Red Water

My entire family is full of practical jokers. I grew up getting pranked and pranking, and now I have 2 nieces and a nephew to prank, and we've been scaring the poor dears since they were babies (but don't worry, they can dish it back just as well). My nephew Leon is a great prankster, and always picks on his 5 year old little sister, but she's not too good at pranking back, so her aunties step in to take care of him. Another thing about my nephew is he is SO GULLIBLE. He once ripped the tag of his mattress so my sister and I convinced him that the cops were going to come and arrest him. He cried and tried to fix it with tape.

One of my favorite pranks I've ever pulled was on my brother. It was hard to pull as many pranks on him when he moved out, but sometimes when I'm over there, I set up a prank for later. I usually don't get to see his reaction, but he calls me (or Emmylou, depending on who he thinks did it). I took one of those tablets you put in a bath to make it colorful, and I put it up his kitchen faucet. He never saw bath tablets before, so he called me in a panic, mixing his English with his Creole like everyone in my family does when they're upset. I had to explain to him that his water was fine, that there was a good reason his water was red!
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Ha ha ha that's cool you have generations of pranksters in your family I'm hoping to one day pass it along to my nephews.