Recent Arthroscopy

I have just been diagnosed with localised PVS following an arthroscopy 4 weeks ago. I had a lump growing just above my kneecap which made it difficult to kneel down. I have struggled with swelling and stiffness following the arthroscopy and I'm wondering (having now read a bit about the condition) whether this is actually a symptom of the condition rather than a symptom of the surgery itself as my nurse has told me. I saw the consultant today and he said there is a lot of fluid there which shouldn't be but couldn't tell me why or what to do about it.
I am also curious, in hindsight, whether the stiffness on standing for a period of time is due to the condition also??
I am 38
SarahPickard SarahPickard
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Hi Sarah ,
Having fluid in your knee after surgery is quite common , when i had my surgery i had some fluid and my knee was stiff too and when it would swell the fluid would go down to my ankle , When i saw my doctor he told me to wait to extend it and to put ice as frequently as i can. If the fluid doesn't go down you go to the doctor and they put a needle in your knee and take out the fluid its a bit painful but must be done.

If you have any questions let me know .