Pvns Sucks!

I was diagnosed with pvns in jan of 2011. I am a 27 single mother from GA. Six mo prior I started having slight stiffness and pain and then suddenly my knee swelled up with fluid very unexpectedly. MRI showed I had large amounts of diffused pvns thought knee which has spread into my calf. I had arthroscopic surgery in Aug 2011 which seemed to really help yet 3 mo later my knee was swollen again and another MRI showed the tumors had returned. I am seeing some of the best dr in the southeast and they have told me its the worst they have ever seen; very discouraging. Contemplating more surgeries but not sure if they are worth only a couple months of relief. I am unable to flex my quad or calf anymore, I have constant muscle cramps in my leg and trouble sleeping due to the pain. I have taken 800 mg of ibprophen for the last 2 yrs but doesn't give much relief anymore. I wish there was more info on this disease I would try anything at this point. It could be worse could be cancer but no one knows the pain of this rare disease unless you have it.
Parkerj1984 Parkerj1984
Apr 11, 2012