I Am A Twenty Year Old Female With A Pituitary Tumor

Hello My name is Jessica Kannady. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. when i was 15 years old i found out that i had a pituitary tumor  witch also caused me to have a desiease called acromegaly. I have had 2 brain surgeries, and also a thirty day radiation treatment. i am now 20 years old and still dealing with problems from this tumor. My body has done some changes and sometimes its really hard to deal with. my hands and feet are really huge . i feel so scared sometimes about this cause i feel my body make changes everyday that i cant do anything about, i am so over the leg pain and the horrible headaches, i have very high prolactin and groth hormone levels. this causes discharge from my breast. idont really understand to much of how i got this tumor. i ready to be happy again i am starting get used to my different body , but sometimes it gets hard being so young AND FEELING LIKE YOUR LIFE WILL END EARLY OR SOMETHING ELES WILL GO WRONG WITH MY BODY FROM THIS TUMOR., I WANT TO FEEL GOOD IN MY OWN SKIN I WANT MY CONFIDOUS BACK AND ALSO WANT THE JOINT AND MUSCLE PAIN TO STOP.

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I understand everything your going thru. I'm 21 and have been having the same issues your having from i was 14. Just try to hold on and keep positive, thats what I'm trying to do myself but I believe it will get better.

you all most made me cry im sorry to hear that tho hommie

i wish you luck

i have a younger sister that has a tumor on her pituitary also. they put on a medicine that works to reduce it and worked. she stop the medicine because she whitch jobs and lose the next job. She got pregant. and like you too she was lactating. so she figured why not feed her baby. so she did and the next 3 years she had no tumor growth. now as she ween him off the tumor started to grow again. so she went back on the medicine until it return to a smaller size. then she got pregant again and a new doctor. who told her to keep feeding or pumping or expressing as long as she can. IT WILL KEEP HER TUMOR DOWN or atleast slow its growth down. the baby will be 2 on DEC28 and she just went to get tested and has no new growth. Im not saying go get pregant but what about expressing your milk and giving it to a milk bank if you can? check it out and talk to your doctor.

Thats tough I am sorry to hear that, My sister in law has has pituitary Tumor and issues along with that. Luckily she was older an hasn't had as many problems. but it is still something that we have to deal with and worry that she might not be able to have children or that there will be other difficulties. I wish you best of luck