New Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Website

dear plantar fasciitis sufferers,

It's entirely possible to cure your plantar fasciitis without the need for drugs or surgery.

The solution is through doing a simple series of stretching and strengthening exercises, in-conjunction with using some basic medical devices.

The treatment is based on repairing and strengthening the damaged part of your foot for long-term results.

The 'secret' if you will, is doing the exercises in just the right way to achieve maximum benefit.

I have set up a free-resource website with some excellent videos which shows patients how to do the exercises, which I prescribe to patients with plantar fasciitis.

If you care to read further, it also gives fully referenced rationale, evidence, risks and verdicts on studies for all commonly available treatment options. There's also an in-depth FAQ and forum section.

The website is:

.... hope it helps
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

rubbish. I did all the lot, then I opted for the injection, and I was fine after three days, BUT and a huge BUT its all down to the person who does this injection, and where they deliver it in to the foot, pm for any advise, and who did mine. I had it last week and am so so pleased with the outcome.