Plantar Fasciitis Cured With Common Supplements

I had an experience with PF several years ago. Believing I had stepped on something and it was just a "stone bruise", I limped on, waiting for time to heal it. Finally realizing this was something else, I went to the internet and found a web page, such as this one, on PF. I made an appointment with my doctor. She ordered X-Rays, validated my self diagnosis and prescribed Vioxx. This worked well but the side effects of taking this type of anti-inflammatory for long periods of time didn't really set well with me. (They've since taken this drug off the market.) I discontinued Vioxx and purchased the PF night splint. It was so uncomfortable (for me) that often I had to make a decision; do I want a restful night's sleep? Or Do I want to get up out of bed the next morning without my heel pain and be tired all day? It didn't take long for me to conclude this wasn't going to be a 'fix' unless I wanted to wear the splint the rest of my life.

In desperation, I visited my local health food store. The clerk helped me look up remedies for "heel pain" and "bone spurs". The following, taken together, were listed as actually dissolving bone spurs over time and speeding repair to injured soft tissue. I began taking these and after just two weeks, the pain was gone.

Vitamin C 5000mg/day ~ Cal-Mag-Zinc 4 tablets/day (The Cal-Mag-Zinc I purchased has 333mg calcium, 133mg magnesium and 5mg of zinc) ~ Super B-Complex 1 tablet/day ~ Bioflavonoid 500mg/day.

I didn't take these all at once but rather half in the morning with breakfast and the other half at dinner that evening.

My job didn't allow me to sit at my desk much. I was on my feet and on the run more often than not. Finding this "cure" was a God send for me.

These are inexpensive, common supplements and can be found at your local Wal-Mart or drug store if you don't have a local health food store. Of course, I can't guarantee these will work for you, but it sure did the trick for me.

I've since offered this 'recipe' to several co-workers, friends and family members that have been stricken with PF and it has worked every time for them as well.

Good luck !
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Can you provide what brand of Cal-Mag-Zinc and other supplements you used ? Looks like there are a lot of supplements that have magnesium as non soluble.

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My question to you, is did you continue forever on these supplements or just until your PF healed or ??? I have been taking what you recommended for about 5 days now and have felt a marked improvement. However, I did start taking some high doses (800 mg) of ibuprofen also because I was in some serious pain, and I have also started to do regular foot rolling, eccentric stretching, etc. (after buying an online e-book "Target Plantar Fasciitis" by Alec Nordach. I first got plantar fasciitis about 4 years ago, I think from increasing my teaching (I am a dance fitness/Zumba instructor) from 3 to 5 days a week and also dancing on a new flooring (concrete covered with carpet). I suffered that bout for about a year and a half. About 6 months ago it started to come back, and last week was the worst I've ever felt--pain during and after teaching and upon getting up after resting. Could barely walk without hobbling. I've read so much conflicting information on the internet, I could scream! Shoes/no shoes, stretch/don't stretch, inserts/no inserts, could it be fasciosis (dying tissue), using correcttoes to align your foot properly. Seriously! I don't even know for sure what to do. Any good information out there? I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and report back.

So the supplements are:- Vitamin C
- Cal-Mag-Zinc
- Super B Complex
- Bioflavonoid
Just want to make sure. A little confusing in the way you have it noted. Thanks

Isn't 5000 mg of vitamin c alot? I thought too much of vitamin c can cause problems like kidney stones.