Practical Pregnancy

This was really mean, oh so funny! My friend had a party out at his house and like any other party he has I usually pass out at his house along with one of his good buddies and one of my good buddies. When we stay their I usually sleep in the owner of the house's bed (he's more of a best friend) and my buddy would crash in the floor next to our bed with his buddy. On this particular occasion the two buddies got really really trashed. The guy is about 3 years younger than my friend and is so naive. About two days after the me and the guy I bunked with told his friend that my buddy was pregnant and it was his. He's like " YES, I lost my virginity! Dammit I don't remember a thing about it. What, wait a minute, she's PREGNANT!!!! OMG!" Well we never told my friend what we had done so when he kept giving her weird looks all day and she couldn't figure out why. Finally we couldn't hold it in anymore and we told her about it and she insisted we tell him she wasn't pregnant. I really thought he was going to kill us!!!
Luci Luci
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 24, 2007