My Piercings...

i have four in my ears, my lobes (ok... techinally i have four in my lobes, but a friend of mine & i got into a fight and she ripped my earings out so i got them re-pierced... they healed nicely and i can still put earings in them actually) and two in my cartigle. one in each ear. my xhusand pierced my left ear when i was in high school and my DH pierced my right ear right over memorial weekend 07.

i got my nose pierced last year... it has been a year since i got it done woohoo

i just got my belly button pierced tuesday :D my st. patty's day present to myself.

i dont know if i will get anymore but i have what i have....

fireworks7408 fireworks7408
26-30, F
Mar 20, 2009