It Started Around Age 29.

I am a 31 year old male.  I'm gay and I live in the U.S.  I am so glad to learn of this diagnosis, today.  I have only had pili multigemini for two year at the most.  It only occurs in my pubic region.  It has slowly spread around my pubic region, primarily above my shaft, with a few spots on the side..  When I first discovered it, I was scared and in shock.  The only viable explanation I could come up with, is that it is the result of taking ecstasy and other drugs - multiple times, when I was in high school, because I heard that drugs can possibly alter your DNA.  It does not occur on my scalp at all.  The thought of cryosurgery or electrolysis on my pubic hairs frightens me.  To me, this is a silly and awkward and very embarrassing condition.  No one knows.  I keep the majority of my pubic hair shaved, trim the rest and pluck out the remainder.  It's important to me that I look good and feel good in sexual situations.

The fact that it started off minimal and has spread at the age of 30, frightens me.  Why???  It took me a while to find out what it is.  After suffering for two years and spending several hours online, finally today I know what it's called.  I just don't know what to do about it.  It's a huge relief to read other people's stories, because I didn't know such a condition existed, until I had it.  My pubic hairs sprout 2-4 hairs from one follicle or whatever. 

Some of my pubic hairs are quite shorter than the rest.  These follicles itch like crazy!!!!  I thought I had jock itch, but the spray didn't help.  I thought I had crabs or an STD, but that wasn't the case.  Upon closer inspection with tweezers and squinting, I noticed these other follicles.  They seem to hide right next to other follicles and sometimes are in the mix with the pili multigemini ones.  When I pluck these hairs, the intense (like a mosquito bite) itching stops.  I'll have to pluck out several of them sometimes, to sustain relief for a while.  I would describe it as an acute, sharp, itchy pain in a very localized spot.  That's how I know it's coming from a single follicle and which one.  Now, when I pluck these other hairs, which are very short, I notice there is loss of pigment in the hair itself.  At the bottom of the follicle, there is a hard, white, slightly overgrown nodule at the very bottom.  This slightly overgrown nodule is what I believe makes the follicle itch and difficult to pluck. 

While the rest of my pubic hairs grow and look normal, about 20% of them are abnormal in this fashion.  They grow to be very short, have loss of pigment, the root of the follicle is a hard white ball.  They are quite difficult to pluck, as opposed to the other hairs.  Sometimes they only grow to a few milimeters.  When I pluck them, all the itchy pain goes away until they grow back in like a week.  I have no idea if this is related to the pili multigemini.  I also have eczema.  Sometimes I want to rip my skin off!!!!!!!!  I am a very good looking, honest, confident, social, hardworking and I know how to dress well.  I'm a down to earth, best of friends kind of guy, but I do not feel comfortable in my own skin!  You wouldn't know by looking at me that I have eczema or any other skin condition.  People often tell me that I look so young and my skin looks so nice, which is ironic.  My skin looks normal, because I've done a lot to combat the eczema.

I have not had medical insurance in the last two years, so I haven't gone to the doctor.  Also, its a crazy thing.  If I were to suddenly start growing another finger, what would the doctor tell me??  He or she would say, well we gotta cut it off.  The answer is simple: remove the hairs, take nutritional supplements to combat the effects of drugs which depleted my system in high school.  ...Or so I have told myself.  Actually, when the pain is gone from the strange little ones, I feel SUCH a relief, that I wanna forget about it.  When I pluck one of those hairs, every fiber in my entire body from head to toe relaxes.  I thought plucking over and over would get rid of it, because hair gets thinner when you pluck, thicker when you shave.  I've been plucking for quite a while now and it hasn't gone away.  I'm scared, because I have no idea what is happening and it's not sexy.  Well, at least I know now that I have pili multigemini.  I still have yet to find out what the heck those tiny pubes are about! 

....I think it mighty strange that symptoms began well into adulthood.  Nobody's perfect, but come on.  You gotta be kidding me.  What else can go wrong; I wonder.  Being the fact that it began in my late 20's, tells me that it's either caused by something I was exposed to in one of many enviornments, something I ingested, or it laid dormant in an inherited gene sequence, until well into aduldhood.  There is one more possiblity.  It's far-fetched, because I don't recall being abducted by aliens

I will go to the doctor when I get insurance and/or can afford it, because there isn't much help online, since it's rare and the cause is unknown.  I will figure something out, because I ain't havin' it.  I have gotten rid of all the bad, man-made cleaning and showering and laundry chemicals in my home and replaced with certified pure ones, but that was 5 years ago.  That helped my eczema.  I got rid off ALL the dirt, debree and dust mites in my home!!!!  That helped too.  By deduction, the only thing left is to seek out a medical expert.  I am not a doctor, but I do think like a scientist.  I didn't go to work today, because I am so bothered by this and spent all day trying to find out what it is, online.  Make it stop!!!  Make it go away!!  Right?

My hope is that someday there will be a pill for this, with the side effects being: larger penis, a better night's sleep, lowered risk for heart attack, improved memory function, better mood and a sense well being.  If only I was Harry Potter!  I could just zap this strange, unwanted condition away.  For now, rest assured as I am, that you are not alone.  Thank you.
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Hi mate, I have the same problem and have done similar research. An excerpt from "Naysmith, L., De Berker, D. and Munro, C.S. (2001), Multigeminate beard hairs and folliculitis. British Journal of Dermatology, 144: 427–428. doi: 10.1046/j.1365-2133.2001.04047.x" describing treatment on a 33-year old male, if it helps.

In an attempt to ablate the multigeminate follicles we used a long pulse fixed Q alexandrite lambda ruby laser (694·3 nm) at a fluence of 17·8 J cm−2 with a 5-mm spot size (pulse duration, 25 ns). Four treatments were given over 8 months. No side-effects were experienced. After the third treatment there was an observable and sustained reduction in the number of multigeminate hairs and associated folliculitis.