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ok, my friend and I were at her place having a couple of quiet drinks when we hear this car come to a screaming halt outside her house.  My friend has a high fence but we could spy between the posts and witness the drama without being seen.  Anyway, it was a youngish woman, about 20 or so and she had to be out of it on something.  Her car had 'landed' in the middle of the road and she banging on the door of the house over the road screaming all sorts of obsenities at someone by the name of Jason.  Included in these obsenities (sorry if my spelling is a bit off) were taunts to the woman he was inside with, to come out and take her on...in a fight i presume...I hope!  Jason shows up at the door and the two of them start a full on screaming match.  She is calling him all sorts for having another woman inside and he is telling her 'go home please', but he uses more descriptive language.  after about 5 minutes of this the girl jumps in her car and drives off.  Well, my friend and I were gob-smacked to say the least and decided this sort attention deserved some recognition.  So we went into her shed and starting looking for a substance that would stand out on a wooden fence, similar to that of Jason's lol.  After some drunken mixes and severals tests in the inside of her shed wall we came up with the perfect 'solution'.  Having no paintbrushes, we cut up a dishwashing sponge, ran over the road and painted "0900 JASON for a good time" on Jason's fence.  about 10 am the next morning my friend called me to say the girl had returned in her car and was ropable to say the least.  By that afternoon they had tried to paint over it.  It's no longer readable unless you know what it originally said.  Now I know....We were really immature.
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"ropable" What's that?