i have a weird craving for objects that can hurt me such as nails, pushpins, magnets, razor blades, needles, and batteries. i have swallowed 3 nails, 8 pushpins, 4 razors, 3 needles, at least 15 magnets and over 40 batteries. i have had to have over half of this stuff removed via upper GI endoscopy, 3 of those, awake. some of these times were attempts on my life, others i blacked out, and some i just wanted to hurt myself. i also have PTSD, Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression. I just don't know how to stop. i know it will eventually kill me, but i just can't stop. anybody have any advice?
ashleymarieferguson ashleymarieferguson
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

I'm afraid I personally don't have any 'advice'. I also suffer with pica, I say suffer because it sucks. I imagine due to having these objects removed, doctors would have offered support; therapists etc. I understand if they didn't help, I've never been to one for pica (due to keeping it a secret) but I have been put into counselling for anxiety, self harm and depression. All I can say is that I hope you find the strength and reasoning to slowly stop or change the addiction (find something less harmful?), I know how hard it is. Good luck, stay strong and never give up hope!