It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Yes, Snoopy's stories start out that way.  But really, it was!

It was years back, I was still in school, Not sure why but I remember it was a day when I had made it through school,and home again and hadn't wet once during the day.  That was odd for me, even then.  

It was winter time like it is now, so when I came in the house it was already dark, and the cold made the needing to go pee quite excruciating.

I dashed upstairs, through the door into the bathroom, had my skirt and slip about my waist.  I didn't take time to turn on the light, I didn't need it to pee.  In fact, I was already dribbling and could feel my panties growing much more than damp.  That didn't bother me as I had already developed a healthy fetish for wetting.

I turned and plopped myself down on the toilet without trying to pull down my panties or hose and started peeing in ernest.  It was interesting, I realized someone had put down the toilet lid and it was just like sitting in a chair and ******* myself.  I went ahead and finished knowing I'd have a pretty good mess to clean up.

In married life this has happened several times.  I've trained my husband to put the seat down, but he likes to close the lid also so there have been times when I have sat and peed on it.  I left the seat up after cleaning it one time, and he ended up sitting in it.  That was almost too funny.

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Thanks Boxy, It is good to know it isn't just me. Sometimes, when you are in a hurry, these accidents do happen.

I wonder if I've caused this problem for my wife. she is always after me to "put the seat down," and I, too, put the seat and the lid down so she will know that I've used the toilet and remembered to put the seat down. I sat in the bowl once, too, and I NOW understand why my wife is after me to put the seat down.