Good Times

    In my Sophomore year of college, me and a group of my friends were playing with the idea of playing paintball as a group. We were pumped about it for a couple of weeks and even started planning things out, but of course at the last minute everyone decided to bail out. Oh college kids. Well me being the person I was I decided to take matter into my own hands and convinced one of my advisers if he would be cool making this into a group event. He ok'd it and thus I began to plan things out. After a couple of months and much hyping, I managed to gather about 15 ppl and we all drove down to Skirmish, PA!  
    Because we had a huge group we managed to get out own lane (of course we had a few random ppl thrown in but for the most part it was all us) and our refs were really cool. They gave us tips and tricks about all the lanes and helped us get into the mindset. The first lane was a simple wooded field with barriers thrown in randomly and was a free for all. MAN! I remember this the clearest since it was my first time at this, but I had a blast for the exception for the **** who decided that since I was 2 feet in front of him he would shoot me twice in the back of the head. I had two kills but the other team won. The other rounds were pretty good too, which consisted of the concrete tubes and then some mock farm field, but I will never forget that day. Indeed one of the greats, trying to get another group together to go again years later so if anyone wants to let me know I'm in!
pac5049 pac5049
22-25, M
Jan 12, 2012