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Feeling your pain out here in vermont. I was diagnosed with pf 9 months ago during my 9th month of pregnacy. . dr tells me to do these stretches ice and do your abc bepore you get out of any one else tired of hearing that ??i have a newborn and he did not get the memo lol . . since then 3 months ago developed pf in both feet now. and as you know this is no picnic . for those of you that have never had this it is like walking on nails!!! and very little relief through the day. please be more supportive to your loved one that has this because i am sure they are at there wits end. this ailement takes over your life on so many levels and leaves you with a feeling of hopelessness!!! i have used the inserts in my sneakers that are pretty much on my feet 24/7 i use the night splints.and yesterday i broke down wnd got my first cortizone shot in one foot to see if it would help. boy that was alot of fun lol . .i also asked dr for some help with pain ....he does not believe in them and said it was very unfortunate that your in this much pain. .i am sure the look on my face was priceless because i wanted to jump right off the table!!!yes it is unfortunate that people like us have to live our lives this way and seems like there is no sympathy for what we are feeling. .i am truley hoping that the shot works. but have read alot of mixed heart goes out to the people that have had this for years. i have no idea how you are getting by. .but for now i have to take it day by day. .and believe me if it wasnt for my beautiful baby boy and my loving fiance i am sure the covers would be pulled up over my head in the morning. because i know what kind of pain my day will bring. its not just the feet any more of course we now have knee back and hip pains trying to compisate while we walk. . .any way thank you all for sharing and hope one day we are all freed from this prison and get our lives back !!!! vermonter
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thank you!!!! physical.therapy is my next step....i really hope your wife gets some relief soon.and please continue to support her its not always easy for her to keep smiling. thanks for reading my story