I have been suffering for over 19 months and PF and heel spirs at it is ruining my life! I have tried the night splints, four steroid shots, oral steroids, ice, stretches inserts. Everytime I think it is getting better then it comes back worse than ever. I can not see a pattern to the pain. On rare occasions it drops to a 3 (scale 1-10) and the next day it is off the scale! It feels like a torch on my arch, walking on glass on my heels and occasionally sharp pain. Im surprised that it burns and aches even when I am off my feet. Im considering surgery but the doctor does not want to remove the spirs and he wants to only deal with the PF. Anyone hear this idea that the spirs will not hurt if the PF is cut?
susanboyan susanboyan
66-70, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I've had it for 11 months now. It also has ruined my life. Quality of life is very low. Its very depressing. They say I'm not a candidate for surgery...I have bad circulation in the same leg as the PF foot. I have had to buy a scooter to go in public. But I'm having hell even around the house. Is this how I am to spend the rest of my life???