Need Advice From Someone Who Has Been There!

I have had a pilonidal cyst for two years but i didn't know what it was until last friday when i went to the doctor. It has always been a small lump on my tainbone and it never bothered me until two weeks ago when it started to swell up and get red and i got to where i could barly walk and not sit down at all. Mind you i have a two year old and i have a three week old baby! So i went to the doctor last friday and he said i need to get it cut out so i went to a sergeon on monday and he drained it and stuffed it will gauze and sent me home with antibiotics and hydrocodon.He told my husband to pack it twice a day and by next week he would probably only have to do it once a day and to come back on june 1st which is still two weeks away. I am new to this and so is my husband. He hates packing it cause he doesnt want to hurt me and i scream bloody murder everytime cause it is extreamly painful. Anyway today is thursday and mu husband says it looks like it is almost healed up on the inside and he can barely get gauze inside of it now. i asked about this on and they said it cannot already be healed on the inside and that it takes at least a week. i am afraid that it is going to heal up and i will not be able to pack it anymore and then it will come back but it hasnt leaked any pus just alittle blood. i'm thinking maybe it will be ok for it to grow up but im not sure. it wasn't very big to begine with probably the size of a golf ball or an egg. Anyway i am afraid of it comming back or him wanting to cut it back open when i go back to see him. What should i do and has anyone else ever had theirs grow up on its own? and how did it turn out?
cnadaceclark86 cnadaceclark86
22-25, F
May 17, 2012