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Cushion Foam :(

Im 16 and since i was 9 ive eaten the spongy stuff out of chairs, mattresses, washing sponges, etc. Anything with the foam stuff. I need help though. I cant stop. Ive eaten hair rollers. One time i even ate the stuffing out the front of my purse. Its a serious problem b/c i dont know what its doing to my body. I tried to google it, what harmful chemicals are in sponge, but stupid mattresses kept popping up. I use think about how i though i was the only person in the world with this problem. I was so relieed to find other people. But i still need help. Im only 16, this cant last forever :(

Bethany505 Bethany505 16-17, F 49 Responses Nov 26, 2009

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Well I don't eat then but I smell them. I don't know if I'm hurting my body. Each one has a different smell. And Im not sure if some of them have second hand in them. Idk what to do. I need some help

I have the same problem I eat car seats insides of my bras hair rollers it's crazy

Hello, my name is Lily. I have been chewing on things since I was very young; pens, styrofoam, pillow stuffing, paper, any kind of fabric, etc. I rip open my covers, pillows and my stuffed animals and chew the stuffing. I don't know how to help it. My sister says that I will get sick if I continue doing it. I don't know if she's right, do you? PS:I do not eat the stuff, I just chew it.
Thank you.

I have the same issue as everyone else. I am also anemic and I have been craving it since I was little. It went away for awhile but after my pregnancy it came back.

Please stop this habit immediately and spread the word. It is very dangerous. I lived in Uganda for 3 months last year teaching, and one of my former students, Sarah (9 years old) just passed away from eating her foam mattress. She was diagnosed with malaria being the cause of her death, but the autopsy report came out differently. The X-Ray showed her stomach and intestines filled with foam, which led to clogging of her bile duct , and eventually her liver shutting down.

I was shocked to hear that this could actually cause death. Obviously our circumstances are MUCH different here in the States, and I'm sure foam is probably made of different things in Africa not to mention our emergency health care systems are
Worlds more effective.

That being said though it is a scary habit and you never know... please be careful!!

OmG my name is Annie and it have the same stupid problem.

Hello, my name is Shevelle and I truly understand what you are going through! I, too am Sickle Cell Anemic and now that I am 36 years old, I am still having those strong cravings to this day of wanting to chew on foam. I don't understand it myself, but I am trying mentally to not think about it and I've done good for awhile. My mom gets angry if she sees any foam that looks like it has been ripped to shreds or if she sees a hair roller laying around. I simply have gotten to the point that I'm grown, with s 10-year-old son, and sometimes I do buy small pieces of foam from the store and chew on them every once in awhile and then I flush down the toilet, put it in the garbage can and move on. No one will understand what this craving is like unless they go through it themselves. I hate the fact that I was born with this disorder but then again it's nothing I can do about it; IT IS WHAT IT IS! Seriously, I don't have those cravings as much anymore like I use to and I keep it moving. Anyway, good luck to you and pray for this "issue" to go away or get some professional help if you can. May you be blesed through your battle with an unusual craving.

I accidentally found this site. Like everyone here, I thought I was the only person in the world doing this

Hi, Im Stefania, and I eat styrofoam as well. I started when I was little but only for a bit. Im 22 now, and I started eating foam over this last christmas break. Everyone was telling me how I lost weight (i did it thr right way), but when I got home with my parents over break (they eat extremely unhealthy) i thought eating styrofoam would counteract me eating horribly as there is no calories in styrofoam, plus i enjoyed the texture and smell. Ive continued eating styrofoam for 6 months now, sometimes my mouth gets ripped up from the foam being so abrasively, i loose energy, i wanna sleep all day, and all i get dizzy and sometimes get blurry, plus I feel my kidney hurting me. I seriously need to stop, I know im killing myself, I dont care if I gain more weight as long as I am not killing myself with the hamrful chemicals in styrofoam. Im going to try taking a higher dosage of iron pills, hopefully that will suffice my cravings. Im also extremely unhappy with my life currently, Im out of post-secondary school, don't know what i want my career to be, confused about life and relationships, troubled with trying to make everyone happy on my future. I feel like im wasting away while others actually do something with their lives. I need to get a hold of my life again, I think when I do this my depression will diminish and I wont need to comfort of styrofoam.

Try taking iron pills. I have extremely low iron and have been obsessed with foam since I was about 13. It started off with me just picking at it, then throw it away. It wasn't long after would start to chew on it. My obsession was getting out of control. I went to the doctors at 27 and they ran some blood tests. As it turns out i had low iron. they prescribed me high doses of iron. Since I have been taking the pills I noticed I stopped chewing on foam. I think my sofa is happier with me. I know for sure I feel better. I hope this helps someone.

I feel like my foam eating is out of control ! I am going crazy because Walmart around the corner from my house is all out. I also ate foam through 7 pregnancies . It did not affect any of my babies and i had 2 set of twins.

I am 20yrs old.. i will b 21n aug. I have been eating cushion since i mom said everytime she changed my pamper it would n full of cushion... My whole family i ate cushion.. Wen i was younger my sistefs would tease me about it.. They threaten me all the time. if i den stop they would tell all my friends... i stopped a lil while but startd bk.. i still eat cushion til dis day but no one knows i hav not even told my husband.. my family thinks i don grew out of it.. I am anemic as well i hav sickle cell anemia... I hav eatin hair roller, couches cushion, mattresses, seats n a car,cleanin sponges n my favorite now is kids foam football. i hav eatin all of my 1yr old son foam footballss n basketballs i ate the cushion out the seats n my car, i hav ruinef da seats n my mom car.. i ruined several of my mom an grandma couches..i don slowed down a lil but i still eat it.. i dont tear up furniture n car anymore, i buy foam balls from the dollar stores.. im pregnate wit my 2nd child n really want 2stop so i dont harm my unborn baby.. Please help me som1.. N im glad um not alone n dis situation

I am 32 old woman I as have pica and I eat foam . My mother told me I've been eaten her foam hair rollers . As I got older started to eat the anything spongy. My new choice of foam is foam paint brushes from Walmart. Is there anyone else out there who eats foam ?

Hi im 24-25 yrs old ive been eating foam stuffing since I was like 8. I really dont kno y I eat it all I kno is that I can't go without eating this crap. Ive been teased by my family. Ive tried to stop by putting my self n prison & rehab but I can't stop. I wanna have children and I believe that eating this crap has stopped my reproductive organ. Ive been sick for days at a time even now u m sick cuz I can't stop eating this stuffing. Ive destoyed everything n my house eatn stuffing I need help b4 I die eating stuffing. Im scared to talk to ne body about this situation. For a long time I thought I was the only one, now I kno im not alone. Im from N.Y. please help me im desperate

I have the same problem . I have 9 children and I ate this during all my pregencies.

No problems with none of my children .

Im 21, im addicted to memory foam mattresses and pillows

I am 23 and I've been eating couch cushions and chair stuffing for about 10 years now. Idk how it started but its always been a part of my life. I've started buying it from fabric stores like JoAnnes or the special sections in Walmart. I haven't told anyone but ppl have noticed the couches going down or the chairs having tairs. I think I make it worse because I like mine with makeup on it. I blot my sponges and brushes on the foam while I'm putting on my makeup and it makes it taste even better. I know this can't be good but idk how to stop.

I am a 47 year-old, female who has been dealing with this same issue (known as "pica') since I can remember. One thing that has helped me IMMENSELY is taking "spirulina" tablets on a REGULAR BASIS. Spirulina is VERY high in iron and my cravings for foam rubber go away when I take the tablets in every, single day. As someone else mentioned, most of us with pica are anemic. Spriulina is widely used to HELP naturally combat this. Don't bother asking your doctor about is NOT a drug - it's a super food that most people (docs included), have never heard of. Google it if you want to know what it is. If you plan on using the powder form of spirulina, you will HAVE to learn ways to incorporate it into smoothies, etc., as this is a blue-green algae that does NOT taste good on its own and, HAS TO be mixed in using a good blender - NOT with a spoon or by hand. Once you've done your own research, go to Nutrition and have it delievered right to your door (it can be very expensive if you buy it from places like Whole Foods, etc.) You have NOTHING to lose by trying spirulina. Again, it is NOT a is an all natural, super food. And please don't feel alone in your struggle. Millions of people have pica and have no idea what to do about it. Most don't even know there's an actual name for the condition. I hope this helps each of you as much as it has helped me!

I have been eating foam cushions since I was about 5 years old I'm 19 now with a son but I did stop during my pregnancy just to make sure I didn't harm my unborn baby boy. I have no idea why I can't stop it's like a serious craving. I definitely want to stop especially now that I have a son, it's just very hard to do i'll be fine for a few days but then I go right back to it.

I have guardianship of my four year old niece and she does a lot of that as well. I have to keep constant watch over her. she will eat rubber bands, styrafoam and a great deal of other things. I talked to a doctor and they said it could be due to the fact she was neglected and so didn't have a healthy diet. We are wating for the test results from that. If its only due to lack of nutrition she should outgrow it. <br />
Those of you out there, tell your doctor. The reason may be simple but you won't ever know unless you tell them. You aren't crazy.

I have also been eating foam like things. I found this website looking for how harmful it can be. I only been doing it for 8 months and cant stop.

i been eatting curhsion since age 14 and now 35 cant stop eatting curhsion i even ate it with all 4 babies

Wow!!.... I eat pillow stuffing. I'm so sure this is harming me but I can't stop!! I started around 17. I'm 47 now! I don't know what to do! I'm scared to tell anyone. Not even my doctor. They'll think I'm crazy. Reading some of the past posts, I see that most everyone who does this is anemic. So am I. I also crave it after I eat.

I'm addicted to pillow stuffing, sponges, felt material, the tops of socks and just about anything like that. I hate it. I think I've had this since I was about 6.. I can taste the chemicals and toxins in them but I cant stop. The longest I've been able to stop is about 2 weeks, and that was only once. So basically I've eaten this stuff everyday of m life. I have not realised there are others like me, and I'm very happy I've finally found people just like me.

I've had this problem since the age of 9 years old I am turning 21 soon and am so sadden by my problem. I don't know how to stop and I can't tell anyone because I know what I am doing is wrong. I've ruined couches, mattress and car interiors (3 cars). No one knows about my problem and I really want to stop. I have intense stomach pains all the time and have been to the doctors but I've never told them that this could be the cause of my pain. I wish everyone struggling with this addiction the best of luck and I am glad to know that I am not alone in the world with this problem.

I'm 22 years old & I've been eating rollers since I was young...really young. I love the texture and the smell it very comforting. I can't help it. I've tried to stop & it lasted for a while but its something I crave and can't get enough of. I swallow the rollers after I've chewed it down. I like when it get hard so I can roll it on my tongue. I feel really bad BC I'm eating one now & I am scared its something that can kill me but its SO hard to just stop.

Im writing this with tears rolling down my face! I can't believe I'm not the only one in this world with this problem. I've eaten everything from the foam from hangers, seat cushions, mattresses, and now my new favorite, the padding underneath the carpet on the floors. I've have had this problem since I was 5 years old, and now I'm 16 going on 17. I really want to stop; I want help! But I don't know how. My parents are ashamed of me and I'm ashamed of myself. I'm always think about how one day I'm gonna end up sick, and die before I've lived a full life because I'm too afraid to stop. Will someone help me?

Thought I was the only one out there! I started eating the foam 'egg carton ' mattres pads when I was very young. Then I moved on to the foam in the seats of vehicles and couches. Even talking about it makes me want some! I have been really "good" these past years since my iron is back under control, now I am expecting again and need it. I have choosen to not eat it tho b/c I don't want to harm my baby. I am almost 30 and haven't even told my best friend I do this! It sure is a struggle! I love how it smells, tastes, how it feels going down...

I'm 13 and eat couch cushion too

I'm 13 and i thought i was the only one who ate couch cushin

Im 37 and I had this strange pleasure fo 20 years I tried to control this compulsion several times but its imposible I love the way it feels the taste but now Im having pulmonar problems and I think its a consequence for my adiction ,I would really like to stop it

OMG I'M SO HAPPY THAT IM NOT ALONE ON EATING MEMORY FOAM. When I saw the show "My Strange Addiction" with Adele eating couch cushion, I cried so hard because I didnt really think it was a problem until I saw her eating it and it scared me because it was like staring in a mirror while she was doing it, and plus I thought I was the only one doing that. I'm 19 years old about to be 20 in January and I have been doing this since 2004 so it's been like 6-7 years now of me eating memory foam. It'll be days where I dont eat the memory foam( and that last like a couple a days) and then days later I start eating it again. It's embarassing and only my mom and sister knows, and my dad alittle bit but it upsets me because my mom would get so mad at me and start yelling and cursing at me and I tell her I dont know what's wrong with me and she calls me an animal. I'm scared to tell people I have an eating disorder(pica) but at the same time,I really want/need help ASAP!!!