I Eat Dirt And Rocks Secretly

I guess I have Pica. I have told no one. I am a 27 year old mother, wife, and college student. I have two boys ages 2 and 4. I don't know how this happened. I think the cravings started when I was pregnant. I seriously started craving rocks. I didn't give in for a long time. One day, after I had already weaned my youngest baby I couldn't take it anymore. I went outside and got a rock (clay) and put it in my mouth. It was so satisfying. I usually chew it and then spit it out- but swallow a little bit. I've been doing it for 2 years now and it is out of hand. I get really strong cravings and sneak out and eat rocks and dirt. I live in the woods so there is plenty of it. I do it all the time when no one is looking. Sometimes I pull over my car to get some off the side of the road. I like the texture of different kinds of rocks- They have to be crunchy and disolvable. I also like sand but do not live by the ocean. There was some left on the floor of my Denali and I ate it. It is so bad that my teeth are starting to hurt. I know I need to stop- but its too hard. I once smoked and quit and the cravings are just as strong. I know it is probably an iron deficiency but I started taking iron and it didn't help. I need to tell a doctor- but I'm embarrassed. I only see a gynecologist anyway. I'm scared I'm going to get parasites. I need help. Does anyone else have these types of problems? Sometimes while I'm doing it I think about how it would look to someone else, how pathetic and wierd it is- but I do it anyway. Something is seriously wrong with me. Oh yeah, and I can't stop biting my nails and eating the skin around them. I never have before. I like to eat any dead skin of my body. I can barely write this I am so embarrassed but I need to get it out...

Update: It has been over six years since I wrote this post, I am now 33. I have to say that I have kept my pica a secret from everyone but my mother up to this point but I didn't even tell her how bad it was because I knew she would freak out. Since the time that I wrote this I ended up going through a very stressful divorce and my rock habit got even worse. I ended up moving out of the wooded area that I lived in before and would often have to try several different rocks until I found one that was chewable, often damaging my teeth in the process. At one point I even knocked out a filling, but that didn't stop me. My boys even started to notice that I would put things in my mouth when we were working on the yard, but I would deny it and distract them. My nail chewing habit was even worse. I chewed on my nails and the skin surrounding them compulsively, it was driving my current boyfriend insane. What I need to tell all of you who may be suffering from this is that I have always had extremely heavy periods that would result in a lot of blood loss. When I went to the doctor about a year ago to change birth control methods they checked my iron levels and they were "dangerously low." I was ordered to take iron three times a day, which I did immediately. After about a month the unthinkable happened. I quit chewing my nails and stopped craving soil! Shortly after however I started bleeding uncontrollably and was diagnosed with fibroids. My hemoglobin levels became so low that I had to have a blood transfusion and surgery! I am now recovered but have been slacking on the iron and can feel the cravings starting up again. I have started taking it religiously and am barely keeping them at bay. It is safe to say that pica can be a lifelong problem and needs to be dealt with accordingly. I definitely believe now that I do not eat rocks or chew my nails that it is a deficiency problem and anyone who is having issues should see a doctor right away. Your body is craving some sort of mineral and trying to get it one way or the other and there is hope!
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I crave fresh dirt... Soul..will eat sand cuz I live in Florida!! I ordered the Georgia white clay and it was NOT what I was craving...it was awful.. I crave dirt or soil not clay!! Where can I buy fresh dirt or soil to eat??

We have a lot in common can u please contact me

I also love eating dirt! I have been eating it for years. I have always liked eating dirt. But stated eating it again about 10 years ago, my mother bought some dirt squares that are called Tierra de San Juan.it comes from Mexico and omg the taste is amazing! It smells and tastes like wet dirt and it's white. I had being buying it from a Mexican botanical store but v they don't have it any more and I've been looking everywhere how I can get it but haven't found it. Please if anyone knows where I can get it let me know.

Hi , Im only 16 and I've been "chewing" dirt since i was about 12 . In the begining i use to swallow it until it made using the bathroom very hard . I've been pregnant once and i didnt really crave it then it kinda discused me. I had an abortion and now im back chewing it . I belive its very normal and I don't eat clay dirt I like the crunchy kind that at the play ground or the yard dirt. Clay gets all gummy and mushy in your mouth . Like now I honestly feel like im about to have a crack attack I havent eaten any in 5 days . But theres no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Its Very Much Normal .

It's nothing to be embarrassed about..alot o women for years have these strong cravings,I for one do eat dirt,have been for 48 yrs ,I'm 55 now and still crave it everyday..i am not ashamed,nor do I worry about if it will hurt me,I've been earring dirty for all these years,and I'm healthy as a horse according to my Dr.

just go buy some edible bentonite clay. maybe the craving is your body's way of trying to get you to detox.

Hi i cant tell you how happy i am to see these posts, i am a women who has similar cravings, i have a terrible craving for wall, the thing is it cant just be any kind of wall, it has to be a certain kind, as all walls are not the same, i have recently moved into a new house, and am starting to feel desperate as none of the walls in the house can satisfy me, i have found myself going around all the walls and knocking on them to hear how they sound, i have ended up going to the shop and buying myself chalk, also not all chalk to me is the same, but luckily i have found a good 1 that at least for now is taking the egde off of my cravings, i also love going into really dusty rooms, like attics and cellars, the dusky smells just make me want to eat them, and i also find myself getting aroused when in places that are chalky, i got soo bad in my last house that i ate a huge hole in the wall, i sometimes wake up craving, and at times can drive me crazy, i have been trying to find a way to get back into my last house so i can take a huge slab of wall out, and bring it home with me, in my last house my partner would dig me out big clumps of wall and i would eat it straight from the container, but i found it was not having the same effect as when i would dig the wall out and suck the dust straight into my mouth, when my partner i drilling for any reason, she has to carry round a container to catch the dust into, so that i can check that it is to my taste, but no lucvk yet in this house, i am quite healthy, eat alot of spinache and veg, and have a glass of milk a day, but these craving seem to be getting worse, when pregnant the craving reach high heights, but as time is going on they seem to be getting worse, thanks soo much for putting up this pot and to everyone else, it just makes me feel so much better that i am not alone, and am not a lunatic ;-)

I m also eating bricks, stones, dirt , chalk, slate pencil, etc. Can i also get some suggestions to how to stop it... It is like a addiction so plz help.. Everyday i think of leaving it bt i m nt.... Now i m an engineering student away fron parents so i am eating very much. Plz tell how to tell.

Girl I'm in nyc eating all of brooklyn and it feels fabulicious it has to be a serious deficiency of iron but I don't worry I just eat and enjoy

Sigh. I crave pencils . Especially the graphite ones in the mechanical pencils. It started with small bites and now I can finish two boxes in one go. Help!!!

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I feel like I'm reading my life story except I've been eating dirt and gravel for 22 years. I'm 27 years old now and my addiction started when I was about 5. When I was pregnant with my daughter it got worst.. I literally would buy a block of bricks at lowes and break it down and eat it. My dad once bought me this eatable dirt to help with a vitamin sufficiency.. It was great and it helped me stop eating gavel for a few years but the comp went out of business.. I'm a mess.. I need to stop..

just buy edible bentonite clay. look it up, there are several brands

I'm glad to read so many reaponses from so many people. I thought I had something seriously wrong with me but now I know I'm not alone....
I eat small pebbles. I crunch on them and grind with my teeth until they become very fine small pieces, almost dust-like. I love the crunchiness and the taste.
I have never ever told anybody. My bf has a suspicion but I'm too afraid to tell him because I seriously can't stop...
I have slight anemia which includes low iron levels

Yes, I also eat dirt....but I dig it out of the ground and bake it at 350F for 45-60 minutes depending on dampness. However, I'm Male, 255 lbs., and 100% disabled USAF Veteran, 55 YO. I've been doing this for about 5-years. I too, need to stop, but I Can't....I need help also...👀

Hi there, It is nice to know somebody else does this. i am 6 months pregnant and for the last fortnight have been eating the wet earth underneath gravel, after it has rained, the smell is incredible and i cant help myself. i do worry about parasites from cat poop. but i figure if it has rained then the earth is pretty clean. i told my midwife who confirmed it is pica. but she thinks i may be deficient in iron, i will know when my bloods come back. i dont feel embarrassed by it as earth is a natural substance and probably has minerals in it which we need. i dont know if i wil stop after my baby is born but im not worried if i dont. it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Thank goodness you posted this! I didn't know if anyone else had my problem! I'm 16 and I can't stop craving rocks!! I have to bottle these cravings up because the fear of being not accepted in high school is unbearable. Every time I use the bathroom I have pains due to the rocks scratching my insides. I can't even have sex because I'm scared my boyfriend will find out. The worst part is I dream about rocks as I make out with my boyfriend. I truly have a sexual attraction to rocks... they're so damn sexy! Is it possible to be in love with rocks? Is anyone else feeling this way? HELP

Just checking in to see how your Pica is going. I would like to add this. In this day of GMO food products we are becoming more and more toxic and malnourished. What is happening is our bodies are crying out for various nutrients that Genetically Engineered Foods can not provide. Also, our immune systems are hugely suppressed due to the high level of toxins in our environment. Our bodies are desperately trying to get back to nature. I would highly suggest that you start juicing, taking various supplements, building your immune system and eating organically grown food. It sucks that we have to work so hard to be healthy, but we live in a murderous and greedy society that would love nothing more than to poison us, watch us die a slow death and gobble up all the resources.

I eat earthen pots ... & i m addicted to it . I even eat diyas made of red mud... but i dnt take it in... i spit it out after chewing it .

Hello I was so glad you post this I have been doing the same for a while now and it also started when I was pregnant but with my second baby. I eat dirt only well sometimes it has tiny rocks in it and I try to spit it out as much as I can but I love the taste and it is so satisfying . I tried to keep it a secret but my kids seen me and well now my husband knows and their always telling me stop eating dirt ! I try but its so tempting my mouth gets watery just thinking about it.

Ever since I've been little I have had strange addictions. Cravings as well. It is embarrassing but it's how I am. As far as I can remember I craved sand. I love sand the way it feels when I'm biting it. I crave rocks, dirt, clay, cement, cedar and oregano. The oregano got out of hand when I was 19 because I would eat bags of it. Dry oregano. I loved it before I went to sleep when I woke up . It got so bad I started to replace my meals with it. I figured it wouldn't be bad since it wasn't dirty like rocks, clay, sand and etc. I broke out in bumps and I was super itchy. I guess I over ate it that it ended up being a problem I had to stop. It's been 2 years since that happened. But now that I'm pregnant that's what I want to eat. Idk what to do. I crave it so bad but I haven't been able to since my fiancé is always watching me

As I read this I eat it just as much as you do. You described everything I am going through. Ever since I was pregnant I started craving crunchy things. (Rocks, sand, etc.) I am so relieved that I am not the only one. My teeth are starting to chip and I know this much dirt/rock in my system isn't good. but I cant stop. Have you made any progress, if so. Can you please tell me what you have done?

I have the same issue. It's soil I crave. My cravings started during pregnancy also.
I'll eat used tea bags also. Don't feel bad. I strongly suggest leave the forest dirt alone.
Make some green tea when your done break the bag...I think you know what to do with the contents.

I have thr same craving but for potting soil. I love the smell and think about it everyday. I always want to buy a bag and start eating it. My iron levels are good. I am not deficiant in anything. I was at Disneyland and they had a whole section of soil in the arcade area and I started digging my hands through it and grabbed a handful. I almost ate it but stopped myself. My restaint is becoming more difficult.

There is no scientific reason for this issue. Some claim it's lack of iron. Some have even said it's a mental issue.
I don't know what it stems from. What I do know is....when it rains, OMG, it's like a fight. The earthen smell makes my mouth water! The texture, the taste, the smell, of soil, drives me damn near insane.
I've tried many substitutes, the most satisfying one this far, is the used tea bags. I also buy the fresh herbs from Wal-mart. The soil is magnificent! Potting soil straight from the bag, too mushy. Not enough texture.

i am exactly the same as you, the smell after it has rained is incredible, i suck the earth off the gravel on my driveway and rub it into my tongue, it actually makes my mouth water. i did it when i was a kid, and started again a couple of weeks ago, i think it might be because i am currently 6 and a half months pregnant, but not sure.

hiya how are you? I am struggling to fight the cravings now to wet earth, I think that because I am brushing away the top layer of gravel the earth is somehow going to be cleaner..... but I can relate to you 100% when it rains the smell of the ground is just amazing. I bought some red soil clay from the internet but its far too hard on the teeth. so I don't think there is any alternative!? I agree potting soil is too soft, it needs to have a bit of grit,.

even i like eating red brick,, i cant stop myself. i really like eating it, i am 24 and newly married women, plz guide me is it harmful

The red brick...never tried it. What I do know is, it will constipate the hell out you. I've tried "dry wall", soaked in water for 2 days then dried. I ate this for about....5 yrs. Still, I craved the soil. My biggest fear with eating stray dirt is germs. So, I'll eat the potting soil from friends or family.
Of course it's a secret. No one knows what I do. I'm soooooo glad I found this site.

We deal with indian baked grey clay which just tastes amazing..

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Overall, the protection hypothesis fits the data best, the Cornell researchers found. The database shows that geophagy is documented most commonly in women in the early stages of pregnancy and in pre-adolescent children. Both categories of people are especially sensitive to parasites and pathogens, according to Young and her colleagues.*


your perfectly normal according to science.

Hi everyone. When I was a child I ate all in sight. later I went to dirt, dust and in spain the white dust under the paint. I don't have lead in my blood. I am now 47 and finally gave into this immense craving of gravel/cement. My mouth waters when I think of it instantly. I am not a person of addictions and my blood works shows good levels in Iron, calcium and magnesium. What I finally did was I bought gravel/grit that u give to parrots or birds. Its air dried and I figured if its for them most likely I can handle it too and its clean. I love it!!!!!!!! I buy hartz and its inexpensive. I don't chew it because lesson learned enamel is gone from teeth. but I do swoosh it around and swallow it. Its amazing. I do about a handful a day or a bit more. It did not start like that. So far so good. No problems and I have told my therapist, psychiatrist and my regular doctor. their worry was enamel loss, well that's done. I do take out the clay parts as they are bigger. I eat the more sand gravel so that I can swallow it slowly and enjoy fully. This takes away all the other ones I may want to try and don't due to it being dangerous like cement. It has been called pica and I really don't know. I am one to listen to my body and what it wants and it really aids in digestion and settling the stomach after u eat. truth be told I would eat it all the time if I knew it was good for me. but, I eat it in moderation to my situation. I listen to my body and feel good about it and that its doing good not harming me. I will look up the clay issue and see if that seems something I would like and it aids in worrying about bacteria etc. We are not alone and I do feel that our body is asking for something it lacks. This helps me. If I do get a obstruction then I will have to make changes. blessings to all.

I would like to add that i saw a picture of dirt enhanced greatly and it was amazing. it was full of sparkle and colors and minerals were beautiful. it looked like rubies, diamonds etc. Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

I also have the same problem of eating and craving stones, i cnt realy describe the feeling but once the craving is here it never goes away until i get piece of stone. i somtimes even sneak out of the house at night just get me a piece. my mom and sister found out they told to stop, i promised i wud, but honestly didnt becouse the craving becomes so bad that i cnt control it..it mostly happens after eating, i felling like im gona throw up, but as soon as i get a piece of it it all goes away. i also love the smell of soil after it has rained, its soo nice i just wana grab some and eat it.. i also love the smell of wet cement that i would sometimes take a small portion of it put in my mouth and split it out after tasting, i dnt know what all of this is doing to my body, but i think i need help.. it is realy difficult to just quit.

We deal with indian baked grey clay which just tastes amazing..

you can find more information and photos on our fb page named "clay.lovers.world"

I fell off a roof on May 14th of 2013...hit my head and was sore for 5-6 weeks. Catscan reveiled nothing broke. (I'm a 62 year old retired male) As a result of My fall I am obsessed with the smell of dirt,soil, and the feel of gravel as well as the texture and feel of it under my feet and in my hands. Lately I am obsessed with the smell of paper towels and toilet paper. ( an Earthy smell) I am "DRAWN" to dirt and gravel like a child in a candy store. I know my problem is more "nuerological" than a vitamin deficiency and the weird thing is that I don't wanna fix it. I will sweep my garage floor just to raise dust and inhale it. When I drive down gravel/dirt roads at My cabin I will roll all My car windows down and actually salivate with the smell of dust and dirt...I went as far as to buy a sack of top-soil and cut the bag open and will go to garage in the evening just to stir it up and smell it. I am so glad to know I'm not alone with this issue...My home was built in 1925 and the basement has a "earthy","musty" smell to it and I will sit in basement for periods of time inhaling that smell. Yet I am able to function and do normal day to day duties. Sorry to unload on you but I thought I was losing My mind and am glad to know others are experiencing this issue as well as Me. Thanks for letting Me vent.

i also have similar kind of feelings but the only difference is my cravings are for concrete or the building material.. whatevr you wrote here i can very well relate like iron deficiency and consulting a doctor.. its been almost11 years since i am into this habit..
i dont know how to stop myself

do u guys like the aura of the hot pavements in the rainy days ?? :D , the loose parts in your walls , I dig it by my finger and curving out some fine powders of the concrete and just put in the mouth , aahh..nothing tastes better than that...though I spit out the sand particles ,,being little cautious ! I believe this is pica,, hey tell u what guys there is dis medicine to improve ur appetite and digestion ..if I take those medicine..this phobia of eating dusts ..stops ,, but it's the weight gain that's why I avoid this medicine !!

hi Iam 22 yars old and i have your habit too i cant stop it

i have same problem off eating clay and now i want a child will this decreases chances of getting pregnant

OMG! It feels so good to read this and know that I'm not alone! Only my closest friends know about this. I don't eat dirt, but I LOVE small rocks/gravel. The crunchy texture after you break it up is to die for. And I also have pulled over in the side of the rode to get done. I used to clean them when I first started, but it got so bad that I would eat them instantly. I even kept a big ziplock bag in my purse, some at my desk at work, and some in my coat pockets at all times..just in case. And I think it comes from my iron level being low. Once I corrected the iron deficiency, it stopped. But know it has started back. I do fear that I still get ahold of some that has parasites or feces on it and become sick.

I don't think that it is strange. There is a woman who has been eating rocks for 20 years, obviously if you experience pain and discomfort from what you think would be from eating rocks then stop and see a doctor.

But on my spiritual path, I've come to realise that it makes sense to eat rocks. Well I eat crystals. I figure if crystals have healing abilities what wrong with crunching them up to a fine powder and ingesting them? In fact I think it might aid our biology, that is if you are knowledgeable of the fact crystals have healing energies. (There's still a lot of people that think they are just rocks and do not have any healing capabilities.)

At first I would collect crystals and then keep them in my pocket to keep em close to my aura. Check out crystal healing. Then I started to suck on them to obtain the minerals, but then I just started to eat them after I saw Teresa Widener eating them. Idk, I'll do whats best for me, and you should do the same. But listen to your body.

Actually, I have a question, my son has a friend who wants to grind up his stones and ingest them before casting, he was asking me if this was safe. I told him I felt that it was and that it would just pass through his system so long as there are no sharp edges to cut his intestines. Do you feel that I told him correctly? he also wants to know if you can absorb vitamins or minerals from the stones.

Omg......I am a earth lover anything dusty n dry I wanna try. I love to eat dirt off the ground but o have to find a particular area in my yard to dig it from until I find that good earthy taste that I love. I love to smell dust on dirt roads and from dust storms, I also love to eat little small rocks from the walls or off the ground that breaks up easily. At times I have found myself eating pieces of soft brick or I smash it until I get a fine brick dust. I love to eat chunks of the red dirt cause it just tastes so good. Whenever I can get any of it I sneak and put it in bags and hide it in my room and shake it up open it and smell the dust then eat it little by little everyday. I also took in the habit of buying white clay dirt and eating it but it has to be a certain texture. I like the red clay dirt as well but I haven't been able to find any. I don't want to stop cause I love it so I have been researching it and there are actually some benefits to eating dirt check it out.

<p>Yes, I do it too. There's a certain spot that I go to dig up a specific texture of dirt. I've tried different kinds in other areas, but even if I travel out of town, I crave the dirt in this small area beside a building. As I'm eating the dirt, I take my time tasting it to figure out what I'm tasting. I never can point it out. It has a satisfying texture and after taste that I can sometimes be satisfied with over eating a meal. I literally feel stress subside when I eat it. I do fear lead poisoning or getting something that is going to cause cancer or some incurable disease; however, just as you, I keep eating it. Every day, I keep trying to find some spiritual reason why it's wrong, thinking that I'll clean up issues in my life (which are minor) if I could just remove this horrible habit I've had for over 3 years.</p><p>Mine began just one summer. I was looking outside, and reminisced on the few times I had tasted it as a child. Just for kicks, I went outside, got a spoonful and tasted it. Since then, I've found myself scooping up bowlfuls of it to last me through a period of time. I pray this will end soon, and definitely feel your pain. I too am ashamed to tell anyone about this!</p>

I also eat rocks when I get it

your not alone. I'm now 41 and i do it to and have been for 30 years now, with no plans on stopping because i love the taste, smell, and fill of it in my mouth.

Do you still do this? I am so glad I found this page! Every other site I have found indicated I have a mental problem. I am iron deficient but unable to tolerate iron or ferrous sulfate. I am a 40 year old female and I am not taking medications of any kind, I am Ivy League educated, my child is grown and I am not pregnant. Nothing I find is even close to my situation. I keep a plastic grocery bag of sand in my closet and will transfer some to my bowl each day that I also keep in there along with my little tea strainer that I use to sift it. I put it in the microwave for 5 minutes and let it cool and its ready to go. I have thought for so long it was just me. I've been doing this also for about 30 years. I will sometimes eat 2 or 3 pounds over the course of a day..........I keep waiting for somebody to find my "stash" .........and I still don't know how to explain that.

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How low does your iron have to be inorder for you to start craving soil and rocks?

You are anaemic. I have the same cravings since I was very young and my iron level has always been very low. When I take iron tablets the craving disappears. When my iron level becomes low the cravings come back . Get yourself checked out.

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I myself and many people around the world eat clay. Find a safe source for yoursel and dont be ashamed. Check out this link where women go to talk about their love of Clay/Dirt.http://www.topix.net/forum/city/euclid-oh/TR8D83ACJOPTA8FEL

Dirt eating crosses cultures and countries and has been practiced for centuries. Read about it on the web and you will see that your cravings are not that abnormal in the least.All things in moderation right, too much ice cream can make someone sick.
Also keep in mind, that salt is a mineral that comes from the ground. Dirt/Clay contains minerals that your body may crave and liking the taste may be biological.Supplements are made of minerals that can be found in many sources of clay/soil around the world that people eat. White Dirt/Kaolin in Georgia is sold and eaten. People in Arizona have a nice source of clay as well.

Hello! I also crave dirt, salt, finely ground rocks and sand. I find it is helpful to eat lots of root vegetables & lettuces. Baked & unwashed root vegetables expecially, with the skins still on and covered in course pink himilain salt. When the cravings pick up it is usually because I haven't been getting enough of these types of foods.

It not only an iron deficiency but also Calsium and Magnesium - prwgnant women often experience this. Try some supliments...

I have been eating the rocks out of the wall, sheet rock, silica gel (comes in shoe boxes), moth balls, sand and I sniff original pine sol excessively. I eat other things but those are the more common ones. I have been doing this since I was very very young, maybe 10yrs old and I'm now soon to be 31. My mouth gets watery just thinking about rocks and the smell of pine. I really want help but dont know how to seek it. I'm not ashamed at all. I' ve been having problems with my bowels since I was a child and I believe that comes from what I'm consuming.....somebody please help!!!

My problem is a little different. Although I have been chewing the dead skin around my nails (and recently toenails also) for over 25 years, I don't eat rocks or dirt. I do, however, have an almost irresistible compulsion to grind gravel and small rocks under my feet, both when they're bare and in certain shoes (hard-soled mostly). I will sit and twist my feet over the rocks until my ankles hurt! I can't help myself; I've gotten some gravel and dumped it on my patio so I can sit out there and just grind it against the cement. The feel of it, the sound of it... I just can't kick it. I've long ago accepted my strange finger-chewing habit, but I can't find anything to explain the gravel-crunching compulsion. Maybe I am unique in this - but I kind of hope not. Best of luck to those of you dealing with pica... much love.

i too have the same problem i thought i was all alone but i love the taste of dirt i sneak pots of it and filter it so its super fine and i eat it. a lot of it. however im worried it will damage my teeth has this happened to anyone else?

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

does anyone know whre u can find help for this type of problem.

Well I have read all the responses. Typically this seems to affect women more than men. I notice also it seems to be hereditary. From a spiritual view point we are not supposed to eat dirt that is for the plants. When I fast I find that God helps me with the cravings. I think like any addiction give it to Jesus Christ and cut down on the quantities you eat. I also noticed that when I eat a lot of veges the cravings go. Veges and seed bearing grains were the original foods prescribed by God for us to eat before meat and all that. Not thinking about it helps it to quell....ie resist the devil and he will flee... I also noticed that after eating supper I would crave for soil or first thing in the morning and before bed and around eleven. Spiritually you might want to notice that those are gates that are opened. I am still to pray more for revelation as I was not born eating soil. It is a manifestation of stuff we may be consuming in the spirit that does not edify our growth with God but only serves carnal desires stunting our Spiritual growth in Christ.

Damn!dats sum **** yo but on the real I be eatin them rocks too when momma aint lukin. Ay I be smoken dem rocks too man

was so glad when i read your story. i had cravings with both my pregnancies and i do live near the sea so i could easily get some sand. The best things though were the emery boards. A chew on them was like heaven. also i used to have to take my shoes off and walk on grit in bare feet. It felt amazing! And sounds of when a car would park up on gravel sounded devine. It is something that actually runs in our family. My nanny did it also my Mum and aunties. My Daughter also does it she is only five. But it does affect her sometimes. She loves brick dust. It only seems to be females in our family have it. Dont feel embarrased or silly as alot of people have it. I find that if i eat certain foods, like crunchy foods it helps.

Thank you! This helped me so much!

Here's a tip - Baste the skin of your fingers with a delicious sauce - Bechamel - great with skin.

Super tough i like to chew on rebar whilst drinking cement milkshakes

Really tough to get out of it, i have been eating fullers earth

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

I'm so relieved to know there are others like me out there. I'm 18 and have craved mostly rocks, chalk, and brick as long as I can remember. It is so satisfying when you find the perfect rock you are able to chew and eat. I also remember when I was younger I would steal chalk from my teachers to eat. I feel great to know I'm not the only one out there, I've always felt embarrassed and downright weird about it. I told my mother once and I don't even think she believed me. Well I just wanted to tell my story and say how much I appreciate knowing that we're all not alone.

I feel so much better knowing there's a lot more of us out there. I'm a 19 year old & have been cravings rocks, clay, drywall, dirt, ect since I was about 11 years old. I crave all of those things everyday, all day. Thinking about eating rocks or dirt makes my mouth water :-/ I wish I could stop but I just can't, I eat the rocks around my house, the drywall my walls are made of :-( only my boyfriend, younger brother & best friend now about it & they're supportive but it still feels weird being around others when I'm near rocks and craving them

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

Hey I have the same thing how did you get help I want help but am scared.

My name is Lisa and you are not alone I have been eating dirt since I was about 5 years ols. My grandmother started giving it to us grandchildren from early age. She would send us out in the yard and tell us to get some GOOD DIRT for her. I thought it was normal because my dad, her son would get her some real good, RED DIRT on our trips to the south and such. I thought it wqs normal. And now I crave it all the time, pregnant or not and my family thinks I'm insane but ofcorese I am not. I will not tell a doctor because I'm in the medical field as well.....good luck to all of us dirt and ice lovers!

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

Please look into edible montmorillonite clay. U can buy it on amazon. People and farm animals take it for calcium, iron, and 70 other trace minerals. Mixes in water but you can eat dry if you want. It will quell your pica. If the body has what it needs, the cravings stop. Eat well too. I take it almost daily.

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

i am 17 years old and i have the exact same problem. its been happening since i was 10. i find my self sneaking to find dirt to eat. on the side of roads too. i crave it. i reveal this secret to people but by telling them its my friend in the situation not me. i want to stop but i cant it is so hard. and coincidentally, i also have an iron deficiency. i dont know what to do

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

honestly i had the same cravings since child hood i would hide under the bed and chew on pebbles , still remember myself breaking moms clay pots n eating them when no one was around.i love the smell of wet mud .... still get cravings to eat mud but its embarrassing and cant tell no one about it :( is this some sort of sickness ?????

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

its amazing to know there are people out there that are going through the same thing im going through....im actually chewing a rock ( clay) rite now. lol im kind of embarrassed but kinda comfortable saying it.... i would love help because im not sure what eating clay and sand can do to my body. i would love to stop but the cravings are out rageous...

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

Wow I'm extremely shocked after reading these stories... I thought I was the only one that does this.. I'm 28 years old and I've been diagnosed with chronic Kidney failure... And the cravings for Rocks started after I was diagnosed with this illness.. I eat rocks frequently and the cravings are uncontrollable... I even thought up a safe way to do it... Without damaging my teeth.. I find particular rocks..i get them and smash them to either dust or small chewy pieces with a hammer... Or heavy ob<x>ject ...its also very satisfying.... And believe it or not its certain rocks that are extremely soft and chewable... And they are usually golden in color...

i also have the same cravings, i dont like to tell anyone but when i do crave it i just go to our front yard and pick up some dirt and eat it its gotten really bad considering how my teeth hurt when i decide to chew it so most of the time i just swallow it, i want to know is there any thing i can do to stop it? im scared to tell my parents. and i have no way to go to the doctor by myself im only 14. i have a family member who is anemic, and she told me that i might have it because of my brittle nails, and other things like that. she recommended iron pills but like i said im not okay with telling my parents, any advice?

Azomite edible clay! Amazon has it. I take it every day and cravings stopped in a few weeks. We need lots of minerals that we don't get because our soils are depleted so we crave rocks and dirt or clay. Try to eat well too. t

I am 17 years old, and i started craving rocks, chalk, dirt, and sand, when i was 13. My doctor told my that i had pica and needed to take an iron suppliment. I did as he instructed, but it didn't help me at all. At my last dentist appointment they addvised me to use a mouth gaurd when i sleep... but i know i'm not grinding my teeth. I know i need to stop and i think about how discusting and dangerous it could potentially be, but it's almost... addicting. i can't stop. My mother brought these crystalized rocks back from Montana and i've eaten almost all of them... i don't know what i will do when they are all gone because they are so easy to grind up with my teeth. I am now addicted to chewing ice, to help stop me from chewing the rocks, i go through at least 10 glasses of ice a day. I want to get help and stop, but i don't know where to go, i'm too ashamed to tell my doctor or any of my friends.

Hi, I'm working on a casting for the show True Life on MTV. We're looking for people with Pica for our latest episode. If you'd be interested in learning more about the casting, please reply via comament or message. Thank you, and best of luck with your condition!

Hi, I would be interested -- would you post more information for casting call. . .Thanks!!

I'm interested

i'm a 19 year old girl who goes to college. i have had the problem of eating clay for as long as i could remember. I know that i first started to eat chalk then turned to clay when i went to high school. The cravings are really strong and cant help it, i seem not to even care what people say. My parents once told me to stop because i get constipated, but i cant. I really would like to stop because i think that in the run it is gona have some kind of bad effect on me. My mom once told my brother that she too ate clay but stoped at the age of 16. I some how would not like to have my children having the same problem as me. I really would like to stop eating clay please help me

Buy azomite on amazon. Cured me and many others. It is a powdered clay that is used in animal feed, soil remineralization, and for people too! Can mix in water or "chew" and won't hurt your teeth cause it is so fine. Has calcium, iron, magnesium, and 70 other minerals. What do u have to Lose?l

I have been eating cement, rocks, softened bricks, marl and the like since I was a teenager. I end up terribly constipated and I have chipped teeth because of it. I can't stop, and I travel with a screwdriver and pliers to chip away at some and crush it if I find any type of rock that looks good to me. I smoke, and the compulsion to eat these rocks are stronger than my compulsion to smoke. I wish I could stop.

I have been eating Ajax on and off for most of my life. I truly love eating Ajax its the greatest feeling to have in my mouth crunching it between my teeth. I crave it constantly and I would lock the bathroom door and eat as much as I could before my toung couldn't take anymore. It's been two weeks since I last ate Ajax. I can't eat it anymore. I had no idea how much eating Ajax was affecting my body and health. It's very hard resisting my cravings but I have to stay strong

Hello I live in pa and I love to eat Ajax it can't be no other kind but its something about the smell that drives me crazy i haven't told anybody I buy a can of it so I can eat it glad to know im not by myself....and my weirdness has a name

Hi, know this thread is old but I thought it important to mention - I used to crave rocks and sand as a child before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease (gluten allergy) I think you all need to go and get tested as what was happening with md is that my body was not absorbing the nutrients it needed ecause of the gluten in my diet and so I guess it was trying to get minerals from rocks! <br />
I have started craving again recently but I'm pregnant and have a low iron count so pretty sure that's shy.

I ahve had the same the past few years....it is iron ...and other minerals that you may be deficient...i was embarrassed too...but didi tell my doctor....she said that it happens more than you think....that some people eat corn starch, chalk....i even eat ashes of cigarettes.....i will smoke one just for that reason....i do crush up rocks into powder and eat it....or suck on them and get the dirt off....i knowit sounds so weird...but i understand ..these cravings are unreal....i too have pulled over....i still do it...i ordered some red desrt clay from a website just to eatt...YOU ARE NOT ALONE...

I am 35 yrs. old and as sad as it is I am relieved to find that I am not alone. I originally starting eating sand during my first pregnancy and from time to time in the 17 years since. I progressed to rocks in the last 5 years, I crush them up and eat them 5-6 times a day. I know what disorder I have and I even realize it is stressed induced, however, I cannot seem to stop. I feel weird telling anyone and the fact that I am working on my doctorate in psychology makes it that much more embarrassing to admit. I am at a loss. I know I need to get control over this, but I just can't seem to shake it.

Amazon sells azomite. It is a food safe clay used in animal feed, and soil enhancer, and people take it as a calcium, iron, micronutrient supplement. We crave because we need. It is cheap too. Comes finely powdered so no tooth damage. Can be mixed in water too. 1-2T a day cured my cravings and many Others. What do you have to lose?

I clearly have a problem after reading all of these! And I too have not seeked help<br />
For this! I have done quite a bit of research to figure out why I want to <br />
Eat dirt or clay, this is called geophagia, and is classified under pica as the<br />
Eating of dirt! We all know that consuming dirt or clay can cause problems like iron deficiency, <br />
Ulcers, parasites, or other diseases! I found out that if you set your oven to 200 and bake your dirt, rocks, and clay for one hour, it will kill most of any organisms or parasites! And chew don't swallow! And this disorder is very common we just think it's super wierd because most women hide it because their embarrassed! good luck everyone!

I stopped fighting. once i did i felt better. it stopped taking over my life "completely" now i can manage. go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

I just watched a show on Discovery Fit & Health and there was a woman on that chewed rocks. She went to see a Medical Doctor and the doctor told her that sometimes not all of the rocks pass out of the system. The rocks that are left can bind together with other pieces and create cement in the stomach. So I am writing this to beg all of you to seek help from a health care professional.

I just watched a show on Discovery Fit & Health and there was a woman on that chewed rocks. She went to see a Medical Doctor and the doctor told her that sometimes not all of the rocks pass out of the system. The rocks that are left can bind together with other pieces and create cement in the stomach. So I am writing this to beg all of you to seek help from a health care professional.

A Natural Detox for the Stomach<br />
<br />
Their results showed that many nutrients clung on tightly to microscopically small structures in the loam. This led to a significant reduction in available iron, zinc and copper in the mud bath, which is in line with one of Young's observations on Pemba: many loam-lovers were anemic and had conspicuously low levels of iron in their blood.<br />
<br />
In certain circumstances, however, surmises the anthropologist, the leaching effect of the dirt must be an advantage. "Dirt may help to remove poisonous substances from the body." This theory is backed up by something that Young noticed after studying over 2,700 relevant cases in literature on the subject: small children and pregnant women -- people for whom poisoning could be particularly serious -- make particularly frequent use of this natural resource.<br />
<br />
Up until now, morning sickness has been seen as an evolutionary mechanism developed to protect the unborn child from harmful substances in food. Could geophagy be an additional strategy?<br />
<br />
In an attempt to give more substance to her theory, Young is currently having 30 loamy samples from Pemba, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and other areas analyzed by the Macaulay Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, in order to understand to what extent they have the chemical potential to get rid of toxic foodstuffs.<br />
<br />
The analyses could provide scientific proof of what many earth eaters have always said: dirt cleans the stomach.

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

I have the same problem, I crave dirt, rocks, and clay. I go out in the back yard and take a spoon and eat dirt. I have favorite rocks. they happen to be gravel they use for dirt roads, they are shaped like balls and the other is a very soft rock. it feels so good and taste so good in my mouth. I stole clay from school by the pound and have it eaten by the end of the day. Hell! I'm chewing on a rock right now. I have been doin this for 7 and a half years and have not experienced and side effects or any complications. I enjoy it to much to stop. maybe if I get the proper help I will.

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

Hey! Wow, I thought I was the only one craving sand, dirt ,rocks and stuff. I don't know what it is, it started when I was about 11 years old, and just recently I''ve been craving wet dirt again. The earthy texture just makes me go crazy for it, even the smell. Its like an addiction! Iam 8 months pregnant now, and the cravings are soo strong.

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

if you have to have it. make it as sfe and clean as possible

Posted by youngbuck1 on Nov 1st, 2011 at 11:39PM <br />
<br />
<br />
I have the same problem. Im 29 years old and i chew the motar in between the bricks of my home as well as other problems. When i was little i would chew AJax, but never swallow it. Then i would chew ice, then latter start chewing motar. My teeth has been damaged due to what i have done. When i go to the dentist, they tell me that i grind my teet, but im too ashamed to tell them what is actually going on. I thought that i was the only one in the world that done something like this. It shocks me to know someone out there does the same thing. I do it to help me with my stress and depression. It calms me. I was watching a movie and it showed a man standing next to a building and all i could focus on in the movie was the motar by the bricks. That made my mouth water too. I not sure what causes these cravens.

I'm a 27 year old female, I have lupus and suffer from kidney failure. I am currently on dialysis. I started eating dirt as a child, but stopped when I was about 6. I have always liked the smell of sand and dirt (especially really dark, rich black dirt), and it makes my mouth water. It's the worst after rain when the scent just hangs in the air. Anyways, I resisted any minor temptations I might have had up until my kidneys failed and I started dialysis about six years ago. Then the urge got really strong. <br />
<br />
I told my dietitian and she said it was a common problem with people who suffer from anemia and kidney failure. I fought my cravings for a long time, but eventually gave in. I would get the finest dirt or sand I could find and try to sift it to remove the bigger rocks from it. Then I would put small amounts in my mouth and suck on it for awhile, chew a bit, and eventually swallow it. About a year later I received a kidney transplant. After the surgery the cravings were completely gone. I still liked the smell of dirt and sand, but I could easily resist any temptation. <br />
<br />
Then two years later I rejected the transplant and ended up back on dialysis. The cravings came back with a vengeance. I was able to keep myself from giving in for a long time but about a year ago now, I gave in again. First I kept it to licking my hand and then touching a patch of dry earth and licking off the particles that stuck to my skin. Eventually that wasn't enough. I started sneaking outside to get dirt from the ground outside my apartment building. I told my live-in boyfriend about the cravings and that I had eaten dirt before, but not that it had started again. He thought it was weird, but was okay with the idea. He even said he would get me dirt if he thought it was safe, but he was concerned about germs, parasites, lead, etc. I always tried to get "cleaner" dirt (ridiculous right?) from areas where people didn't walk or anything, like under bushes and stuff. I would grab handfuls and run inside and put it on a plate or in a plastic container so that I could eat it whenever I wanted it. The amounts got to be more and more.<br />
<br />
I got worried when fall came. I was scared about how I would deal with not being able to get to the dirt when the snow came and the ground froze. I hoped that I could stop eating dirt for the winter and shake my bad habit. Unfortunately, I couldn't give it up. I was so desperate to maintain my supply that I gathered extra amounts before the ground froze and got covered with snow for the winter last year. I ate it all. Luckily, once my supply ran out, I was able to tolerate the cravings and avoid finding a replacement.<br />
<br />
Sadly, when the snow melted, and the ground was all wet, the cravings came back and after fighting it for a month or two I gave in again. It started again with licking my hands, and now it's gone back to storing handfuls in plastic containers and hiding them so I can eat it later in private. I like to chew it. I love the crunching, grinding between my teeth. I think my boyfriend suspects that I'm doing it, but he hasn't actually caught me or confronted me about it. I think he knows I'm super embarrassed about it and doesn't want to hurt me. <br />
<br />
Now I'm noticing severe wearing on my tooth enamel. I haven't seen a dentist in almost two years. The last time, I already had a little wearing down, but I told the dentist it was because I grind my teeth (which I actually do). I'm super scared and embarrassed and can't stand the thought of having to go and explain to a dentist why my teeth are so ground down. Most dentists are not trained to deal with psych disorders like pica. I know I need to stop chewing dirt to stop the damage, but it's soo hard.<br />
<br />
I keep telling myself I'm going to quit and I'll stop for, if I'm lucky, a day or two, but then I'll get stressed or something and I do it again. There is something so soothing about crushing the pieces between your teeth. Now it's fall again and I'm planning on dumping out my stash and not letting myself store any before the freeze. In fact, today when I got home from class I ate some dirt and then dumped out the rest. I hope that the cravings will weaken or even disappear if I can't have any all winter. I refuse to start going to craft stores and getting clay. <br />
<br />
I am planning to start seeing a therapist, but in the mean time, every single day is a struggle. I'm in college and every day I walk past this big construction project on the way to class. There are giant mounds of dirt everywhere and it drives me nuts!! <br />
<br />
I'm so scared that I've already destroyed my teeth. I HATE having this secret. It feels so nice to know that I'm not alone with this struggle. I always thought I was a freak for having these cravings and, even worse, for giving in to them. Thank you to everyone here who has shared their story. I will try to come back and let you know how I'm doing on quitting soon. Is anyone else actively trying to kick the habit right now? Any advice? I'm thinking maybe carrying hard candy with me and sticking it in my mouth when the cravings are really bad. I dunno.<br />
<br />
Good luck to everyone, and I hope you stay healthy!<br />
<br />
BTW wut36ang, you NEED to stop eating AJAX, there is NO WAY that that is okay for you to consume. You're poisoning yourself. Not that I think eating dirt is much better, but at least it isn't toxic chemicals and it still has a nice gritty feeling in your mouth. Please try a safer alternative.

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Were you able to stop? Your story helped me immensely........thank you!!

I am a 15 years old male and I live in AZ. I eat any kind of rock that I can crush with my teeth. I eaten concrete, sandstone, red iron rocks, pencil lead sometimes with the whole wood and eraser, even cushion foam. I taken iron pills and even stopped with I was 13 but I couldnt stop this feeling that I needed it. It actually kinda started when I first started to explore my house when I was really small probably just after I stared to walk, I was outside and I found this tooth brush so I stared to bush my teeth with it and I decided to mix it with dirt from the ground and it tasted really good and ever since I have been eating. I really want to stop forever but the craving is hard to resist, I'm worried about what can happen to my insides by eating rough peaces of rock. Pls help.

would you be open to appearing on our talk show to tell viewers your story? please email me acharles@billcunninghamshow.com

Hi. My name is Karen. I live in Southern California. & I am 46 years old. I have craved dirt off and on for about 10 years or so. <br />
Several years ago when I quit smoking I started craving the taste of dirt. I had no idea why, I thought I was going crazy & I didn't connect it to quitting smoking. I am not connecting it. I read "pregnancy" all over the place as being a cause of pica but I am not pregnant and never have been. I started smoking & I am not sure what happened to the cravings but now years later I have quit again. I have been smoke free for 6 months and lately the dirt cravings are back. I have not eaten any yet but Its just a matter of time. I would love to have this craving go away. I just want to know why its there in the first place. I take vitamins daily, I do not have a period anymore so I am not losing a lot of blood causing an iron deficiency and I know I am not anemic. When it rains & the dirt gets wet, the smell makes my mouth water. Who can you tell this too???? No one. I have mentioned this to many Dr.'s and none of them know what I am talking about. They have heard of PICA but they dont seem to know what to do with it since my blood work is all normal. There has to be a missing peice somewhere. Where did this all come from and why? Just thing of the many people out there that chew on dirt and rocks and sand but never told anyone. I think this is more wide spread then we realize. I just wish I was craving tomatos or something that was good for me that didnt crack my teeth & something that I didnt have to hide out of embarassment.

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It is so easy for people to judge us. These secrets are too embarassing to tell family &amp; friends &amp; doctors just don't get it. I sell this because I would rather A tur dirt eater have the safest cleanest, and purest product. ....go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

Glad I found this site.I actually have eaten sand before.Like some people said about the gritty-ness, that is what I like.I like the gritty and texture. The bad thing on my end is I am chewing glass. I chew it and grind it in my mouth to get it to be gritty like sand. Sometimes I swallow and sometimes I split it out. <br />
<br />
I am taking Iron pills,but they don't help at all. I keep telling myself I am going to stop, but then that freaking strong as hell urge comes on and I do it again.

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I am 33 years old and started eating sand every since I was little. I stopped when I was 10 years old and started eating comet right after. I ate that on and off for about 20 years and switched to Ajax cause it reminds me of sand. I go through a large can of Ajax every 3 months. No one knows this. I don't swallow a lot of times but put it in my month, chew and then spit out and enjoy the grittiness it leaves behind. I know this is WAY more dangerous cause it has silica in it that can cause lung cancer. I stopped for 2 months and just started back last week. I don't eat as much now but maybe every other day. It relaxes me.

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I aet edible clay, such as bentonite. I mix it with THE ORGANIC apple cider vinegar and let it dry into harder pieces. It is so satisfying and I am not going to seek help. The clay is good for me and it is not wearing down my teeth. However, I highly suggest rinsing your mouth out to avoid issues with prolonged vinegar on teeth. I buy Bentonite Clay and Braggs Apple cider Vinegar. I have hypothyroidism and anemia , but founf that my lab results and my over-all well being is great now. I think everyone needs to seek a doctor, but I am not seeking a doctor - yet I am not very public about what I eat because not everyone understands this wonderful mouth fixation and taste like we do. I do clay masks on my face (like facial masks) and even taste a little after it dries. ANYHOW- it is what it is and I feel great - my skin has improved and I CANT HELP IT....love it and hope your mouth watered after reading this. But seriously, have your IRON level checked, as well as your TSH. LOVE IT LOVE It LOVE It and LOVE It...

would you be open to appearing on our talk show to tell viewers your story? please email me acharles@billcunninghamshow.com

go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.

very good clay

Im a 22 year old female that has the same problem! I NEVER had anything like this happen to me in my lifetime until I became pregnant with my first son-(He's now 2)- and im having the craving for gravel and dirt all over again. Im am now currently pregnant again, appx 4 1/2 months along and all the cravings are comming back! With the first pregnancy I told my doctor about my cravigs they just gave me iron pills, so maybe some of you are having iron problems??, but it didnt help with the cravings. I havent yet with this pregnancy gave in to the craving, but it's a very strong one that is very hard to control. After my first son was born the cravings went down a lot and I hadnt had any problems, but now that im pregnant again- AHHH! Im juss worried about the long-term effects of constantly eating dirt and gravel. When I didnt have the gravel or dirt to eat I then consumed sand, snow and chalk...I feel like it HAS to be something our bodies are lacking to make us want to consume things like this so if anyone finds out any information please let me know!!!!!...and I didnt have any problems with my first child from consuming these things in case your wondering~

Lack of IRON mostly, but isnt just sooooo good? Do you hiode yours?

would you be open to appearing on our talk show to tell viewers your story? please email me acharles@billcunninghamshow.com

You go girl !!!!! go to facebook. type in " reddirt forsale". There you can purchase red clay or red dirt. It is very clean. try it.