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There is a lot of doom and gloom on these threads and it's pretty scary getting diagnosed with this. There isn't a lot written about PVNS so I've been researching into possible ways that we can help ourselves naturally.

I have started supplementing my diet and I do feel a huge difference, I do not feel any tightness and aching anymore and my knee isn't as swollen as it was. It hasn't locked and the popping feeling has gone too. Obviously you need to do your own research and speak to your doctor but I thought I'd share what I am doing and the reason for making those choices.

Vitamin D:
Although PVNS isn't cancer, it is an abnormal growth of cells which are not responding to the usual signals from neighbouring cells telling them to self destruct when they behave abnormally. Vitamin D is believed to bind to cell receptors and enter the nucleus to improve regulation of gene expression and reduce abnormal proliferation. By improving signaling responses between cells, it has the ability to slow cancer growth down or even halt it. There have been a lot of laboratory studies that have shown that vitamin D can reduce growth and cell division of cancer cells so with that in mind, and the fact that I live in England and probably don't get enough vitamin D from sunlight, I've chosen to supplement it. Toxic effects of Vitamin D can occur at doses higher than 500 mcg (20,000 IU)

Vitamin C:
There's a lot I could write about vitamin C but we could be here all day. It is an important anti-oxidant and it has so many functions. It is necessary for healthy growth of skin, bones, teeth and reproduction as well as being anti viral and anti bacterial. It is also involved in the metabolism of stress hormones and evidence shows that it acts as a natural anti-histamine so damps down allergic reactions. It is also beneficial in fighting cholesterol because as an anti-oxidant, it protects cholesterol from oxidation and only oxidized cholesterol is associated with hardening and 
furring up arteries which leads to heart attack and stroke. It doesn't have a toxic level but extremely high doses can cause diarhoea and stomach upsets in some people.

Multi vitamin and mineral supplement:
Since many of the vitamins and minerals work synergistically and it's not easy to ensure you get a good balance from food alone, I am also taking a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement.

Omega three:
They reduce pain and inflammation by counteracting inflammatory chemicals in the body so they reduce the need for NSAID pain killers. At the moment I am not in pain so I have been able to give up use of drugs that are anti-inflammatories entirely. That, in my opinion, is a great thing because they block enzymes in the body that cause pain but they also have lots of other undesirable side effects such as risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and increase risk of a heart attack. Western diet doesn't have an abundance of Omega 3 unless you eat oily fish for every meal so supplementation is necessary to get adequate amounts. Our diets usually have a high amount of omega 6 fats and because fat is needed for cells to function it will use omega six fats which actually cause inflammation. My plan is to cut down my use of omega 6 fat, found in polyunsaturated veg oils and increase omega 3 by supplementing it with high dose fish oils. If you are vegetarian you can also get omega 3 from flax seed. Omega 3 also thins blood and protects you from heart attacks so take that into consideration if you are taking aspirin as that thins blood too. An effective dose is the equivalent of 1,000mg of combined omega 3, EPA and DHA which means two to three of most fish oil capsules. DHA converts readily into EPA although EPA formulas appear most effective.

Turmeric (curcumin):
Curcumin has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in a test tube. Curcumin may also induce apoptosis -- programmed cell death -- in cancer cells and may prevent tumor cells from spreading or recruiting blood vessels, both key steps in cancer progression. Curcumin may also increase levels of antioxidants in the body.
Studies also show it works as well as anti-inflammatory drugs like NSAID'S by blocking pro-inflammatory prostaglandins, but without the side effects. There is no evidence of any down sides even in high doeses of 8g a day. It also mops up nitric oxide, another inflammatory mediator and is also a powerful antioxidant and promotes detoxification.
It has been used in Ayurveda - traditional Indian medicine, for hundreds of years. In 1995 a US company tried to get a patent on Turmeric claiming it was a "new" discovery for treating inflammation but the Indian government successfully challenged this on grounds that it has been used for that purpose in India for generations.
Absorption of curcumin is fairly difficult orally as it is attacked by stomach acid. It has been found to increase the effectiveness of absorption if combined with black pepper or piperine, a derivitive found in black pepper. Absorption of other medicines can also be affected if piperine is present so you would need to talk to your doctor if you are going to take this and other medicines at the same time.
Recommended supplement of curcumin is 300 - 500mg three times a day but a heaped teaspoon of the spice a day would also work (if you are feeling brave)

Another strong anti-inflammatory, it inhibits synthesis of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and thromboxanes, another inflammatory mediator, as well as being a powerful anti-oxidant that fights free radicals. Its been used in traditional Indian medicine for hundreds of years and is also used for travel and morning sickness. Recommended amount is  500 -2,000mg of ginger extract available as supplements or a 1cm slice of fresh ginger.
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Glad to see that you are promoting natural health. I was ill long before this diagnosis (PVNS in my left elbow). However I noticed a dramatic difference in my overall health and mobility. I love the DoTerra vitamins, and their oils. I use Frankincense oil, and the deep blue lotions on my elbow. I also had a neuroma that they wanted to surgically remove that I healed with Oil or Oregano. My orthopedic doctor couldn't believe it. So you definitely want to give your body the chance to heal naturally. I still have my surgery in Aug, as I believe in Western Medicine as well. But we can't poison our bodies and expect the doctors to fix it. We have to be a part of our own health and curing our own illness. From what I have read the alkaline diet is the best to keep PVNS from reoccurring. Which makes sense as cancer can't thrive in a alkaline diet, and there is belief that this is linked to cancer, even when it is not malignant.

Alkaline diet? Thanks, I will look into that. My brother and sister in law are both vegans and I vaguely remember her telling me something about that. I think I will know who to call. I try not to take any meds for my knee if I can help it but sometimes pain gets the better of me so I do resort to diclofenac occasionally but on the whole, doing it the natual way has worked for me. I have much less pain and my mobility is much better :o)

My mother was checked by doctor five years before.she did arthroscopy surgery before.this disease that PVNS would like to occur repeatedly.when she eat the whole things that you recommended.can it control the PVNS reappear .she has already surgery 4 times which are about reappear.PVNS is not easy to cut off all the cell.that's why my mum surgeries so many times. If is it a real way that you introduced above.don't have side effects

I don't know. I am newly down my journey with PVNS. I've never had surgery and will try to avoid it for as long as possible. Everything I've seen so far points to pain being far worse once you go down the route of surgery. I (touch wood) am not having a huge amount of pain with my knee at the moment, when I do get a flare up, I use diclofenac but I'm not taking meds at the moment. I'm not sure if it's chance or if it's down to the suppliments I take.
I did read on one of my comments a guy had said that surgery plus radiotherapy might help stop it coming back.

Hello!<br />
<br />
I have PVNS of the hip. The first Dr I saw said that I could break my hip at any time and that I should have a total hip replacement. Two or three years later I saw a different Dr who said that I should put off having surgery for as long as I could. I do have a bit of bone loss in the head of the femur and the small loop of bone that hangs beneath the pelvis. Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all but the pain is never far away. All I have to do is step just a little wrong and zingo! the pain is back and will hurt anywhere from hours to weeks to months. There have been times when it was so painful that I couldn't walk. Today started one of those episodes. I actually went out and bought a cane! I am 46 years old and have battled this pain for about 10 years. The pain has increased in severity and in duration. That last Dr said I was too young to have a hip replacement. I don't like the idea of surgery but I can't stand this pain! It emanates down my leg and into my knee as well. I can't run, ride bikes or do any number of activities let alone walk at times. I would love to hear from anyone else who has this in the hip or other large joints. I want to hear if you've had surgery, what it was like before surgery and after. How old you are. What kind of recuperation time did you have. Who did the surgery etc. etc. This is affecting my quality of life in a big way. Any knowledge you can impart to me would be greatly appreciated.<br />
<br />

Hello Sherry. I'm sorry about your Hip. My PVNS is in my knee, I've only had it for about a year now but I too feel that avoiding surgery for as long as you can is the best plan. Most of the time I am pain free from taking the supliments daily and when I do get pain, I have been able to manipulate it back into place myself and bring it down quickly with prescription anti inflammatories. I think you should try some supliments and see if that makes a difference to your pain before you decide on surgery or not because I think that a hip replacement only lasts for so long before you have to have it done again and it's worth a try at least.

Hi Roberta,

Thanks for your reply. I daily take 5,000 IU of vitamin D, and a B complex with C. I'm poor so can't afford anything more and when these run out I'm not sure when I'll be able to replace them. I've gained weight recently because I went back to school and the stress is killing me lol! I know the added weight is NOT what my poor hip needs but I'm so limited because of the pain that I can't do much exercise. I can't even afford Ibuprophen which I believe would help.

I would look at replacing your B and C complex with a very good multi vitamin and if possible, an additional vit C of at least 2000mg a day. I understand how it is not to have money as we have had to cut our cloth greatly in order to afford my own suppliments. If you can afford it, an omega 3 with as high levels of epa as you can afford would do wonders for you, it has for me and most of the time I cope without any pain relief now.

i am also suffering from PVNS in my left knee. I had an artroscopic surgery for it just two months back. Howvever feeling the pain again. Want to go for Naturopathy this time but not sure whether it will help or not.<br />

It has helped me loads, I've decided against surgery for the time being and just trying natural suppliments, I should give it a go, it won't hurt you and you have nothing to loose. I think the fish oils are the most beneficial and a really good multi vitamin, curcumin and ginger.

I worked in a naturopaths office and I believe we will obtain the best results by combining naturopathic medicine with tradition medicine. Surgery to get as much pvns out of the joint as possible, kill the microscopic bits that remain with radiation and to build our bodies up as much as possible to help prevent the tumor from recurring. Radiation makes sense when you look at pvns on a cellular level. It only takes one cell with pvns to reseed the joint and get it all growing again. Every type of treatment has it's own set of financial, mental, physical and statistical risks. It's our job to decide where we want to place our bet. Everyones case is unique and must be treated as such. There is no absolute right way to treat this vs another. Good nutrition is of paramount importance for everyone to maintain health. Good info above.

I'm still working out what I'm going to do, but what you've said does make a lot of sense.

Good story. I'm glad the supplements are working for you.

Thanks, I'm reading as much about this as I can so I have plenty up my sleeve. :o)

Great advice not only for PVNS but also other cancer related conditions! Didn't know about the Vitamin D effect and will definitely add more sunshine to my life now, which is easily available here in Australia! But one other thing I would suggest to people, who have some concern about cancer: iodine intake and green tea! Iodine deficiency is nowadays clearly connected with breast cancer risk and fibro cystic breast disease. (in Asia these conditions are much less common due to the higher consumption of sea weed and fish products) and also green tea with its antioxidants (which are extremely multiplied when adding a squeeze of lemon). On top of that pawpaw products (or papaja) seem to work wonders...Then there is garlic... Once you start researching, the list gets longer and longer... I'm doing my bit. I'm not admitting defeat without putting on a good fight. And I feel so much better than ever before! (Did I mention regular exercise/strenuous workout?) Some people reckon, it's your belief, which keeps you on top of things, not the intake of supplements or doing<br />
sports. But I can't care less: whatever makes me feel better and boosts my immune system, is welcome!

I agree, especially about the exercise. I get up most mornings and do an aerobics dvd and it lifts my mood and makes me feel motivated to get things done. I also don't drink tea and coffee now, only green tea, and chamomile tea at bedtime. I'm only just scratching the surface of the natural help that is available and it seems very positive but you need to be certain what you are doing is safe as some suppliments can cause more harm than good, if not taken in the right doses. I can't sit back and watch my knee get worse without trying something though, my mobility is key to my quality of life so I'm not going to give up and just accept.

Good on you! After all, we have kids who need mums who are active and alive! Isn't that another valid reason to try everything possible?!

I have cut my meat intake back, too (although we have our own cattle and know they are 100 % organic feed), and I feel really good, although everybody always says: eat red meat because of the iron. I think once a week is good enough... Rather more vegetables and salads!

Absolutely :o)

I have recently been diagnosed with Pvns in my left knee via an MRI.
I noticed you live in Australia,can u recommend doctors that have actually operated successfully?

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