My Piercings

The first piercing I' ever got was my lip. My friend did it. She took a 20g needle and put it through my lip. Okay, no big deal. But then she gets out 1 14g tongue ring and shoves that through then did the same with the other side. needless to day, i had to drink some before she did the other side.

 Those are long gone though.


When I first got my nose done, I was at a carnival and I decided I wanted my nose pierced so me and my current boyfriend went off to the side and I somehow had a needle...don't remember where I got it but it was definitely clean he pierced my nose. Haha went around with a big sewing needle through my nose the whole time.


Now I just have two in my left eyebrow. Didn't hurt at all.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

do you live with the aborigines of Borneo?<br />
nipples i can agree with.<br />
****? well, that too.<br />
the rest of it is just plain sick. sick, sick, sick.....