I Have Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronica And I Hate It

Hi all!

A month ago, I was diagnosed by my dermatologist pityriasis lichenoides chronica. It is an autimmune disease that makes your skin all over your body seem awful....and it may take months or years. i feel so sad...I am young and beautiful and i hate having it. I have no self confidence any more and I am ashamed to show any part of my body to other people...it seems hard to me. i follow a treatment but no results...i have red spots all over my body...i wish i could just change my skin! 

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iv had the skin problem for about three years now, i used to think it was psorisis. but i found out like a few months ago that it was plc. im trying a raw diet its making me feel pretty good i would like to meet someone with plc. one loveee

hello how are all one to me recently this group makes me sad to see more people with this damn disease, carlos called me I have chronic lichenoid pityriasis 6 years quisieracompartir treatments with other people, quisisera meet people with this disease my email is carlos160988 @ hotmail.com, also I'll be around here more often

If you need anything, feel free to write me. Anything!!! The first time I wanted to meet someone with the same disease. But it didnt happen! Maybe we'll be able to exchange some tips (or even photos if you feel so)! Take care!And be really gentle with your skin!!

thanks for writing your so nice i understand what your saying im working on it=) but it takes time i do hope to get thier sometime and be confident regarless of the skin condition, because your right you have 2 options accept it or live unhappy all the time... well ill keep working on it its nice knowing someone who shares the same expiriance thanks

Hi dianaa21!<br />
I understand absolutely the way you feel! I used to feel like that during the first months. I know its hard to accept it. To accept the way you look....But..go out for a walk and watch other people. Some of us are thin or fat. Others wear glasses or braces. Some are bald or have acne and a variety of spots! We are so different! You are unique and thats marvelous! I tell everyone that my skin is polka dots! And I never try to hide it! I know that I am different! So?! Its a disease that -thanks God- cannot affect our health!! And thats important! You have two choices: a) accept it and live happily b)keep hating it and be unhappy! It isnt easy but I am sure you can do it! Share your feelings with people that you love and -why not?- visit a psychologist! <br />
Hope to write back soon!!<br />
Dont forget to be happy!

hi everyone i have to admitt its so hard for me to get on this and say that i have it as well and i hate it so much its been 2 yrs now and i am still having a hard time accepting it i just feel that if i accept having it ill will never go away i feel so depress having my body look like this i lost my skin my self confidance my self i dont want to have it anymore and yes i tried so many medications even methotrexate but nothing worked i feel so sad with this, and deep inside my heart i know i need to not freak out about it and accept it but i just dont know how....

I feel the same way. This month makes a year & nothing seems to work instead it just worsens. Everyone tells me to stay positive but they just don't understand how hard it is to live with this. Having to see yourself everyday look worse and worse drives me crazy.

It is hard but it wont last forever.You are not your skin,you many other beautiful things! It will look healthy again soon!! You can be negative if you feel so! Just keep in mind that it is just SKIN!

hello! I would like to thank you for your understanding! Now (after 10 months) my skin looks much much better! To be honest, I stopped all antibiotics and cortisone creams. During summer I spent a lot of hours under sun (with sun protection lotion of course). I also started eating healthy (many vegetables, fruits, no alcohol etc) with a view to turn stronger my immune system. And the most important...no stress! Accepting the disease, and being calm seems to work a lot. In my point of view, you have to stop scratching. The disease has nothing to do with microbe or bacteria, so scratching doesn't affect the spread. My doctor suggested me to wear cotton and not tight clothes in order to avoid wounds.Generally, try to be gentle with your skin. Take care :-)<br />
PS: English is not my native language!

I know how you feel. I just got diagonsed today, had it for about a year now. Sunlight helps alot. I'd suggest strongly antibiotics and that, I also found vinegar and salt seemed to help the spots alot. Might see about getting the doc to freeze them all and see if it stops, since even though it's apparently in my body, It seems to spread when I scratch.