I Eat Soap

I eat soap not just any soap certain soaps. Bar soaps. It started when I was pregnant . It left an recently a year ago I began to eat soap again. I eat the chinese soap from the health store, coast soap and dial. I chip at it. I try to stop I go through a bar within a week. Is there anyone one else out there that has this? Feed back please

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Yes i have too. It happened to me since i was a kid. But i only addicted to one brand, and when the certain soap brand changed their product's smell,i'd moved to another product till now. Even if sometimes my tongue got hurt bcs of its hot, but i'm addicted to the sweetness and the smell of that soap. I wanted to stop,but i could never get too far from the soap and always looking for it everywhere. Even buy an extra for my snack

Yes dear, my girlfriend eats soap too, but it's OK, we can work together and stop it if u really wanna stop, call me +2348122703797 pls something must me done to stop this, waiting for Ur reply, cheers!!!

I'm 34 and I been eating soap since very young ik it's cause I'm anemic I love white dial n scraped it I do this 3 or 4 times a day. I love the tastes in my mouth. I'm glad I'm not the only one. My daughters saw me once recently asked me I guess when she understand better I'll show her this site n the disease!!

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I have pic a as well. It's due to anemia. I like coast and dial...my favorites. I also like Irish spring. I know when I'm getting anemic because I start craving and eating soap. When I get anemic I have to get iron infusions. You may need to check out your iron level. I stop eating soap when I get the iron infusions. Good luck

Yes, I also have the same problem, but mine started when I was very young. Even Thu I so as I got older every now and then I would pass my nail on a soap bar (iris spring ). Once I was pregnant with my first child it was one of my cravings, but now it was caress and then I would stop. This happened with my next 2 pregnancies, but then stopped for year until just about 8 months ago. On like you I do not chip my soap, I put a little bit of water into the soap dish and let it seat there all day and then when its soft I pass my nail thru it and dissolve it in my mouth and mix it with water . Now I even bought a small make up container fill it up with the soft soap and take it to work,"NOT GOOD! !!" I know its not healthy but I really love it!

Please go to whole foods and get the unscented soap where the only ingredient is Saponified Palm Oil / Saponified Coconut oil. Please cut down down on the amount of soap you eat because its requires fatty acid metabolism function the liver carries out and on top of that, its probably more bio-available as a fatty acid salt than the kind of fatty acids in food that are free-form. Try Flax Seed Oil to see if it satisfies some of the craving.

I'm 15 and i have been eatong soap since i was 10 or 11. I am also anemic and have trichtillomania. I really hate that i was born with all these things and really ashamed of it. I love to eat soap, obly bar soap. I love Zest, Irish Spring, Lever, Ivory all of it. My parents always wonder why the soap is used up so fast and they know i "use" them but not eat them. The worst part is that i have to sneak and get the soap. When i thing about it my mouth automatically begins to water. It takes me about a week in a half to finish one bar. Im glad im not the only one but im not proud of myself. I feel like im going through withdrawl and one day i will HAVE to tell my parents. They found a half eaten bar of soup in my room before but i had to come up with a dumb lie and they told me not to do it again. They already have problems understanding how hard trichtillomania is and once they find i have pica...

Please go to whole foods and get the unscented soap where the only ingredient is Saponified Palm Oil / Saponified Coconut oil. Please cut down down on the amount of soap you eat because its requires fatty acid metabolism function the liver carries out and on top of that, its probably more bio-available as a fatty acid salt than the kind of fatty acids in food that are free-form. Try Flax Seed Oil to see if it satisfies some of the craving.

I like Irish Spring Soap! LOL It all started when I was pregnant and has stayed with me ever since. It has been five years and my mouth still waters when I smell my fiances body washes or soaps. I also crave detergent. My favorite is Oxy-Clean Arm and Hammer. I swear I'm a freak!

Me too i eat bar soap chunks everyday i crave it at school and when i come home i just go directly to my cabinet and eat away I feel like it's bad for me but i cant stop the taste is so good to me my favorite and only one i will eat is dove soap im very picky with the scent flavor it must be pink rosa or the white plain one i wish i can stop

I do, mines started when I was pregnant. Stopped for a while and started back 2 yrs ago.

I am so glad I am not alone... I have been eating soao off and on for 11 years now. Started with my first pregnancy and stopped as soon as i gave birth. Then 8 years later got pregnant again and started eating it againv but this time the cravings didnt go away, they got stronger. You guys Im up to eating 3-4 bars of ivory soap a day YES 4 BARS A DAY... I want to stop so bad. But its like my cigarette. After I eat I crave it, when im stressed i crave it even more. I dont have a normal bowel movement anymore. I eat more soap than I actually eat food. I only eat food so I can crave the soap... Help..I have it the worse. Im about to eat some as we speak. I take a debit or credit card or any card that is hard and I scrape it and eat it until the bar is gone... I repeat every 4-6 hours. I eat an entire bar in one feeding... How can I stop this weird severe habit. YesI am extremely anemic 😢

I actually crave and eat soap too! I hate it but it's like a drug when I eat it. I'm anemic as well. I hate when my mouth burns from it. I mostly eat Irish spring and the Yardley lemon verbena. I don't tell anyone because I'm afraid of people laughing at me.

I am 16 years old and beyond embarrassed that I eat soap' I honestly can't stop and I just bite pieces off and chew them and swallow' when I am not home and I think about soap I get upset and like anxious cause I feel like I need soap. I have told my boyfriend and he doesn't mind but tells me I should stop and I just don't know how to and I don't know why I do it I feel like I always need soap someone help me please

Me too . I eat soap. It makes me feel good, especially when I'm stressed. Well, I don't sit there eating whole bars at a time, but I do take little chunks off to nibble sometimes.

me too , but you know what ? i'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one who eat soap !

Yes I have the same thing, I eat ivory soap, Irish spring, but my favorite is zest! I have a special knife that I slice a thin layer at a time. It taste so good I have been eating it on and off for about 20years.... your not alone. I also eat corn starch to help when my tongue starts burning..... I love to eat it I guess it calms me down....

I let it soak In water all day until it's soft then I scrape it off . It's so good Im pregnant but I can't stop

yes . i do this usually !!

Me and I really wanna stop I eat all kind of soap especially when I'm stress out and when I feel pain.it feels so good even when I know it's wrong

me tooo !!

I have pica too. My choice is ivory, jerdens, and the green Irish spring. I am trying to stop but it's a strong urge. When I chip off too much it burns my tongue yet couple hours later I go right back to chipping the soap. What can I do?

Now I went to the Dr twice and they gave me pills but that didn't work

me too ! i think we should stop doing this ! but we can't ! it's too hard !

My preference is any liquid soaps. I brush my teeth with it and lick the suds off my hands when I wash them. My favorite is Dawn.

Sorry to hear that. Please go see a doctor okay? :)

Ohk thanks I'll do that

I hope you do..

I give u my word I will

That's good :) I hope it works out for you

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I am 22 years old I also eat washing powder,when I hear da smell I just go crazy and go straight to the cupboard and eat it,this is how t started,everytime when I eat a chewing gum and ts there's no sugar there I would take it out pour da washing powder and chew and swallow it,now I would take a teaspoon and eat it,I need help this must stop!!!

I dnt eat the soap I have a prefrence though. It has to be dove or caress..... I like to put it in my mouth and suck on it while sniffing blue pine soil or faboloso..... i dnt know why i do it....its like a must have...im addicted

I love Irish spring , I like the burn in my mouth but now I have been eat tide washing powder soap it is so good

I like to run the soap bar under cold water and eat the suds. I have tried eating the flakes but that really burns my tongue. I love the taste of flavored bars...especially coconut. I havent tried dial, I have tried Irish Springs, but I don't like them. The one popular soap that I will default to when I can't find a luxe brand is Yardley oatmeal almond. I really wish I could stop. I feel that my addiction is not so bad, since I'm eadint the suds and other folks are actually eating the soap, but I know in the long run it's going to cause damage.

Wow I was so embarased when I first came out and my bf asked me why my breath smealt like soap. He was shocked but understood and he supports my weird habit. My favorite is dove.

I don't eat it, I just wash my mouth out with it. I dunno why, been tryin to stop actually used to use Ivory, zest irish spring, ect. But I've recently stopped its hard tho

It's a constant battle

I started eating soap when i was 5 yrs old till 13 yrs.but stop eating after that,becz it cause burn in my mouth and stomach problem.now im 22 yr old still i feel to eat it.but im just controning becz i dnt want to hurt myself.

reading all these responses finally make me realize that i'm not crazy!!! i don't actually eat the soap, i love to pass it on my tongue until it lathers, while having a shower and spit it out. my favourite is the ivory bar soap. i realise that it is my iron deficiency, since i've neglected to take my supplements in a while.

Same with me, ( I don't take meds), but for me I use ivory, zest, irish spring, dove or dial, my new fav is Dial it smells like team like I just wash my mouth out for a good 5-20 minutes in the shower then rinse

I love to eat soap too, I started with baby's soap.I addicted it 2 years ago and no one know. I tried to stop but I can't! I'm too embarrased more than talk about it to my family

Guys please go and see doctors. Im 17 and i suffered from pica since i was 14. i ate soap and brushed my teeth with it. It wrecked my mouth after a bit. I was obsessed. then i saw my doctor and they found out i was really iron deficient. i took tablets and the cravings went. I just saw soap like any other person. I stopped taking the tablet 6 months ago. my cravings have come back but now i know what to do. please seek help. it seem harmless but its not good for you. and its possible to get over it. good luck

I started with Dove then Irish Spring now Coast. I eat it after meals its so addicting I hate doing it but its an addiction darn Pica!!

I love eating soap. I started out with Dial gold liquid soapp. They changed their formula now its softsoap aloe vera soap. Daily

This is so me. It started with the dial liquid gold but when they changed the formula that I thought only I noticed I went over to Softsoap. Im actually at a point where i experiment with their different ones.

I thought I was crazy , but I do the same thing I guess I'm not brave enough to swallow itn

I really thought I was the ONLY person in the world who ate soap. My favorite soap is White Dial bar. I used to take it with me too n a baggie. I would cut it up and let it dry n eat it. There was also a time when I like white and gold dial as well as Irish spring all together. It got really bad. I would crave it with ice as well. I would smell it and it made my mouth water. I'm still addicted. Its just trying to mask the smell on breath. Lol.... Its somewhat shameful but its not an addiction that will hurt your family...what to do?

I eat soap. I have a special way I like it and its consuming. <---Not trying to be punny. If you have gotten over this as I see it was years ago that you wrote this please message me and let me know how. Any other PICA sufferers that want to be friends message me I will try to be there for you.

please read my post ^^ :D

When I was little, I'd constantly lick Irish Spring bar soap...the smell was so intoxicating to me. I even started shaving little pieces off & eating them as well.. I did that again briefly when I was in my late 20's. Now, I'm pregnant & I discovered Dove body wash, liquid, blue, & I'm OBSESSED w/licking little pea-sized amounts @ a time off the top..I crave it when I'm away from home..& I don't swallow it but it still makes my stomach hurt sometimes & yet I can't seem to help myself! :/

Omg! I thought I was crazy! I'm totally addicted to caress soap. The pink one! I usually go thru about 4 or 5 bars a week! I sometimes I would get it and smell it first then I would bite into it! I would jus chew it! I love how it feels in my mouth and the taste is jus remarkable! But the only difference is that o don't swallow! I jus spit it out! This addiction has gotten totally outta control it's like all I think about is eating soap!! I honestly don't wanna stop!

I began to enjoy the smell and taste of the white dove. About 2 years ago I gave it a little taste and I liked the taste. I shortly after tried the pink caress..I liked it much better. Im addicted to caress. I even bite on it and brush my teeth with it.. It's a craving that I cant explain... And I don't wanna stop eating it...LoL. I'm glad to know someone understands me!

I do the same thing...it started when I was pregnant....I only eat Irish spring....I wanna tell my Dr....but I am embarrassed...what should I do?

I too I only eat gold dial soap I take scissors & shred them & eat I need to have atleast 8bar pack for everyday I tried stopping but I can't it's just so mouth watery delicious OMG idk what to do I can't stop!!!

I too am anemic and crave soap. I do dial slivers....I am on again, off again for months....it usually coincides with how low my iron is....it is annoying because it takes my taste buds to sensitivity, I can't eat spicy when I do this. The food limitation is what usually makes me stop....I also think long term it is not good. I think in my case it is a symptom of the iron......I just go with the flow now and try not to.....

I really think it has to do with iron deficiencies and just gets out of hand. I haven't eaten it yet but love the smell of only certain soaps that I find myself wanting to eat it. It seems to be milky soaps, I have gotten back on iron and it seems better. Hope this helps

Now that I'm taking my iron again. it has completely taken away my craving.

I eat soap when I was 5 yrs old till now I am 41. You and I have a very similar story.

I too eat soap the dial liquid soap. My issue is so extreme that Dial changed formula they used and I could taste the difference. Its nice to know I am not alone however this is something I do not believe my family,friends or doctors would understand. Everywhere I go I have some with me and evrry chance I get I am eating it. Stress makes it worse. If anyone find a non-invasive- no medicatioion and no doctor cure please post. Thank you.

I don't know when i started eating soap. But it's a habit i've had for more than a year. I crave soap all the time. I thought i was the only one that ate it and i felt really embarrassed and i still. I was anemic before and nearly anorexic. I'm also experiencing depression. I'm 15.

I dont remember when I started eating soap either, but I know that I cant stop, I've never had an eating disorder but its nice to know that there is someone else out there around my age with the same problem. I'm only 14 and currently under a lot of stress, also going through depression. I'll be 15 next month

I enjoy drinking dish soap, but it makes my poo rather foamy. Much support fellow Pica!


weird that we all have similar cravings and habits. I eat it at night before bed and also carry around in a plastic Baggy. thought I was the only one. I did find that if I take Iron Pills that the craving diminishes. but I always go back. my mouth isn't scorched all the time, but if I eat too much, it's painful, sometimes I think I"m messing up my taste buds. I've done some research and haven't found anything that says it's damaging to your health. just might make your stomach hurt

oh my gosh, I also thought the SAME things about my taste buds, and I have the same effect whenever I have too much

I too crave soap; my favorite is the pink caress bar soap and Irish spring bar soap. I stopped buying the Irish spring and went for caress, thinking that might stop me from eating soap. But then I started loving the smell of the caress and it made my mouth start watering so I started eating that as well. I didn\'t eat too much at a time because if I did it would also make my mouth very sore and scorched. It would also burn my throat. Then I started shaving off little pieces here and there to chew on or suck on. For a while I stopped and went to liquid soap, because I will not eat liquid soap. My mouth got better. You have to stop eating the soap to make your mouth get better. You have to have the will power to stop buying the bar soap and tell people in your life. Once I told my husband and my sister (who lives with me) they helped me. They would not let me buy the bar soap any more only liquid. Recently I ran out of liquid soap though and so did the store so I bought the caress bar soap and have started eating it again. It has started to make my stomach hurt and I know I should stop but as long as I have the bar soap in my possession and no one knows I will not stop eating it till it is gone.

i thought i was the only one...i cant stop...noooooo one knows/////i cant ever tell....i crave ivory soap////

THANK goodness I thought I was crazy and nobody else did this. I have eaten a variety of soaps jergens, ivory, Irish Spring ,tone and defense. it start of just smelling it when I got pregnant with my first child and has been going on ever since that was more than twelve years ago. I even have a special way to eat it I eat the suds every chance I get I look for reasons to wash my hands I take three showers a day just to lather up . I like my own brand of drug.

Me too, I want to stop, but don't want to.

I also have this condition. My soap of preference are Ivory and Coast. I've developed this when I first became pregnant at 16 and it stayed with me ever since. I'm 21 now. My OBGYN has explained to me that the chemicals in the soap can cause my kidneys to fail and even give me liver problems. That is very scary to me because it's not like if I can just stop. As much as I know what it can do to my body, I just cannot stop. Every bathroom break, every shower, even at 5 am I'm eating soap. I keep a bar in my bathroom cabinet just to eat. And pieces in my purse for on-the-go. It is a strange addiction with no cure. And I'm glad I'm not the only one.

I have the same issue. My soap of choice use to be ivory, now I've switched to white dial. Although I have tried Coast, Jergens, lever 2000 and Irish spring. I've had this craving for bar soap since I was 8 years old. I would take the gold dial bar soap from my grandfathers bathroom and just smell it. I remember taking the soap with me and hiding it in my dresser drawers so that I could sneak away anytime and get a whiff. I didn't start eating it until I got pregnant with my first child. That was 14 years ago, the craving would come and go but now it seems as if it is here to stay. I keep a bar at all times with me in my purse. I like it soft so I put it in a plastic ziplock baggie and carry it with me in my purse, so anytime I'm craving it, I can always break off a lil piece. it's horrible trying to hide this. but I can't help it. I love the taste. I eat a little bit at a time followed by a sweet snack or some water so that my tongue doesn't burn. if I eat too much it makes it difficult to eat any regular meals so I try to minimize eating soap to only the night time after Dinner. I really thought I was alone in this. I haven't confided in anybody regarding this, not even my doctor. I don't even know that I want to stop, but thinking I should. what would happen if my kids or husband were to find the bar of soap that I hide in my purse! it would be embarrassing for sure. They are already starting to suspect, I guess I'm not hiding it very well.

Dony feel bad.I lick the soap everyday..every time I go in the bathroom I wash my hands n then I lick the bar..I have to wash my rag with it a couple times a day so I can rub it against my face to smell it..ugh I love the taste n the smell to..I also only use dial soap to wash with

This is soooo weird! I also started craving Dial Gold Liquid Soap while pregnant w/ my second child it slowed down after i had her but now that im pregnant w/ my third its back and much much worse...I have only eaten the soap twice but I crave it constantly...I end up going through a bottle of soap a day because i wash my hands just to smell it for 15-20 minutes at a time & I try so hard not to eat it! I dont get it...my mom gets so mad at me because she doesnt understand she was a nurse & says its PIKA or OCD or a combo of both...im not sure what it is but its getting worse & worse as time goes on!! DKWTD

Wow, Im so glad im not the only one. I eat dial gold bar, probably eat about a bar a week. I started off just smelling it while in the shower, then I went to licking and biting it, then one day I just decided to take a bite and Ive been eating it every since. For about two and a half years now. I used to take little pieces with me to eat but now I just carry a whole bar in my purse. I normally like to eat it then eat chips or a snack with it to take that stingy feeling that be in my mouth after im done eating it.. That normally works, but if I dont have anything to eat after eating the soap I cant eat that much because it will bother my mouth. I found out about a year and half ago I had low iron, and I got a blood transfusion, after the blood transfusion I no longer had that craving but after i stop taking my iron pills it came back!! Its so wierd, and sometimes I wonder about the long term effects? Im glad im not the only one experiencing this!

My name is francesca. I'm 20 years old and im from houston texas. I've been eating Coast soap for about 14 years now. I have a specific ritual to eating it and it has to be a specific temperature and feel. I open a bar and wrap it in plastic so it can stay soft then when im at work or school I pull it out of my purse and break a few pieces off and eat it. I eat it mostly when I'm angry. Idk why. When I eat too much it makes my tongue burn to where I can't eat hot foods or brush my teeth. If I eat too much I tend to have diarrhea. I can't eat it early in the morning when I first wake up because I'll throw it up. I eat 5-12 bars a week.. idk What's wrong w. Me and I wish I could get some help for this addiction.. sometimes I get to where I can't stop eating it and I get sick. But I start back the next day. I just wish somebody could help me.

I always thought it was just me. I love the taste of dial soap. I can't stop.. I feel "crazy" but I just love it. I've been eating it everyday since June. I am so afraid I'm going to end up really sick--or worse. This is truly an addiction for me.

Omg, I just recently start having this graving for dial soap. It started with smelling it constantly, then rubbing it on my tongue and brushing my teeth with it; now I'm eating it. It taste and feel so good, especially with ice.
Now my concern is my health, because I know this isn't healthy. This is so crazy, because I'm terrified of drugs and now I feel addicted to dial soap.

I also eat soap haha

hey thanks for the reply brezzyyo8, well i havent found a solution i guess you can say but i found a way to minimized the consumption. What i tried doing was looking at it from the money aspect . Basicaly my thing new thing is im not <br />
going to spend any money on soap so that i can eat it and thats because i feel alot more guilty spending money on it. So what i started doing is when i go grocery shoping (which is rarely im only 21 so im not the bigest shoper) I dnt take the whole thing i just quickly break off a piece with my key or something .The reason i do this is because theres times were i go like days with out trying soap because i havent had a chance to got to the store that way is kinda like if i have it fine if not then o well. im aloso very concern with the health issues i dnt know exactly what effects it might have although iknow it will. I do tend to burp alot and also some times i get the runs even though i always use brand new soap never used. <br />
<br />
Have you noticed any in your healt that recently changed ????

Holy crap!!! i thought i was the only one with this type of issue. My favorite type of soap is PALMOLIVE NEUTRO BALANCE (white bar) i've tried a lot of soaps through out this year an a half that i've had this problem other soaps are good but they irritate my mouth to much to the point that its hard to eat . The reason a like PALMOLIVE NEUTRO BALANCE its because it doesn't irritate my mouths as much and the smell totally relaxes me. IT's really embarrassing to say this, but i have a weird way of eating it, first i slice really thin pieces (i mean really thin) i doit with one of those potato thingies. Then i have to let it dry out (or sit out) until its crunchy, The crunchiness in my mouth is what i crave plus like i said the smell and that taste it leaves in my mouth is what i crave as well. Like after a long day of work i come home straight to the soap or like in the morning as soon as i wake up i crave like crazy. I use to have health problems so i think that could be it.<br />
<br />
Any tips on how to stop would really help <br />
<br />

You sound like my twin lol...except for I eat Dial Gold Bar Soap..I also grind it up..and leave it to dry out so it'll get crunchy..I eat maybe a bar a month..I eat it very slowly because if it eat a lot the inside of my mouth/tounge will turn white and start to peel a little...anyway have you found a solution? I don't even know what effects eating soap is gonna have on me..So i'm a little concerned..

It stared when I became pregnant at 16. I am now 47 and it started again. I have not given in to the cravings but it is getting worse. Detergent coffee grounds sand dirt seem to be a few of the cravings. I have no vitamin deficiencies other then D and I resolved that. There is nothing that even seems logical in terms of what research claims. Its very personal to share this problem with any medical professional as they know nothing Second I have tried and even though I don't give in to the cravings they do not stop. I am so happy that you shared your story I thank you. I never could discuss this with anyone until recently. At least I don't feel alone with this issue. I now talk to openly because I am concerned that this could be happening with others. I hope that you can find a way to resist the temptation as these cravings may hurt our body's. I wish you all the best.

It stared when I became pregnant at 16. I am now 47 and it started again. I have not given in to the cravings but it is getting worse. Detergent coffee grounds sand dirt seem to be a few of the cravings. I have no vitamin deficiencies other then D and I resolved that. There is nothing that even seems logical in terms of what research claims. Its very personal to share this problem with any medical professional as they know nothing Second I have tried and even though I don't give in to the cravings they do not stop.

I wish people like us had a source to help us stop. I eat a totally of 8-22 bars a week and when I have a stressful day I can easily do 8 in a day. I just wish I had what it takes to stop. I've tried a psycologist and she thought that it was funny....(very disappointed)so right now I am stuck but totally understand I need alot of HELP

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Is there something addictive in Ivory soap that makes me eat it or do I have a need some sort of mineral? Is blood type mean anything? Im RH Negitive. Could I need something that I am missing? Are other soap eaters Rh-?

Wow... I just saw an episode of a show called My Strange Addition and there was a girl who does the exact same thing. Google - My Strange Addiction: Eating Laundry Detergent

Lately I have been having the same problem. i have been washing my hands with softsoap or dish washing soap and sudsing it up and sucking the suds off my hands. I don't swallow it though cause I'm to scared, then i rinse my mouth out and do it again. When i was younger i craved Ivory soap and used to eat little bits and Irish spring...I would just stick the bar in my mouth and then take it out and wash my mouth out I also used to love the smell of dry laundry detergent i would play with it and want to eat it but i knew that would harm me. I keep having the urge to buy Ivory soap but my husband knows what i have been up to and now he watches me when i wash my hands or do the dishes so i have to sneak it at night and he won't let me buy the Ivory soap. I have also been craving salt I don't know what is wrong with me. I know i used to be anemic so that could be my problem now