I Can't Stop Eating Toilet Paper

For many, many years (off and on for 14 years) I've had the addiction of eating toilet paper .  I always try to stop but can never seem to do it.  I might be able to stop for a day or two.  I started eating it when I was around 4 or 5 years old, but didn't start again until my senior year of high school.  I'll eat a lot of sheets throughout the day, but there are days that I can eat an entire roll or more in one day.  There are times where I haven't eaten food, but only eaten toilet paper throughout the entire day.  I don't want to give out TMI, but I try not eat entire rolls because my BMs will come out looking like it did when it went in. White and in small balls.  My preference is Angel Soft double sheets.  For whatever reason, I love the way it smells and tastes.  I don't care for Charmin but if nothing else is around I will eat that too. 

It is wonderful to know that other people have this problem and understand what I go through.  As long as I've had this habit/addiction/syndrome, I've never been able to tell any family of friends. 

But now I'm concerned because I've been eating tp a lot more than I normally do.  When I go to check ups at the doctor I'm very healthy, and after eating it I feel fine.  But for some reason I feel that I still shouldn't be eating toilet paper.  I truly want to stop but I can't.

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My habit started after my gastric bypass, I started eating comet, Ajax first. I'm happy to say that's no longer the issue, but have taking to Angel soft it's my favorite. I also crave ice. I do take iron and b12 but it doesn't seem to work. I need help and answers.

Omg I Thought I Was The Only One With A Ajax/Comet Habit .... That On Top Of The Toilet Paper Habit I Try Sooooooo Hard To Stop But Can't Seem To

Hello I too have this addiction I started about 3-4 months ago. And today I got really bad pain in my Abdominal. I can not stop for the life of me. When I don't have tissue in the house I will go crazy. Or I will eat rice (another addiction). I literally eat almost a whole roll. I just can't stop. I really need help. I try to research what could happen. But didnt find anything. Please help anyone

I've been eating toilet paper since second grade and I'm in 7th and I've been getting excruciating stomach pains and the taste of to is in my mouth. I've decided once and for all no tp. I'm really scared of what could happen because you can die from the intestinal blockage it causes.

I have been chewing paper products since I was a preteen. I'm 24 now. Started with tissues, moved to paper towels, napkins, and now i mainly chew toilet paper. My prefernces are are angel soft and charmin, but i also chew toilet paper from public places.

Anyway, since i started i noticed my jaw muscles get sore, i get headaches sometimes but i have chronic migraine syndrome so there's that. But also the space behind both of my ears is kinda of swollen, my doctor said they are lymphnodes and lymphnodes are meant to fight infections. I'm so scared something is wrong. I want to stop but i cant. I can only stop for a week at most.

Whenever i look for outcomes of long term chewing tp, i only find places like this where ppl can relate. I am thrilled to know im not alone but i would really love to find out the effects and not symptoms. Can anyone help??

Also why do so many people prefer angel soft? Someone should look into that

Is anyone else concerned about the effect on your jaw muscles and teeth? Sometimes my jaw really aches and I feel like it has changed the shape of my face!!!! And sometimes me teeth hurt too

I have the same problem.I Need help also my family hates when I do it so now I try to sneak in eat it.

i started eating paper i just cant help it its so nice to eat my girlfriend tells me to stop but i cant if you can help me please do

Just get rid of all the toilet paper in the house and replace it with baby wipes until you've broken the addiction. Addiction is a long, hard road that doesn't get better till it's over.❤️

I like Charmin Ultra Strong because of the taste but it's probably the worst tp to eat since it is in fact "ultra strong" and rather stubborn... When I really go on a bender (which for me would be eating 4 sheets at a time, several times a day) after a while all I can muster are a few goat pellets. I also get heartburn.

I can tell my fiancé is concerned, and likely disgusted from the look on her face. Not sure why; It's not like I USE it before eating it...

I been doing this since I was about 5 and I have been on and off since I got pregnant with my second n last child I starting eating wet tissue but it gotta be in cold water I stop again and last year of December I just can't stop every time I go to the bathroom I gotta eat coldm wet tissue

Wow I never really ate toilet paper wet, but I like to chew and suck the flavor out of it. And when I don't have it I feel like I'm having a withdrawal. I just found out that Im anemic as well so this is most likely why I'm always chewing it.

Me too

I've been chewing tp for about 11 years now. I never got to the point where I completely swallow all it, I just kinda hold about 2-3 squares in my mouth for a few secs then start chewing. I also HAVE to have a cup of crushed ice when I do this. I am anemic, and I am aware that I have pica. I'm desperately trying to quite because its starting to make me very nauseous when I do it. I've seen a lot of ppl say they prefer angel soft, that's the only brand I can eat now for whatever reason that's the best tasting brand! Lol.

I have the exact same problem! I'm anemic too and I eat crushed ice more than food probably even though it's like murder on your teeth. I also eat toilet paper and I've been having stomach pains and the taste is always right in the back of my throat.

I have been eating tissue since the sixth grade I've learned I have pica from my iron defieciency I am very anemic you guys are light wieght though I eat a roll and a half maybe 2 if it's really good I started on Scott's then Angel soft it's been Angel soft for years then after I had this last baby last year I started on Charming Basic it has to be basic though but like today I went to buy a 4 roll because the 12 pack I bought was too soft and this one is the same I'm aggravated cause now I gotta go find a another 4 roll which isn't so soft but I will still eat all of it I go through 4 rolls in 2-3 days but the thing is I don't eat it when I'm pregnant I have no craving for it it makes me sick but soon as I deliver about a week later the craving comes back I think I might go back to angel soft though idk

I have the same story as you. Started chewing tissue (don't swallow)when I was around 5 then started again in my preteens . And now I just turned 20 and it's like it gotten worst. Its like if I don't eat some ice I go to tissue and vice versa. I work on not chewing because the fibers get caught up in my throat. Its just real hard to stop. Its the taste and smell I like, and I only choose Scott, and like you said if there isn't any thing around then I'll chew on what's there. Smh it just a self battle. I guess I need iron. I just don't like iron pills. But good luck to people with this problem,

I'm 17 years old and I first started out by having a square sheet a day to finishing a whole roll in 2 hours. Its gotten really bad, I even eat the napkins from restaurants. The recycled napkins. I feel like its going to be the death of me. I don't feel anything strange but I've consumed so much tissue its making me gain unwanted weight just in time for my senior prom I need to stop but I can't

my dogs too...

oh my god,i have been having the same problem for 8 years now,i am from a traditional south 4rican black community so they think i have demonic spirits,i have been diagnosed with anemia too,the only thing im scared of,is not being able to have kids

I'm 17 and I've done this all my life I don't think I have pica because I still eat a lot of food so I would like to know what it could be. My mum took me to the doctors and they said I crave something in the wood. I just want to see other people's views. It would be nice to have some knowledge on this.

Hello guys,

I am a Psychology PhD student in UK and would like to do a research on pica. This is a lesser known eating disorder and having had personal experience with eating paper, i thought it would be worth exploring. If any of you would be interested, please let me know.


I have been eating toilet paper for about 4 months now I so badly want to kick this habbit but I am unsure where to start or what to do. I thought taking iron pills would help but it hasn't this bad habbit just came out of no where. Please help

I have been chewing not eating Toilet Paper for a long time. As long as I know. I use more toilet paper chewing than I do actually wiping. I was breast fed I also chewed on legos early on as a child. I am now 29 years old. I would be glad to be into your research.

Im intrested

I started eating it when I first got pregnant witch was 10 years ago they said it's normal for pregnant women to get weird cravings but in the last 3 years after my third child it got bad, hole rolls in a day an now pregnant with my 4th I've been hospitalized for it 3 times in this pregnancy an been in 2/3 days each time, they now say it's a IRON DEFICIENCY witch can get deathly low if not taken care of, because on the toilet paper issue my iron is post to be 32 when pregnant an it's gotten as low as 7, I'm now at 16 but because it's so low I no have to have a blood transfusion for sure when I go in labor an risk the chance of me or the baby not making it, my iron being this low is causing my baby's bones to be very weak an I'm due in 7 weeks she cud possibly become ILL and because my blood is so thin I cud pass because of the blood loss, even tho your doctors says IT'S NORMAL witch it is tell them u want them to draw your blood to check your iron, it cud save your life....

I have been eating paper since i can remember

I'm 20 and I just started this year omg I started with box to Irish spring soap sooooo delicious then to toilet paper I have to keep a toll at my side everywhere after I eat I find it better too eat taste way better to me...when I can't find anything outside of home I panic because I need it doesn't feel right without it...IDC if I'm weird my opinion is the only one that matters

Me toooo

Hi I'm glad there is not a lot of negative comments on here most people that know I have pica syndrome thinks I'm a total weirdo.

I started eating paper (Of all kinds) in fourth grade. It started out with the corners of the papers I would get in class. My mom noticed that all my homework would be ripped and it didn't take long for her to figure out what I was doing. She use to threaten me with trips to the doctor if she every found out I was still doing it, but that never happened.

I was able to stop eating my homework and instead switched to toilet paper, napkins, and frizzles off the edge of notebooks. I no longer crave paper, but if it's in my hand I can't help myself. I am also not embarrassed by eating paper, and it doesn't seem to be harming me so I have no interest in stopping. I make bets with friends that I can eat an entire napkin, and I once ate a handout some guy tried to hand me right in front of his face to see what he would do. So many of my friends except this about me it just seems normal, and even if someone is hateful about it, its always fun to look then dead in the eyes and eat it anyway.

to those on here, this is very dangerous. Many of these products contain dioxide a deadly chemical,

I used to eat tons of paper from eating candy at the movies and then the box to school paper to toilet paper by the tons. I have aggressive cancer now and told I will die and I had stopped eating paper at least 15 years ago (I had early cancer 19 years ago) but i went to look up something--dioxin..it is deadly-bad even at one part per billion it has a chemical in it used in agent orange and i in things like tp, paper plates etc

I am wondering now if that is why I have cancer now. I suggest not eating this paper or at least not eating paper with dioxin in it to try to reduce the flow of this dangerous chemical in the body.

cant seem to post link so search for words

DIOXINS IN COMMON PAPER PRODUCTS and it is the first one at dougieg

Damn! I've been eating it since about 7, and I've never stopped. I eat a square every time I go.I like to take small pieces and let them melt on my tongue, then swallow. What's up with that???

I swear I like to do that too....I started at like 7 too....started with paper tho

Girl that angel soft gives me life. I'm scared but I have to have it. It makes my eyes roll back in my head. Delish

yes it is so good! but i switch to scotts its better.

Me too

OMG, I didn´t knew there was anyone who had the same problem of eating toilet paper as me, I love it so much I can´t stop eating it. I was diagnosticated with anemia and I think this is the cause but I am only 16 years old and I wouldn´t believe I would turn 33 and still be eating paper, but it is like an addiction, my favorite is the brand is contonelle kleenex you should try it is the best one. I´ve been having this problem since about 3 years, but each year that had passed my purpose in lent is not eating nor chewing toilet paper for the 4 weeks and it is the most difficult things but possible. Today is the 6th day since I haven´t eaten. I feel so relieved that there is other people who do the same, I have never tell anyone about this. but I can´t stop doing it.

Its like every time I get done eating or drinking sprite i want tp it started when I was 12... I eat mines w/ soap or gain (Irish spring) the best lol I'm so weird

I am totally addicted to eating TP. I have been doing it my whole life. My favorite is any "off" brand. Single ply, rougher texture. I only eat about 10 squares a day. I can smell it and my mouth litterly starts watering for it. It tastes good and the texture it turns into after chewing for a while is appealing. I also chew at least 2 glasses of ice a day. I only like a certain shaped ice and only if its been sitting in water long enough to make it a little porus. I am also a compulsive skin picker and must eliminate any little fleck of impurity. I rub my hands over my face constantly and dig at flakey patches or tiny bumps. I don't even realize I'm doing it most of the time. I have ADD, OCD, and anxiety, of which Ive been medicated for for years. I haven't told anyone until now. Ive gone 3 days without eating TP and its been so hard.

I have been chewing things here and there since I was about 6. When I was a child it was glue sticks. I loved the way they softened once you started to chew, they became like gum. About a year and a half a ago I started in with the toilet paper and I CANNOT...STOP. I swallow it sometimes, but that's only when I'm REALLY upset. Other than that I just take a take and stick it in my mouth and chew it for however long. I prefer Scott brand. It doesn't seem to have too much of a funny taste. It's a little rougher in texture. I like restaurant napkins too for this reason. When it gets too mushy I suck the juices out, swallow them, and keep chewing. I'm munching on some as I type this. I'm glad to know I'm not alone :)

I love Scott's brand too I get so mad when my dad buys any other brand I try those too but they're not as good. Scott, It just has this awesome texture and taste. I used to eat dirt <-- (lol I know ridiculous) I loved tha smell of when it rains on dry dirt. I'd just push a lil of the top layer off when its dry, then pick some up, put it in the middle of my hand and separate tha tiny rocks until there's nothing but powder left. Then id just lick it and it would taste so good. But ever since I moved to this place where im at this dirt tastes nasty so I found myself eating something new. Ive been eating T.P for like 2 years now I really wana stop I haven't told anyone, but I did tell my boyfriend that im addicted to an household item and he wouldn't stop bugging me to tell him what it was. I just don't want anyone judging me for what im doing. As a matter of fact im eating T.P while im writing this :/ I had no idea that so many people were addicted to this. Tha most ive ever went without eating T.P is like a week n when I start back I take down a roll in like 1 day

Mcdonalds napkins and pencil erasers. Oh and those gray pumice stones. When my iron is low I can smell what I crave even if its in my roomate's desk drawer when I walk in our room.

Oh wow,I really didn't know there were so many people who did this! Well here's my story. I started when I was about 8 or 9 and I to ate it with ice. I think the ice was to child sui I wrapped it in tissue, IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER!! As a teenager I didn't do it as much. But when I became pregnant with my first child at age 20 I picked the habit back up. My favorite then was Angel soft 2 ply. With each pregnancy I craved it more and more. Well I have s house full of girls and we were going through so much toilet paper I decided to switch to Scott's 1000. I am 35 nite and my youngest is 8 and I eat it nite nite then I EVER have. I have a roll in my car, my boyfriend car, my bedroom, and I find myself even taking it from my friends house. I can eat a roll of Scott's in 3 days I used to finish a roll of Angel soft in one day. I too want to stop but just can't. Lol truth be told this is like a bad drug habit for me. I will however get my blood levels checked. Funny thing is, I've been doing this for about 25yrs and the only people who know about it it's my best friend (I told her when we were pregnant and she craved the smell of comet) my little sister (I'm 14yrs older then get and she was always with me) my oldest daughter (she happened to see me) and my boyfriend who I've been with almost 5 yrs and I just decided to tell him my deepest secret. And guess what they don't judge me. Lol, my next step is to tell my doctor. I mean it can't be harming me because I've been doing it for do long without any complications and just like someone else wrote, it comes out looking the same way it went in. So glad I'm nit the only one Shi did this and I hope we ALL get over our drug addiction soon. Hey it could be something worse....

omg...i too loved ice and tissue paper...loved it..now i have left ice part..!!
tissue paper um still on it .

OH MY GOODNESS I still love eating it with ice, my mother suspects I have Pica (she's probably right) and I feel so disgusted but I can't stop :'(

I started eating toilet paper after I became pregnant too, anything that smells clean, like bleach, Windex, clean clothes, floor cleaner, etc, makes me crave TP

i have pica too. i have sickle cell and i guess it come with pica. what you can try to do is eat fiber one bars or something to take your mind off it. i know that right after i eat choclate or popcorn, i just CAN'T eat paper try it..

I'm in shock over here. I have sickle cell amemia and pica as well! I've never admitted it to any of my drs. but my mother (who's a nurse) is aware of it. I started at a very young age eating cardboard, notebook paper, and sometimes toilet paper. But as those tapered off over the years, my main go-to became and still is fiberboard (the really soft, fake wood that's usually used for table/dressers/photo boards etc). I never drew any connection b/t my SC & pica

you should try my advice to help with the fiberboard... :)

I'll definitely try that. Not sure why, but there are times where the urge to indulge in my little habit is way stronger than others. I will absolutely try out your helpful tip

Hey I have the same problem as you, I find I eat more when I am stressed. I prefer Charmin though :p It probably isnt healthy so for both of us I hope we can find a healthier alternative...

Hi! I'm not sure the disorder cause of eating TP, yet I can't stop! My favorite is Scott TP; because I'm a Engineer! I have actually researche the chemical compound meaning the toxic levels of the dyes used in processing TP. Scott seems to have less addictives. When I get out of my meetings I grab my purse to start eating, I don't swollow. I live the smell and taste, I have been caught a few times and asked to spit out my gum!! Lol... What to do?

I have the exact same problem I only prefer angel soft or bathroom tissue (the brand) if there isn't any I will settle for napkins from Wendy's checkers or mac donalds I been having this problem since 2008 while I was pregnant With my son and after I had him I still crave for tissue and can not stop I eat tp more then food

I just finish eating a piece of tissue paper. I just love eating it. I guess this just means along with being unlikeable person I am truly weird. My favorite is angel soft too.
But it's nice to know that I am not the only one in the world that like eating tissue paper. I just love the way it dissolve on my tongue. I eat it, but I don't swallow cuz I know that it's not safe to swallow.

*hello! Thanks for all your post guys! I'm italian and I've got the same problem. Please, can someone can give me the bad affects of this addiction to make me stop this ****. Thank you and have a good day

Omg, we are too weird... Why oh why do we like it soo muuuch? I started very young with lollipop sticks, stopped as I grew up and at 32 (2y ago) picked it up like Ive been doing this forever. I have rituals, like after brushing my teeth, while doing my makeup, and of course in bed. I can have anything from 10 sherts to half a roll per day. I love it. The taste, how it melts on my tongue, how it feels to shew- everything. I absolutely love it. Didnt notice any effects on my apetite, but i didnt know about the lack or iron etc etc... I will check this asap. Good luck to us all, Im off for some more sheets now...

I have a real issue with eating toilet paper and just found out my iron level is 7.4 really low which can cause pica a eat none food item disorder so hoping it will stop once levels back to normal but glad I'm not alone x

Im the same to! I started from a very young age from what I can remember but I use to eat cardboard,paper,babywipes too, I all of a sudden stopped but then I fell pregnant with my 1st child and started it again, and now I cant stop, to me it normal but others find it weird and strange, I now eat upto a roll and half a day with and oone meal i know its not right but its hard to stop

I, too, think it is weird to eat TP but I can't help myself. I have been eating TP off and on since I was 24. I was pregnant with my second child and the craving was incredible. My favorite is the cardboard smelling/tasting one and, right now, I prefer the Angel Soft! So, NO! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I do know, however, when my hemoglobin is down (anemia) that is when I start craving TP and can't help but to eat it. I also crave ice real bad. I eat ice all day long. It sort of takes the place of TP when I am in public places because I am not about to pull out a few sheet of TP and start eating it. Haha! Just not a very nice sight for others to see. Anyway, my suggestion to you is to go see your doctor and have them test you for Anemia. Your hemoglobin, RBC, and HCT are probably low and you will need some iron supplements. It has also been known that, for some odd reason, you could have Celiac Disease. Malabsorption of nutrients or something or other. Google it! Well I hope this helps you to understand why you do it. Trust me, your not crazy, many people do it; but there is a reason. Good luck!

I don't eat it, I chew it and trash it. I've have been doing this since I was 17 and now I am 42. When my blood/hemoglobin is low I chew all day. If it's not too low I chew a roll or so a day. My preference is the generic brands that are not too soft. This is embarrassing so no one really knows. I just have several bags of chewed up tissue to dispose of. I wish I could stop.

I don't know exactly but when I was 7 - 9 I at TP. Not much like no more than 2 sheets a day. I've stopped now but I think it's cool that others do it I thought I was like the only person that did. I did just find the risks on my strange addiction so it's probably best i stopped but it's just interesting to know that so many others do it. As much as it isn't a good habit, respect to you guys who do it

I usually only do it when I take my pain medication, I find it not working fast enough sometimes when I get busy or forget to take it with me and I'm gone longer than expected when I finally am able to take it I have to wait about 45 mins for it to take effect. A friend of mine recommended that I snort them but that just seems like a road I don't want to go down as I find it hard enough to stick my prescribed amount as it is but I do it. I am on 15mg of Oxycodone every 4 hours, I have a terrible ankle from years of gout the tissue in my foot and ankle is so screwed up I am on a surgery waiting list now I just have to lose 50 lbs before they will perform it. Ok, sorry went off on a tangent there anyway, not working fast enough and don't wanna start snorting it as I don't want to go down that path it leads to bad stuff, so I read online that you can crush them up and put them in a piece of toilet paper and twist off the small amount it takes up like a capsule and swallow it as it taste nasty it dissolves fast enough and with the pill in powder form it doesn't take as long to begin being absorbed. It does work I find it taking effect in about 20 mins as opposed to 45 but that is how I started eating toilet paper at first it was just the little bit I used but then I start finishing the whole sheet and this is every 5 or 6 times a day, now I eat 2 or 3 sheets every time I take my meds.

its really weird guys. im guessing its an addiction but stop it.. have a cookie instead maybe

Your not alone. I do it as well. I started eating tp, in my early twenties. Then, one day I just quit. Then, just recently I started back up. I may eat one sheet or two maybe every other day.

I just tried it, and I liked it. Is eating it bad?

Thank you, everyone, for all the responses that you've given!!! After all these years from the initial posting of my story, it still amazes me that SOOO many others have the same problem/issue/habit as myself. Every day I feel better knowing that I'm not such an outcast. Still, no one in my family knows, and it truly helps knowing that there are others that I care share my story with. I still haven't kicked the habit and seriously doubt that I will anytime soon. I really don't know if I'll be able to. But thank you all again for all of your feedback! :-)

I have been eating TP for 2 years. I'm a 14 year old guy. I used to eat scraps of notebook paper in class for the longest time, but now it is only TP. I would crave it after eating and I would soften it, chew, and swallow with a mouthful of hot water. I loved getting the flavor of what I previously ate out. My stomach growls from time to time and as of yesterday. I have had maybe 3 squares since yesterday. I found celery to be a good substitute when I am craving it. I am going to try to eat extremely healthy now too. I am not seeing a doctor..I can turn this around myself. I hate celery but I will learn to like it. Celery is my savior xD

I meant "and as of yesterday I have decided to quit!"

I love angel soft and Scott's , I put in in the freezer do it can have that fresh taste to it! It's so good

can u die from it???

it really good to meh

I Only Eat Scott But Im Starting To Feel Pain In My Chest When I Lay Down And When I Laugh. I Looked This Up Because I Am Starting To Get Concerned. But I am Happy To Know That I Am Not The Only One In The World That Goes Through This.

Wow I can't believe this I have the same problem..and the only kind I like is angel soft....the only thing is ...I season mine with soap(well I call it season)

Would you recommended that other tried eating toilet paper?

YellowCello...this is my exact issue!! i started very young. im not sure what age because as long as i can remember i've been eating toilet paper. it started off with just a couple sheets every few hours. i actually managed to quit during my 4 pregnancies but, only because i was worried it would affect my child. i still had the cravings though. i've noticed over the last few years my addiction as steadily gotten worse. i now can consume a whole roll maybe 2 in a day. i finally admitted my addiction to my fiancee because after 10years of hiding it from him i couldn't any more. (he kept wondering why i had toilet paper stashed throughout the house lol) He was very supportive and didn't judge me at all. we even joke about it sometimes. i seen u posted ur comment years ago. have you or anyone else on here that has this addiction found a way to stop it?

i have the same problem though mine is wih paper. i enjoy chewing it but i dont swallow it.i am realy scared for my health. i am 21 and i started chewing paper when i was 15. im afraid it will affect my womb and my eggs.please, how can i stop.

I do the same. I chew and not swallow. You may need to check your blood level. Because when it's low you crave other substances other than food.

Hello eveyone!

First of all, I think that everyone recognizes here that you are not alone. I am also hoping that you all recognize the sericous dangers that can and eventually will arise from eating non-food items. I have been doing a lot of research over the last week to help a client of mine stop eating toilet paper.

It is important to understand that what is happening to you is both chemical and behavioral. The chemical component can often be treated by changing your diet to include more Iron-rich foods like red meat, egg yolk, dark green leafy vegetables, dried fruits like raisons, and iron enriched cereals (check the box). Also, for iron to absorb efficiently in the body, make sure you have plenty of Vitamin C on board (get this through a tall glass of OJ and you'll be ok). Because Pica, which is the diagnostic classification of eating/craving non-food items, is correlated to obsessive complusive disorder, often times speaking with your doctor about possibly starting on an anti-anxiety can help stop you from eating toilet paper as well. Make sure you talk with your doctor about this. They are the professionals! A simple blood test can tell a lot about you, including your iron levels, so TALK WITH THEM FIRST!

The behavior piece to treating Pica is harder, and requires self discipline and accountability. Some of you are mentioning having this disorder for many years, to the point where it's quite the daily habit for you. You have to break that habit! First, try purchasing cleansing wipes, rather than toilet tissue. It can help divert the behaviors (If you start eating cleansing wipes, the chemicals on them are even more harmful, so don't do that!). You will have to be responsible for fighting off cravings and replacing the toilet paper with an edible item like a cookie! Try making a log each time you eat food and focus on how the food item has satisfied your cravings. Also, create a list of the negative side effects of eating toilet paper and re-read this every time you have a craving. You can see down below that some people have had serious consequences.

It is up to YOU to change your behavior. I wish you all the best of luck and please remember one thing....talk with your doctor before letting this get any worse!

I feel a tremendous sense of relief knowing that I am not alone. To me it's embarrassing and I wish that I could stop doing it. My hubby said that it's just that I have gotten myself into the habit so I just continue.

WOW! For a minute, I thought I had posted this and just didn't remember. I eat it throughout the day and more so after eating or lying down in bed at night, reading or on the internet. I too, can't seem to stop. Angel Soft is the best and White Cloud isn't too bad. I have even tried buying other brands or TP w/aloe just to keep myself from eating it. It doesn't work, cause I end up going and buying a regular-sized 4pk just for me to eat. Wish there was a cure!!! Glad to know I am not the only one.

i have also tried buying a off brand Tp or something with lotion in it!! but like you, i can't take it and i end up going to get a "personal" pack. i've noticed with a lot of people Angel Soft seems to be the preferred choice. I looove angel soft. idk why..though.. i like how easily it breaks up.

Omg, im glad i googled this! I thought (since its sooo good to eat TP, its impossible that im alone in this!) i might find other people with this problem. I dont eat alot, have rituals though as for example in bed as i read, eating while doing my makeup and maybe after food. Its really an addiction i realize now. Escalated from lollipopsticks to TP...

I do the same thing and thank God there is someone put there that understands. I did have to go into the hospital a few weeks ago because I had not had a BM in 6 weeks but I have always had constipation problems as well so I think it might have made it worse just this one time. We sound identical as to the smell n taste. I also crave some cleaning products like the smell of comet cleanser but would not dare try that. This has been going on since I was a child also and angel soft is what I like too because it is not thick and kinda feels like it dissolves in my mouth. Thank you for sharing.

I have the same problem. From ever since I became pregnant, it was my werid pregnancy addition. I was unable to stop, my mum would tell me to stop for my baby but i couldnt help it, Since then i have it everyday.

Ive been eatting tissue for years tried to stop but so hard. It got bad when I got pergent the doctoer says my baby is healthy and im fine told the doctoer about my habbit she didnt say it was bad just told me what I already no it from lake of nuti. In my case iron im animic

I'm sorry can you explain the last sentence? Starting from lake of nuti? I didn't understand, it caught my attention cuz Im also pregnant and am anemic. plus im addicted to eating toilet paper :-(

Very true if I am on iron supplements I don't eat it at all.

I have this problem to i am very scared for my health but like you said i really want to stop but i just cant find a way to. I crave it EVERYDAY, I am only 15 years old and been eating it for 3 years and it is getting worse each day i start to crave it more and more each day i really need some help.

I'm an 18 year old male and started eating tissue paper and regular printing paper when I was about 12. It began when I would be doing homework and mess up, instead of throwing the paper away I'd rip it and begin to eat small chunks.

I've always tried to stop it but after a few days I'll end up ripping up some more paper and eating it up.


I'm a documentary researcher whose incredibly keen to learn more about Pica Syndrome. Specifically, personal stories of strange non-food cravings like TP. How does Pica effect your physical and, importantly, your emotional health? Is it an addiction you hide? Did it develop at an unusual or stressful time?

If you're interested in sharing your story, potentially on TV - or would just like to explain the Pica psychology -please don't hesitate to message me.

Best of Luck

I started eating tp when I was pregnant with my oldest son 26yrs ago(also baby powder) I'll go through brief, very brief periods of time when i stop but I cant help it. I have a ritual it must be only 1-2 sheets at a time but by the time ive sat there ive found myself eating ALOT. I too have certain types I prefer over others and like another person stated Charmin is my least favorite(I guess its the thickness and scenting agents they put on it) also cottenelle in at the bottom of my list. Its like a drug almost I crave it super super bad and I can't stop until MY BODY says its enough. I am so glad I found this site because I thought I was the only person who did this. I know I shouldnt be doing this but I CANT and cant control it.

I started eating tp when i was prego with my daughter back in 97 ! I dnt understand why but recently i started eatting it again! Nobody knows in my fam my fiancee doesnt even know i dnt know what to do or how to stop i have always been really healthy but i am seriously worried about the effects to my health please help! Why do i do this??

Eating toilet paper is so dangerous. I have a friend who's a ballet dancer and because it's so important for ballet dancers to stay thin, she started eating toilet paper. She got bowel cancer and had to go through chemo and a operation. She now has a huge scar on her abdomen, but she's really lucky to be alive. It's so dangerous and if you're doing it, you have to get medical help.

I have the same problem as well; i have been doing this ever since i was pregnant with my son. It’s been three years now and i can’t seem to stop. My family knows of it and finds it odd but knows it might be due to iron issues. However, now since it’s been three years my teeth are beginning to bother me and desperate to find help.
You’re not alone

I've been eating TP for about 3 years. I told my mum about it a couple of months ago because I was scared about what it was doing to my insides. She took me to a doctor and then I got started on therapy. I've stopped eating it for about a month now but I still crave it. Want to know how to stop the cravings permanently.

This is crazy....i too started eating tp during my second pregnancy....now 14 years later the craving has come back....it first was the smell now i dnt know what it is.....i get bad stomach pains from time to time but other than that im fine....nice to know um not crazy but i just cant stop

Don't worry I'm 5 months pregnant and I seem to crave toilet paper but I don't eat as much, when I see my doctor he says my baby is ok, I've always been a healthy person and have been eating paper since 3rd grade with no health problems

I started eating toilet paper at 8 but I'm 22 now and still crave it. Did therapy and anti-anxiety meds but nothing worked for me. I told my mom but her only answer is just to stop. Other people just don't understand how hard it is stop.

I am a 47 year old female who is a health professional, and also a person who has eaten whole rolls of toilet paper at a time, I have been told "you should know better". but, i cant seem to stop....

hello ihave read alot of these posts andfind them amazing as i havea 2 year old that sneak toilet roll , paper , and very recently found her hiding in the cupboard eating dog and cat biscuits and i cant seem to get her to stop it i have made an appiontment at doctorsfor her but but waas wondering on any advice x

Wow ok I've always hidden this as a deep dark secret but reading these posts actually made me laugh! I am not the only one in the world with this craving! I almost do it absent minded. After food or could be watching a film and really crave it, I love the feel taste and smell. I wish I knew why I crave it so much. As a child I ate stones chalk mud etc the thought actually makes my mouth water. At least I'm not alone In this crazy world thank you for making me feel more normal !

well my husband started a few years ago now hes 48 it has been ever since they gave this medication in hospital he cant stop he tries but still eats it everyday

I have the same problem too, I really want to stop what if it damages my womb please help m only 18 I don't wanna die

I though i was the only one! I started eating tp when i was around 14 years old i am now 19.. I can eat up to 1 roll a day or maybe more which worries me. Nobody in my family know about this as i am too embarrassed and worried what they might think of me my boyfriend of 2 years has no idea i do this. I do it in secret. Should i go to see my doctor? I've never had any side effects or any illness from it. Important really concerned in the long run on what might happen?

I thought that i was the only one too that until i seen the tv show my strange addiction!! and i must sat the Angel soft the the brand of my choice. It first started with me when i was expecting my first child inn 1999, after i had her my craving left then in 2001 they resurface, i didnt even need a pregnancy test to let me know that i was expecting again, and every since then i can not stop i love reading a book or just lookin at tv, it had gotten so bad that my family has stop buying 2ply sheets and statred buying 1ply i keep my toilet paper in a ziploc bag, and dont care if its not any in the house cause my toilet paper is for me!!!!

Hi there,
My name is Faye. I'm a features writer for Caters News Agency. I want to do a feature on Pica syndrome and wondered if you would want to speak to me?
If you're interested please get in touch.
Faye x

Is that what they call people that rather enjoy eating tp

I also have a problem with eating TP .. I wrap mines in fabric softner sheets I prefer gain and for the TP I prefer angel soft or charmin ! It has to have 2 layers but I don't swallow .. I chew for hours then I spit out . I think I need help ! Lol

I have been eating tp since about 8. I just remember sitting in the bathroom and taking a piece to see what it would taste like. And I haven't been able to stop since. My favorite brand is Scott Angel soft and shop rite brand. I sometimes eat paper towels as well as Kleenex tissues. I'm not too sure as to why I do it. But I stopped for a few weeks about five weeks and it started back up due to stress. It's weird I'm 21 and married now. My husband thinks I stopped so when he isn't around i would sneak a few pieces. But one night I had to be rushed to the hospital because my kidneys were bothering me. Ended up being kidney stones but still scared me. When I was given an X-ray the dr couldn't see my kidneys because I was filled with gas, but I knew it was tp. It's getting bad to the point when I press on my left lower abdominal wall I can feel my number two lined up. I know it isn't good. It's just too embarrassing to tell anyone...I'm hoping to try to quit cold turkey but its the stress. Maybe when we get pregnant will subside, since I've had this craving for over 10 years.

hi my name i daisy and i eat different kinds of paper not just toilet paper, it started out with toilet paper then, to copy paper, then to news paper, then to card board paper, sticky notes, anything with paper i dont know why, i just really need help im only 20 and this started when i was 9yrs old i tried stopping but made the cravings worse never told anyone in my family friends not even my boyfriend im scared of what they might think of me, im scared of how my health will be in the end.

I also eat toilet paper i love it angle aoft is the best but i will eat Scott thousand sheets my cravings was alot worst when i was pregnant

Hi everyone,

I am sorry to bother you all in your place of escapism.

I work for a Television Company called Arrow Media, we specialise in science, engineering and current affairs programming.

Arrow Media are about to embark on a documentary about the eating disorder PICA. The doc is for a major UK broadcaster and will explore why people develop PICA and how it affects its sufferers.

I am in the research phase of the programme and would like to speak to people affected by the condition, specifically those who live in the UK. I want my research to be led by those who have experienced with PICA, rather than what I read in articles online.

We want this programme to educate and inform not ridicule, which is why I am so keen to thoroughly research it before we begin production.

It would be greatly appreciated if those who are open to talking to me would email me. My email address is victoria.musguin(at)arrowmedia.com

Thanks so much,


I am very interested programme as I have a Daughter who is just over 2 and a half, She has been eating Toilet Roll, paper, cardboard, books for about a year, she is secretive with it also, I have tried talking and asking why she does this but she can't explain it herself (perhaps due 2 her age) She has 2 take medication on a daily basis due to bowel movements.. I am very worried and Concerned and feel it would be very helpful to be a part of your research and programme x

I can't believe how many people have this addiction. I crave tp the first thing in the morning and at night. I never mentioned this to anyone because I was embarrassed. I try not to swallow any but sometimes I can't help it. When I was younger I would eat a little piece and be done but now in my 40's it almost everyday. I only eat my own and I only like certain kinds. Sometimes my stomach will be a little bothered if I swallow to much. I love the dry feeling it leaves on my tongue. I chew like it's gum and then discard. I hope in the future that this won't effect my health. I think I may need to discuss this with a doctor. I googled this topic and I am glad that I did. Using this forum was very helpful to me. Thanks all

I feel your pain, I just want to stop, but it's like a release when I'm stressed and it calms me down and satisfies cravings that I can't describe. I would love to know the health implications but then, I'm too scared to tell anyone so I can't really find out :(

weightloss surgery and low iron

I'm scared I am eating a lot of this stuff I eat it everyday and I thought I was the only one please help in soooooo scared I read all of these things and I'm only 12 I am trieng to stop but it never works I eat and swallow and I'm starting to get different kinds of toilet paper. TP is like cotton candy without flavor it's addicting I was blowing my nose I took the pissue and wiped my mouth off with it and I licked my lip and there was a bit of it on my lip ad since then I have been addicted I have a baby sister and I want to see her grow up but I might not get to if I continue this the thing is imma alone I have noone I'm scared I'm sooooooooooo scared

I am a 47 yr old female and started out eating tp some years back, but I stopped for years...now I have craving again, and it's worse than ever. I will just sit in my room, bathroom, pretty much anywhere and just eat it. My kids think I have lost my mind, and I think I agree. Why is this happening, and what harm can it cause? I just had some, and now I have a headache!