mix the nuts with some raisins to have a better total result as you chew.
Lucky that i am not allergic to nuts!!

I tried the nuts and I do not like them as much as I like chalk

I am 13 and I am recently addicted to eating crayola chalk. I eat it when I am bored or by my self. I love the texture and taste. I ate a how box of it and now I don't have it. I am almost going insane! What should I do? I want to go to a grocery store to buy some but I don't want anyone to find out! What should I do?

I feel your pain....

people do not have to know you can buy them and if someone asks tell them its for an art class they don't need to know

i started eating sand when i was 3 or 4 years old and i remember liking it. i remember eating white dirt throughout my childhood also. once i was 11 doing art in high school, i started eating the grey air drying clay. it was sooo delicious! especially when it's dry, dusty, crispy and it melts in my mouth. once i got in university and having my own money at 18, i would order 12kg of clay and i'd dry it out in bits, or even bake em' like cookies in the oven lol. just like cookies taste great with milk, my clay cookies tasted great with strawberry yazoo! i tried giving it up because i started looking like a zombie. but i remember when i was without it and just thinking about it would make my mouth water intensively, i would crave so bad i'd go crazy. i now eat chalk, which is less aggressive than clay but still has that plain dry taste i like. i don't think i'm as bad as i used to be as i can go for a while without chalk, but i do believe it's because i have pica because i had to take 3 iron tablets a day when i was in high school...but i much preferred the raw iron in clay........

I love the taste of Crayola white anti dust chalk. I bought two boxes from Walmart this week and was very dissapointed when took a bite and discover that it taste different. Im desperate because it was the only chalk i like.

Same thing happened to me but i'm such an addicted moron i ate it anyway

I used to buy the 52 count crayola chalk, but then they changed the formula...I going insane looking for substitute.

Try PRANG white chalk you can find it at Staples or onlinethis chalk is made in France and not China like Crayola and you'll like the taste.

don't be depressed Crayola chalk is now made in China but you can try PRANG white chalk this one is made in France and it has a great taste you can find it at Staples

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Buy some clean white dirt, it tastes like rain when it hits a hot ground on a hot sunny day.

What about just chalk? Not white dirt?

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i ave been eating chalk for the past year n i rely on it heavily n i dont know y... i try stop eating it but the more i stop the more i want it....

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People who love dirt/chalk/kaolin or whatever you call it, this is where we talk and share. Come join us.

im 17 & i have been eating drywall; It started like 2 years ago for me idk why i even started to do this; White crayola chalk was the best for me, but that i couldnt always buy it so i started to eat drywall; i have a huge hole in my closet and my dad a contractor so its kind of easy to get it; i stopped completely this year bc it was making me sick; my hair not grow and i used to cry bc i didnt feel normal. But your not alone. Im trying to find foods that have the same consistancy as the drywall bc i hate the taste only the texture is what i like.

I crave Crayola's Anti Dust White Chalk. I will make an apptment with my doctor next week to check my blood cells. I am so grateful that I am not alone.

your weird who eats chalk

for those who really havent tried eating white chalk or pottery made up of cly you dont know what you are missimg?its ssooo good the girty taste of the chalk im my mouth i can eat it all day lond

why would you be on this site criticizing other people with health problems if you don't have that problem you shouldn't be on this site you are the weird one

you're weird man

you are so ******* stupid get the **** out of this site

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Check out this site for people who eat Clay, Chalk, Earth etc...

Please dont let anyone make you fell un normal.
Dirt/Clay eating has been practiced for centuries by many cultures around the world and is normal.

Find a safe source and eat away.

I love the taste of earth as its like rain on pavement on a hot summer day!

Many sources of good earth in Georgia, California, Arizona, Alabama, and many other places.

The practice is to source the earth deep beneathe the top soil. Construction sites are good places to find good clay. Also baking in the oven or microwave to dry is good as well.

If you cant find a edible source where you live then buy it on line.

All things in moderation. Too much ice cream can make you sick. Too much water can make you sick.

Salt is a mineral mined from the earth but because someone packaged it and put it in a grocery store its more accepatable. Supplements are minerals, minerals come from the earth.

You can get some of the same minerals from eathing Clay.

I cant find any place to buy natural chalk in the uk can anyone help me please

email me at LeslieCinGa@yahoo.com
I know a lady in the UK who can provide what you need.

my nouth is watery now. i crave it so much and love to hide and eat. that is kind of achievement i feel :-p i like to eat n i dont like to eat so much at one shot but yea i can finish a pack in 3-4days, woohoo i used to love it as child n cant help if i smell it or now when i see you guys talking about it.

After reading this article, and realising that I was only eating a small amount of chalk in comparison to many others, I made an appointment with my Dr and she sent me for a blood test. It turns out that I had an Iron and a Folate deficiency and it was causing my red blood cells to become shrunken and misshapen. She has put me on the right medication and in less than a week I have stopped craving chalk! If you have not been tested please do see a Dr ASAP, as it could be your bodies way of telling you that you have a real problem, and it can be overcome with rebalancing your diet too. The chalk in itself is not dangerous but the red blood cells need to be the right shape and size to do their job in healing and clotting and getting oxygen to the body, so please do get that checked out. If your Iron and Folate are normal then please do enjoy your chalk.


if intrested in purchasing chalk straight from the mine pure and unprocessed email me at tirahkirahporche @yahoo.com

have unprocessed chalk for sale good good good way better than the sticks

Anti acids & toothpaste are made from chalk, chalk may cause constipation (unless an cause tummy aches & hemroids) There are no other major health risks involved with comsuming chalk unless you are substituting meals or unless you are asthmatic or pregnant then you need to seek help.

I started eating chalk after i miscarried in '98 i smelled the dust it smelled so good i took a bite i been addicted ever since..i like crayola white roseart white bazics white chalk ..i only eat colored light green yellow if theres no white i crave for it i get annoyed if i dont get it i can eat 48 sticks in a day or 2 days ..it has to broken up into pieces in a plastic bag if i get a box that tastes like chemicals perfume or soap i put it in window to airout..chalk absorbs scents easily so be careful what you store it next too.
.i love it love it love it makes me gassy sometimes & constipated i get alil scared but i try & stol but i cant glad other ppl share this craving i want some chalk now..lol

i eat chalk and plaster dont know why im addicted to it but cant stop, i eat a pack of 12 a day even more somtimes!! i want to stop please help!

So I am not alone, I eat chalk too but only garden chalk ,when I am having a bad day I eat it and have always done it since I was little ,I have one problem I have just moved from a massive garden with plenty of chalk and now I have a tiny garden with no chalk and am desperately looking for some place where I can buy it before my stash runs out, I love the chalky taste and the comfort it gives me I feel so nice and happy inside once I have eaten some. I have tried school chalk but it does not give the same feeling or taste, I also eat paper and chew rubbers and smell new shoes , I know I sound weird and I do not tell everyone just my close family who look at me as a normal mum who has slightly weird habit's .

Hi everyone,

I am sorry to bother you all in your place of escapism.

I work for a Television Company called Arrow Media, we specialise in science, engineering and current affairs programming.

Arrow Media are about to embark on a documentary about the eating disorder PICA. The doc is for a major UK broadcaster and will explore why people develop PICA and how it affects its sufferers.

I am in the research phase of the programme and would like to speak to people affected by the condition, specifically those who live in the UK. I want my research to be led by those who have experienced with PICA, rather than what I read in articles online.

We want this programme to educate and inform not ridicule, which is why I am so keen to thoroughly research it before we begin production.

It would be greatly appreciated if those who are open to talking to me would email me. My email address is victoria.musguin(at)arrowmedia.com

Thanks so much,


I thought I'm the only one who eats chalk in the world, I am addicted to chalk taste I like I like when he sketched in my teeth when I do not eat chalk I feel stressed. I'm 11 years that I eat I just not stop

<p>I started eating chalk a year ago when my boyfriend left me. After that for some reason I became more aware of chemical smells and it made my mouth water. I tried chalk and didn't think much of it but I noticed that it tended to take on the flavour of the envioronment....SO I placed a few sticks in my genuine leather bag and it took on a nice rich flavour and tasted more like earth, leather and a hint of detergent giving it a sweet flavour and the longer it's left in the bag the softer it gets and just melts in my mouth...its' sooooo good! I usually buy the Pelikan chalk as it dissolves in water and is nice and soft but still has a crunchy texture. I love it and can't see myself stoping.</p>

Hi I too eat Chalk but it has to be the original chalk from the garden ,I love the taste and it makes me feel good, I also eat paper and rubber bits,I know it is weird but its soothing and Iv been doing it for over 50 yrs on and off so it cant do much hard , B x

I have tried the iron tablets to take the cravings away, but would much rather enjoy the chalk. Its been just over a week since I last had some and I am going crazy waiting for my stock to arrive.

Feels so good talking about this!!!<br />
I started nibbling chalk about a year ago. I was into calcium tablets-but that is another story- Anyway one day I was going thru one of my crafting bins and I found some colored blackboard chalk. I took a bite- YUM!! The yellow was great! The green and purple and blue tasted yukky. I took tiny nibbles to make it last I felt guilty about buying more. Well I did get more- a friend was cleaning out art supplies- paper, colored pencils.etc. There was chalk! Pastel chalk the kind that is shaped like oblong square. I took a nibble..WONDERFUL!! Lighter than the dense school chalk and less dense. I was almost euphoric! On Friday I went to Joann's and bought more. It takes me 3 days or more to nibble a stick, which I break into smaller pieces and store in a cornstarch cannister. Let me tell you there is NOTHING better than a piece of pure white chalk dusted with cornstarch! It makes my mouth water just typing about it!!

I am from Saouth Africa and love chalk! What other brands are there in SA that are nice?

I've been eating chalk for about 2 years now. I LOVE chalk ! I was first addicted to getting chalk erasers and clapping them together , so I could sniff the chalk dust. At first, I didnt like the taste of it until I crunched the chalk up and ate it. Now when I have extra chalk dust from after I sniff the chalk dust off of the eraser, I'll hit my eraser on a hard surface and scoop up the access chalk and eat it. I love c halk that school teachers use.I steal about 1-4 pieces of chalk everyday or every other day. I love white and yellow chalk :) I wish I had some right now but i've been 3 months "sober" and I dont want to relapse....

What brand was it????

I have craving for Crayola Sidewalk Chalk. I used to eat RoseArt, then Crayola White chalk but in the last year the texture has changed and the color looks more grey than white which doesn't taste the same. Crayola Sidewalk chalk for me now. I chew it but don't swallow often. I like mine wet with water most of the time or just dry. I have been thinking about telling my doctor when i make an appt for a checkup. Glad to know that there are many that do the same that I do and understand. I have told no one that I do this and I have been doing this for the last 20 years.

Hi Guys,<br />
I used to be a pica sufferer, but now have controlled this craving. I just wanted to say... I've been working on developing a healthy, safe substitute for those that have the cravings to eat chalk. Would anyone be interested in trying these as a substitute? I'm thinking about lowering the amount of chalk you crave to eat, by supplying essential nutrients, and in chewable pill form, as well as 4" sticks. Let me know!<br />

Hi Tim, very interested in controlling this craving. I went through it 20 years ago when I was pregnant, over the last 2 years I have begun again, even though not pregnant!
Please do let me know how to get in touch with you.

Hi Tim! I've always loved eating chalk, plaster and cement..from as far as I can remember. I used to eat a lot in high school. Mostly the classroom chalk and the plaster off my house's walls. Then I stopped for a couple years and now I've started again! (this time, university chalk :/) Actually just ate one stick. It makes me feel good- I love how it melts in my mouth. But I know I shouldn't be doing this and I so want to stop it. I'd love to try the substitutes you say you're making.
Hope to hear from you.

I like the Crayola sidewalk chalk. My question is does anyone get a sensitivity afterward, like I can barely eat Hot foods anymore, spicy I should say. Is there a brand out their tat does not cause that. The crayola white 24 count makes my throat swell. I really wish there were a vitamin I could take instead

I have been eating chalk since I was 12 or 13. I'm now 27 yrs old. I remember when my brothers saw me eat chalk and told my dad! Omg! My dad yelled at me so much that I felt the walls shake. Everyone thought I was possessed by the devil. Lol I actually stopped for a couple of years but one day I waz at the 99cent store and I saw Crayola chalk and the cravings came back. I bought 10 packs and couldn't wait till I got home. I went through the box one after the other. <br />
I eat chalk everyday! If I don't eat chalk I feel like I have starved myself and I begin to loose it. I need help bcos I think I am eating way too much.

ive eaten chalk for years wilkos twelve pence a box i eat soap aswell, glad too hear im not alone, all my family and kids call me a weirdo xx

You better stop and go see a doctor if you want to live to see your children grow up

How about you not judge Lynn

I have been eating chalk on and off since I was 5 years old. I am currently 33 years old and I just starting eating again about 3 years ago. I prefer the light weight white chalk you find in a 99cents store because of its gritty texture when I chew on it. I know eating chalk is a bad habit, but it feels good in my mouth. I do not consume boxes a day, but once in a while I enjoy to feel of it. I do not believe there are any side effects from eating in moderation. However, I've read that if you eat too much chalk, especially the gritty ones that I like, the chalk particles can crystalize in the intestines which can be a problem in the future, but I don't know how true that is. Usually anxiety sets off my cravings for chalk. What helps stop my cravings is simply acknowledging my anxiety in the moment therefore I crave chalk. Once I understand that, I simply redirect my thoughts on something positive instead of chalk. Try partaking in something constructive and positive that can offset the craving. Eat more balanced meals, workout, chew gum, and remind yourself that you don't have to eat chalk all the time to quell whatever you’re feeling.

describe its TASTE PLZ! i want to try it!

dirt feeling noflavor and dry but kind of tasty to me i've been eating chalk for a few years

should i try chalk? i dont know if it is safe tho. please help!

should i try chalk? i dont know if it is safe tho. please help!

Are you ******* stupid don't try chalk and obviously its not. Its not made for human consumption the conditions its manufactured in are disgusting rodent droppings hair gets in there and decomposed animals go in it I work in Crayola chalk industry.

Why are you on here judging you *****? This site is for people to vent....not for you to judge.

Seems to me like it was more of a place where someone asked the question of health concerns not a place to vent

i still remember the fisrt time i have tasted it. I was 6 or 7 and now i can't stop eating it. I spend all my money on buying chalk and my mom always throw them away and i get very angry. If i don't eat chalk i feel weird i feel frustrated. At school i was not allowed to do litterature because i eat chalk. I also eat clay, baby powder, sand and I LOVE IT!

hey guys im 35 years old ive been eating chalk since i was 8 but never bought any out of the store ive tried it but dont like the process taste i get my chalk straight out ouf the chlak holes my uncles always worked at the chalk places so thats what i eat its sooooo good but the store kind i hate

Where can I get some of that?

I also can't stop eating Ice, which I'm not worried about. And smell pottery clay!

I eat chalk and sand, I love te gritty texture, I also like flint rocks..

i love the harder chalks, where i need to put pressure of my teeth and the crumbling sound in my mouth makes a perfect substitute of a dessert !! :)

These comments make my mouth water. I've been without chalk for about two months now and its torturing me. I started by inhaling vast amounts of chalk dust and eventually decided to taste the wonderful substance. Crayola anti dust is by far my favorite but I can NEEVVEEEER find the right kind in stores. I'm about to be 19 now. A 7 year addiction that I would give in to anytime... :/

These comments make my mouth water. I've been without chalk for about two months now and its torturing me. I started by inhaling vast amounts of chalk dust and eventually decided to taste the wonderful substance. Crayola anti dust is by far my favorite but I can NEEVVEEEER find the right kind in stores. I'm about to be 19 now. A 7 year addiction that I would give in to anytime... :/

I been eating dry wall and chalk and ajeel (island clay). For many years. I tried hidding it. Under my pillow, purse , dresser, I cant stop. I chew it and spit it out. . I love dry clay to. Crayola white and 52 pk side walk chalk that I eat in 1-2 weeks. I crave it hard core. And im starting to eat chalk in public. My parents use to find it under my pillow when I was younger. I live on my own now. When my ex is around I dont eat it but I will sneak small chunks and eat it in the bathroom. My bones always make crackin noise. I aniemic. I want to stop so bad. I feel like this is my drug and I cant stop controllin it is the worse. I use.to bite my nails I paint them or get them done. My.teeth hurts sometimes if the chalk is to hard. I feel them move sometimes. This is so serious I dont want the wrong person to see this and commite me. Pray.for me.im battling demons

I live in South Africa, and I love chalk. I am desperately looking for chalk here but they don't seem to have that melt in your mouth kind. I used to love the Crayola anti-dust kind but they don't seem to have it here. Help?

Oh wow, it's been a while for me....but I'm still having my Pica still love Chalk :-) Lyra is a german company and you can get it here. But they changed their name now and it's called Robercolor now. Thank God it still has the same taste. I guess I should open an online store for german chalk lol ;-)


I eat crayola sidewalk chalk...all of them taste great except the pink ones. The pink ones have an ugly after taste. Unfortunately, the set i have now are so bland and hard. It does not have that soft melt in your mouth feel to it. It feels like I am eating concrete. Maybe it is time to stop.

Wow I thought I was the only one.....I've been eating chalk since I was a child I'm 24 now I'm soooo addicted to this thing but my mom thinks it will have some sort of effect on my health later on in life but I can't stop I really love he crayola white one :)

Ive been eating chalk for years now im 21 and worried it might harm my health not that ive eva had any problems! I crave it so badly sometimes and i thought i was the only one but seeing theres more of us makes me feel better!

I am 35 week pregnant, have sever anemia, and want to eat chalk now. really want it !

well i am only 14 years old and i eat drywall and chalk. i cant really help myself! and i dont want to get sick!

i love eating chalk. i eat about 16 to 20 boxes of crayola white chalk a week. i love the taste and my mouth begins to water just thinking about it.

I couldn't imagine not swallowing my chalk...its too good to waste

I love chalk....love it love it love it