Tasmanian Torture

Worked in the plantation industry for 2 years in Tasmania . In that time i personally Planted around 800 000 Bluegum trees(the oxygen producing type) . This covered 700 hectares or 7 sq km.  My best days effort was 7 000 in 8.5 hours.   If i made a line with these trees it would stretch 1400 km (planting a tree every 2 meters)  I fertilized them all by hand(200 grams each) . Which adds to about 160 000 kg and another 1400 km.( all with 15-20 kg on my back) Also i have pruned 20 000 trees using a 4.5 meter ladder (third lift)   This adds up to 90 km of climbing and 90 km of descending a ladder. or ten trips up and down the highest peak in the world (by ladder)  

Needless to say by the end of 2 years i was physically spent and would never consider doing it again ..lol..  This job is way harder that the army and it was a struggle from day to day. On average we would cover 10-15  km in a day going up and down mountains with up to 20 kg on our backs..  and that was 5 or 6 days a week.!!! out of the 20 people that i started working with only 2 of us were left after 2 years.

I think i have achieved  enough personal green credits for a life time. heheh  However this is nothing compared to others i have known who have done over 5 times the amount i have ..  They were French  Canadians.  No one can beat these guys. Machines is what they were.. I still have no idea what a intelligent person like myself was doing working next to crims and all sorts.. guess i just wanted to experience something more than what i had.

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Wow!<br />
That`s a great job!<br />
I say thankyou in the name of humanity!

It isnt all good unfortunately .. most of the places we planted were clear fell areas( total deforesting) and i personally saw many 4 meter wide stumps on which a 70 + meter tree once stood.. Luckily they have a time limit on how much longer they will be logging like this and soon will be all plantation wood, which they will process. Towards the end of my job there it was mostly planting out grazing pastures. so i enjoyed that .. <br />
I would not recommend any mountain work to anyone who isnt fit or doesnt have the ability to push themselves.However saying this it is VERY rewarding mentally and physically and helps you be stronger with anything in life..

I think it is intelligent work! Is it 'dumb' to want to redeem some of the destruction we have caused in our industrial society?<br />
<br />
I have considered this line of work myself.

Thank you :) If everyone took a week out of there life to plant trees we would not have the problems the world does now.. They are easy to plant and you use a hand held device to plant them/or shovel. A person even with low stamina could just go slow and still plant 500 per day. Pitty about the fertilizer :( but i guess they have to grow somehow fast to survive.. We can all dream on *looks up with finger on chin*

Well I congratulate you on your hard work and my lungs thank you :)