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I was soo flattered with my EP friends since I get their attention everyday. I did not intend to be very nice to all, but it's just me.
I can't please all. Some are saying words that are unbelievable, some may use you, some just like being friends, okh some are pervs. I'm sorry when I can't be perv too. Since I'm not perv and I'm only fun but too much fun you like is not in my vocabulary. Some can't be understood, have their own thinking and some are just nice and can be bad.......
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4 Responses Apr 29, 2011

God bless you too Mariann<br />

I am glad you found out about them.Its a wise decision.God Bless.

thanks doc..You are nice and good father to your children too. have a nice day too<br />
I think that it's time to sleep there so good night, sweet dreams.

i think ur nice and hope u feel the same about me. ur a lot of fun to talk to. thanks and have a great weekend.