The title of this story is very simple because what I used for the prank is something very simple, but its an element all people on earth require although some people apreciate it more than others.

A few months ago my mom bought a house in Miami, and so this weekend we went down to get settled in.
My mom has a friend that lives a few houses down from us and so they decided it would be a good idea to have a house warming party and invite everyone in the neighborhood.
I like our new house, but just seems wrong we live in palaces made of marble (literally all of these houses are worth their square footage in gold) and not far from here in Cuba and Haiti people live in corrupt poverty and we lavish ourselves in luxury, just doesnt seem right.
As you probably know from previous stories I am not fond of snobby old rich people, especially people who I have never met before in my life, and so I was not thrilled to have a bunch of snoopy botoxed old bats exploring every inch of my house.
Rich people are like sharks they can smell money from miles away, they dont really care they just have to know everyones business, so last night we had maybe 70 people I dont think you can get much lamer than getting in your car to drive 3 houses down here and they all brought "house warming gift baskets" I got like 5 that were just adressed to me, and today we had to write thank you notes but anyway back to the story.

I will give an example of one of the conversations I had between a lady who poked her head in my room when I was trying to watch tv.
I saw her at the door so I said in a quiet voice "Hi", "Hello darling arent you a pretty little thing, welcome to the neighborhood Alexis." "I didnt know how to respond so I said "Ummmm thank you but its Alexia and you can just call me Lexi," she didnt seem to be paying attention to me , and said " Oh thats lovely pumpkin.....what kind of hardwood is this." I didnt have the slightest clue so I just shrugged and said "like I care" I know that was a rude response but she didnt seem to hear she just moved on to the next room and I didnt speak with her again.

The thing I hate the most about people like this is they dont  have the lightest  care for anyone who isnt exactly like them, and all they do is just sit around drinking and gossiping, eating caviar and escagot. And the lamest thing about this was that they were all very particular about the water they drank, they had to have Evian nothing else, city water is supposedly horrific and they dont want to put those kind of toxins in thier bodies.
I'll tell you what I have been drinking tap water and I am perfectly fine, I have drank out of creeks and natural springs and I havent ever once got a so much as an upset stomach.
This is going to seem like a really lame prank but its not about the actual prank its about who you pull it on.
I went in the kitchen and got all the pitchers we had and then emptied thier precious Evian into the pitchers and filled the empty bottles with tap water, I put a little glue around the cap so it would seem like they were breaking the seal, I put the bottles in the cooler and waited..............Someone please run me over with a semi if I ever get that lame, I was hiding behind some bushes and someone had a bottle and they opened it up, took a sip..............and spit the water across the room screaming how could anyone drink something so horrible............I'm sorry I just have to laugh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :'D I was rolling in the grass laughing, I later saw someone spit their water back in the bottle they must not have liked it either.
Like I said its not about the prank its about the person you pull it on

I really have been trying to cut back on pranks but I couldnt resist this one.
Next to gluing people to the toilet and dumping gross subtances on people, one of my favorite pranks is turning the sprinklers on at an outdoor party.
So that is exactly what I did.........I broke to the water box and adjusted the timer so the sprinklers would turn on at 9:30 pm instead of 9:30 am.
Hahahahaha those sprinklers came up and everyone just started screaming and ran for the house for cover, some people managed not to stay too wet but a few of them got sprayed right in the face, and their were some ladies literally almost in tears because "my hair is ruined", 8-) oh cry me a river, its just a little water not a life or death situation.
But forchante for me everyone was already pretty buzzed and my parents just apologized for the faulty sprinkler incident, and they didnt mention it till the next morning.

I did have some fun last night I went swimming and played beach volleyball with some new friends I made.
I love it when I get away with pranks i didnt get in trouble of punished for the sprinklers and no one really found out about the water bottles haha.
Well I like this city and like the beach but I am not looking forward to parties like this every time we come here but oh well I guess I will just have to scheme up  more pranks.................Evian anyone? ha ha ha ha ha

bullgirl104 bullgirl104
18-21, F
Sep 16, 2012