Finally Found Relief

I understand your pain all too well I have had this for 4 yrs and was at my wits end too
I have researched it all had acupuncture, physical therapy and injections and countless pain pills
I have finally found Dr James J. Yue, MD
He works out of Yale Univ and is a God send. I had my surgery on June 22 2012 and have never felt better there is some slight pain and recovery is about 4 to 6 weeks my recovery was little longer because I did not take it easy,

The surgery was so worth it because after 4 yrs and a ton of quacks someone could finally help me. And he accept most insurance
Don’t give up, he has helped me when I had no hope
Best of luck God Bless

Dr James J. Yue, MD
Yale Physicians Building
800 Howard Avenue
New Haven, CT 06510 Tel: 203.785.2579 Office
Tel: 203.737.5656 Appointments
Fax: 203.785.7132

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Hi, Ive been diagnosed with PS just recently. Ive been dealing with it for a year now. Ive done Physical Therapy, been to the chiropractor for 7 months, did PT with them as well, which had helped with the pain i was getting in my hip....but the siactic pain came back so bad, I went back to my PCP and he diagnosed me with Piriformis Syndrome. But he just sent me back to PT again, ( because the firs time I did PT with them, they were focusing on my back.) Im trying to be positive but Im at my wits end. Next I plan on trying Massage Therapy and acupuncture, but seeing what lot of people have dealt with, those will probably only be temporary reliefs.

I came across your post and saw that you found someone in New Haven, CT. I live in CT. Does this doctor need referrals? And what kind of surgery did you get? Was it the Piriformis Release?

Can I ask you, why do they make people suffer for so long? I guess surgery is last resort, but Im going on over a year now, you 4 yrs?!?! I cant imagine living with this much longer. I havent had any injections yet and wonder if my PCP will perscribe me a botox soon?

Do you think I can just call this office and get an apt?

And how was your recovery?

I seriously am giving up on life and I have 3 little kids and a husband that needs me. I want my normal life back.

Please respond as soon as you can.

Hi, I know the pain can be unbearable, I did not have a referral,I started looking on the internet, DO NOT GO TO CALIFORNIA DOCTOR, QUACK!
My pain is 80 % better and when it does hurt somewhat I simply stretch out, Injections do nothing except lower your immune system and create more scar tissue. He did do a release - he cut the ligaments and tendons from the piriformis muscle, My insurance covered most of it and they(the hospital) got the approval from them, He knows a lot of people suffer from this and I was happy that I found him. I had spent thousands of dollars on things that do not work. all the things you speak of I have been thru, the recovery was not bad, I have a 6 inch incision on my left buttock area that leads downward, I was up and walking around the next day but couldn't run any marathons. My roughest part was trying to rush it and flew home 5 days later on a 4 hr flight, Make sure when your healed go to PT... very important, I didn't and that is why it is only 80% better. Just call that number and tell him a patience that has seen Dr Yue recommended you, My name is Mary from Michigan

First off, if you reading this you are likely in severe pain and that can drive a person mad! It almost did me! Here is the background: I went to a VERY reputable sports ortho practice in the area (CA Bay Area), I was a marathon runner, mid 30's and mother of 2 kids delivered via c-section. I know pain. What started out as pain in my knee when training for a half marathon turned into 18 months of relentless pain and me losing my life as I knew it. I couldn't chase after my 1 1/2 and 3 year old at the time, I couldn't sit for more than 20 minutes, I was in CONSTANT sciatic pain. I work for a famous Fortune 500 company, so I continued to work, got a standing desk so I stood for 12 hours a day (the most comfortable position), and soldiered on through the pain. Eventually it took a toll on my life, my kids and my family. I was diagnosed with an L5-S1 bulge and annular tear (not true). You name it, I did it. PT 3x a week, acupuncture, pain and nerve meds, seeing an Ortho, physiatrist, 4 spinal injections ,3 MRI's, a Stanford neurosurgeon who said "Yep, I don't really see what could be causing your sciatic pain". Literally I thought I was going crazy. At my last straw, I literally looked on my health plan and picked out a pain management specialist ( Dr. Justin Lo) because he was in the same building as my kid's pediatrician. I didn't have hope that anyone would ever know what was wrong with me so I decided I needed TRUE pain management. I had so many opiates in my system some would wonder how I metabolized such high doses without dying (my a type personality I think). I made an appt. Got my physiatrist to send the medical records and really only hoped I would be able to play with my kids without pain.

I saw him on a Wednesday, he reviewed my medical records, he called HIMSELF for copies of my 3 MRI's, listened to EVERYTHING I had tried, did a physical exam and said "this isnt coming from your lumbar, this seems to be piriformis syndrome". I had NEVER heard of this before. He referred me to a neurosurgeon who performed and EMG (normal) , received a specialized MRI (which didn't show anything) , did a CT guided injection which did little and then referred me to another neurosurgeon who went over everything and agreed with the diagnosis. This neurosurgeon performed the Piriformis release surgery 8 days ago. A month after my initial visit with Dr. Lo

How do I feel?!? I wouldn't believe it unless I had lived it. I am 1 week post surgery and the sciatic pain I have lived with and masked for almost 2 years is gone! He had the diagnosis RIGHT ON. A diagnosis that for MOST of the population is rare, for me it happened to be true. I had sciatic compression in three areas which he released. I am still dealing with the normal surgical/ incision type pain but its already healing. Every day I wake up expecting the sciatic pain to come back and it doesn't. For the first time, today I honestly feel like I will get my life back. My kids will know an active mom, pain free and a better employee.

It was by a miracle I met Dr Lo. Because who knows how long I would've continued to think this was lumbar related. Don't suffer in silence. Apparently this surgery is very rare because 85% of people get better with conservative treatments and then injections, those that don't have this option. I am so happy and want to share my story hoping it helps others.