Every person goes through some kind of rite of passage, whether it involves physical or psychological things is individual and unique, in its fruiting. How many lifetimes will you be able to explore all there is about life? You must grab at things which inspire you as you have that eureka inspiration!

Part of my rite of passage was to have six piercings. Six, which were of interest and meaning to me. My ears, so I can add earrings to any ensemble. Two in my lip to remind me of my lips, and the passions I can taste. My tongue. It hurt! My navel. It's a girl thing!

Six. There is a significance to the number, which I will talk about again. Just to say, my actual birthday, Jewish calendar, is Nisan 9, 5753, but my home address is 66500. That is all I shall say about the numerology!

I have been thinking of moving on from that number to a perfect seven. Another piercing, my clitoral hood. However, I have heard some tales about this particular piercing!
Anuledroan Anuledroan
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In some of oldest records of human ornaments you will find something like , earrings - not lying, nose ring on women's right nostril , to easy child birth , bracelets , not killing any living being etc . Ornamenting the body had more deep meaning in ancient times . Today the only thing left is wedding ring .