Pepi La Pew Get A Friend

Well some of you might know about my brother and his ridiculous story from a few months back when he got a skunk mixed up with my sisters cat, I dont want to be mean but he is not the brightest you can read about that story by CLAcowboy21 "Skunked". Well ever since then I have made it a point to tease him about skunks, I even got his son a onsie with a skunk  on it that says Lil' Stinker.
Anyway Wednesday night I was bored and when I get bored I think of evil pranks so my plan was to catch a skunk and put in a box and leave it on Clay's doorstep.I
went outside and went down by the dumpsters to see if their were any skunks roaming around, they like to snoop around looking for garbage and stuff to eat.
I stayed there for quite a while but nothing showed up, so I set up a live animal trap and went to bed hoping I would have something by morning.
And by the chance of perfectly evil luck, there was a black and white critter rattling around in the cage in the morning.

I found a box and very carefully transfered Mr. Skunk from the cage to the box, I gave it some cheese so it wouldnt get hunry and cut some air holes so it could breath. I put Clays name and adress on the box and wrote on one of the inside flats,
"ha ha ha ha you've just been skunked, I thought you might like friend, signed PMG (Prank Master General)

We leaving for Miami that afternoon so I thought that would be perfect Clay couldnt kill me if I was on the other  side of the country. Before we left for the airport I stopped by his house and left the "loaded" box at his door, I rang the door bell and hurried away.

He later told me he had been sleeping and the door bell woke him up no one else was home so he got up to answer it saw the box and took it inside, he and his fiance recently had a baby so people are always sending them packages, he put the box on the table and went to get a knife to cut the tape.
His dog was going crazy jumping around and barking and growling, he didnt know why and told the dog to shut up the barking might wake up wake up the baby.
He cut the tape and as he was pulling back the flaps he expected to find baby clothes or maybe a hand-made blanket, but instead he saw a black and white tail move around ha ha ha ha he admits to letting out a slight scream and he said he almost threw the box off the table, his heart was pounding be he knew somehow he had to get it out of the house.

Clay taped up the box so the skunk wouldnt jump back out but when he wasnt looking the dog jumped up on a chair and was furiously growling at the box............suddenly the whole room was filled with the pungent aroma of skunk stink : / ewwwwwwww.
He opened the  window an attempt to clear the air and he said he sprayed a whole bottle of Fabreeze to try to make it smell better ( want to know a funny secret thats what he used to clean his laundry he didnt actually was it just spray  it with Fabreeze lol.)

After he got the situation under control he decided he would give me a call and let me have it. I was in Miami and it was late there but I answered anyway, before i could even finish saying "Heyo" he was yelling and cussing me saying words I could repeat ha ha ha ha ha, just a bunch of *bleep, Bleep, bleeeeeepppp* ha ha ha ha he said he wasnt happy about the package I left and it stunk up the whole house, so i asked him "Well where is the skunk now what did you do with it?"...............there was a period of silence then he said "Weeeellll its still on the table I haven't thought of what to do with it yet."
 WOW..........I was rolling around on the ground laughing he is so dumb, so I instructed "Just drive to the edge of town, dump it out of the box and run like h*ll."
He said he would try it, (but he hasnt called me back yet with the results) he did say I was in big trouble when I got back and he was going to think of a way to get me back.

I am the Prank Master General no one "gets me back", oh and little tip, if you ever get a package from me dont open it whahahahahahahahaha

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