I'm grateful for everyday that I'm awake but as each day grows to a close , I can't help but feeling this 2014 year should really end so that I can start my life. I'm desperate for change and this year and last year have been too hectic for me. I don't know what the meaning of sleep is
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I think tta is right, all you need is a good man. To brighten your days, lighten the worlds weight, someone who will listen console and give you good advice. A man who will smile at you, hold you both with his eyes and with strong arms. Someone to cuddle with every night, that will kiss you everywhere, that will make slow deep love to you as he stares into your eyes. Someone to make a family with perhaps ;). Yes, Love and Time the 2 great healers. You need both. Perhaps fate will help you with the first of these...

U just need A good man to spoon U & hold U'r Breasts until we both fall asleep Baby !!

Good luck. :)