I Need More!

I've had piercings in some form since I was about fourteen. My first piercings were whenI pierced my own ears with safety pins (I think?), and replaced them about a week later with captive ball rings. Over the years, these piercings have gotten bigger and bigger, from 1.2mm up to 2.4, then up to 4, then to 6... Well, you get the idea. These days, those lobe piercings are 14mm in size, and I've had various other piercings along the way.

I remember having two piercings in each nipple (one vertical and one horizontal) - they were great fun, until they started to grow out. Out of all the piercings I've had, I miss them the most. :( I've also had both of my eyebrows pierced.

At this present time, I only have six piercings - my trusty stretched lobes, my left cartilage, my right conch, my tongue, and my labret. I haven't been pierced for about two years now.. About time I got a new one, don't you think?

neonbrokenhalo neonbrokenhalo
22-25, M
Mar 18, 2009