Not Only In

A sink but a coffee cup, in and ice tea glass, coffee pot, bath tub, hot tub, pool, in the floor of a movie theater, off the end of a boat, in friends shoe.  driving down the road, do it in a pepsi bottle, standing in the back of a moving truck, hanging out of a window at a hotel/motel, in the shower/bath tub, on a girl /guy, on a dog /cat, my dad's leg(farted on his head once),standung outside the kitchen door while the dogs were taking a ****.  I can say just about anywhere, but in space, and on the moon, unless you are bent over, and I have pissed on YOU!

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

You name it, I've pissed in or on it. Pooed as well probably. The world is my toilet!

I like to **** into a glass (large) the look at the color and smell it before I empty it down the sink. Though often I do imagine being made to drink it as a punishment for wetting the bed or being caught doing something rude and naughty

Drinking your own pee is NOT a punishment. Just try it!

It was exciting! And my dad had sked e a question, and I wasn't thinking clearly, an turned around, and pissed on his leg.

How was your movie theater experience? And why your dad's leg??