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I Eat Soap

I eat soap not just any soap certain soaps. Bar soaps. It started when I was pregnant . It left an recently a year ago I began to eat soap again. I eat the chinese soap from the health store, coast soap and dial. I chip at it. I try to stop I go through a bar within a week. Is there anyone one else out there that has this? Feed back please

kela696 kela696 36-40, F 55 Responses Feb 21, 2010

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From time to time, I used to grab a handful of washing powders and clench my fist to create a big piece and then chew it, (even when i had my braces on)! Although, i would spit it out because i didn't like that burning feeling i would feel in my throat. It is possible to stop just try to understand the reason why washing powder was made in the first place and remember it is certainly not normal and edible, if it was everyone would be eating it and washing powder would have been in the food section in any supermarket. It is possible to overcome you just need to be a bit stronger mentally speaking. Your mind needs to control your feelings, not the other way round. If you know eating washing powder is not good then try your best to stay away from it. When your tempted do something you find interesting which shouldn't include cleaning but rather things like painting, drawing, listening to music, chatting with friends, watch a movie. Also, drink water it might satisfy that desire. Just change the way you think about washing powder and stop sniffing it. If your washing your clothes and you just so happen to smell the washing powder, just focus on the reason why you brought out that washing powder, to wash your clothes. Have in mind that one day you could get caught out, things hidden are usually exposed just as how many married men or women having an affair have been caught red handed.

I am 16 years old and beyond embarrassed that I eat soap' I honestly can't stop and I just bite pieces off and chew them and swallow' when I am not home and I think about soap I get upset and like anxious cause I feel like I need soap. I have told my boyfriend and he doesn't mind but tells me I should stop and I just don't know how to and I don't know why I do it I feel like I always need soap someone help me please

Me too . I eat soap. It makes me feel good, especially when I'm stressed. Well, I don't sit there eating whole bars at a time, but I do take little chunks off to nibble sometimes.

me too , but you know what ? i'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one who eat soap !

Yes I have the same thing, I eat ivory soap, Irish spring, but my favorite is zest! I have a special knife that I slice a thin layer at a time. It taste so good I have been eating it on and off for about 20years.... your not alone. I also eat corn starch to help when my tongue starts burning..... I love to eat it I guess it calms me down....

I let it soak In water all day until it's soft then I scrape it off . It's so good Im pregnant but I can't stop

yes . i do this usually !!

Me and I really wanna stop I eat all kind of soap especially when I'm stress out and when I feel feels so good even when I know it's wrong

me tooo !!

I have pica too. My choice is ivory, jerdens, and the green Irish spring. I am trying to stop but it's a strong urge. When I chip off too much it burns my tongue yet couple hours later I go right back to chipping the soap. What can I do?

Now I went to the Dr twice and they gave me pills but that didn't work

me too ! i think we should stop doing this ! but we can't ! it's too hard !

My preference is any liquid soaps. I brush my teeth with it and lick the suds off my hands when I wash them. My favorite is Dawn.

Sorry to hear that. Please go see a doctor okay? :)

Ohk thanks I'll do that

I hope you do..

I give u my word I will

That's good :) I hope it works out for you

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I am 22 years old I also eat washing powder,when I hear da smell I just go crazy and go straight to the cupboard and eat it,this is how t started,everytime when I eat a chewing gum and ts there's no sugar there I would take it out pour da washing powder and chew and swallow it,now I would take a teaspoon and eat it,I need help this must stop!!!

I dnt eat the soap I have a prefrence though. It has to be dove or caress..... I like to put it in my mouth and suck on it while sniffing blue pine soil or faboloso..... i dnt know why i do it....its like a must addicted

I love Irish spring , I like the burn in my mouth but now I have been eat tide washing powder soap it is so good

I like to run the soap bar under cold water and eat the suds. I have tried eating the flakes but that really burns my tongue. I love the taste of flavored bars...especially coconut. I havent tried dial, I have tried Irish Springs, but I don't like them. The one popular soap that I will default to when I can't find a luxe brand is Yardley oatmeal almond. I really wish I could stop. I feel that my addiction is not so bad, since I'm eadint the suds and other folks are actually eating the soap, but I know in the long run it's going to cause damage.

Wow I was so embarased when I first came out and my bf asked me why my breath smealt like soap. He was shocked but understood and he supports my weird habit. My favorite is dove.

I don't eat it, I just wash my mouth out with it. I dunno why, been tryin to stop actually used to use Ivory, zest irish spring, ect. But I've recently stopped its hard tho

It's a constant battle

I started eating soap when i was 5 yrs old till 13 yrs.but stop eating after that,becz it cause burn in my mouth and stomach im 22 yr old still i feel to eat it.but im just controning becz i dnt want to hurt myself.

reading all these responses finally make me realize that i'm not crazy!!! i don't actually eat the soap, i love to pass it on my tongue until it lathers, while having a shower and spit it out. my favourite is the ivory bar soap. i realise that it is my iron deficiency, since i've neglected to take my supplements in a while.

Same with me, ( I don't take meds), but for me I use ivory, zest, irish spring, dove or dial, my new fav is Dial it smells like team like I just wash my mouth out for a good 5-20 minutes in the shower then rinse

I love to eat soap too, I started with baby's soap.I addicted it 2 years ago and no one know. I tried to stop but I can't! I'm too embarrased more than talk about it to my family

Guys please go and see doctors. Im 17 and i suffered from pica since i was 14. i ate soap and brushed my teeth with it. It wrecked my mouth after a bit. I was obsessed. then i saw my doctor and they found out i was really iron deficient. i took tablets and the cravings went. I just saw soap like any other person. I stopped taking the tablet 6 months ago. my cravings have come back but now i know what to do. please seek help. it seem harmless but its not good for you. and its possible to get over it. good luck

I started with Dove then Irish Spring now Coast. I eat it after meals its so addicting I hate doing it but its an addiction darn Pica!!

I love eating soap. I started out with Dial gold liquid soapp. They changed their formula now its softsoap aloe vera soap. Daily

This is so me. It started with the dial liquid gold but when they changed the formula that I thought only I noticed I went over to Softsoap. Im actually at a point where i experiment with their different ones.

I thought I was crazy , but I do the same thing I guess I'm not brave enough to swallow itn

I really thought I was the ONLY person in the world who ate soap. My favorite soap is White Dial bar. I used to take it with me too n a baggie. I would cut it up and let it dry n eat it. There was also a time when I like white and gold dial as well as Irish spring all together. It got really bad. I would crave it with ice as well. I would smell it and it made my mouth water. I'm still addicted. Its just trying to mask the smell on breath. Lol.... Its somewhat shameful but its not an addiction that will hurt your family...what to do?

I eat soap. I have a special way I like it and its consuming. <---Not trying to be punny. If you have gotten over this as I see it was years ago that you wrote this please message me and let me know how. Any other PICA sufferers that want to be friends message me I will try to be there for you.

please read my post ^^ :D

When I was little, I'd constantly lick Irish Spring bar soap...the smell was so intoxicating to me. I even started shaving little pieces off & eating them as well.. I did that again briefly when I was in my late 20's. Now, I'm pregnant & I discovered Dove body wash, liquid, blue, & I'm OBSESSED w/licking little pea-sized amounts @ a time off the top..I crave it when I'm away from home..& I don't swallow it but it still makes my stomach hurt sometimes & yet I can't seem to help myself! :/

Omg! I thought I was crazy! I'm totally addicted to caress soap. The pink one! I usually go thru about 4 or 5 bars a week! I sometimes I would get it and smell it first then I would bite into it! I would jus chew it! I love how it feels in my mouth and the taste is jus remarkable! But the only difference is that o don't swallow! I jus spit it out! This addiction has gotten totally outta control it's like all I think about is eating soap!! I honestly don't wanna stop!

I began to enjoy the smell and taste of the white dove. About 2 years ago I gave it a little taste and I liked the taste. I shortly after tried the pink caress..I liked it much better. Im addicted to caress. I even bite on it and brush my teeth with it.. It's a craving that I cant explain... And I don't wanna stop eating it...LoL. I'm glad to know someone understands me!

I do the same started when I was pregnant....I only eat Irish spring....I wanna tell my Dr....but I am embarrassed...what should I do?

I too I only eat gold dial soap I take scissors & shred them & eat I need to have atleast 8bar pack for everyday I tried stopping but I can't it's just so mouth watery delicious OMG idk what to do I can't stop!!!

I too am anemic and crave soap. I do dial slivers....I am on again, off again for usually coincides with how low my iron is annoying because it takes my taste buds to sensitivity, I can't eat spicy when I do this. The food limitation is what usually makes me stop....I also think long term it is not good. I think in my case it is a symptom of the iron......I just go with the flow now and try not to.....

I really think it has to do with iron deficiencies and just gets out of hand. I haven't eaten it yet but love the smell of only certain soaps that I find myself wanting to eat it. It seems to be milky soaps, I have gotten back on iron and it seems better. Hope this helps

Now that I'm taking my iron again. it has completely taken away my craving.