The Letter

Thought I would share another of my many exploits here as some of you good people seemed to enjoy my first story.

It was my very first assignment as logistics manager and we were in Pittsburgh.Because our job site was in a large city it was decided that locals would be hired for many of the clerical and labor positions.This is a little different than most projects I had been on and was the direct cause of the events that follow.

As manger on this job I was given a budget and told I could hire three laborers and someone to work in the office.Using a local employment agency I had people sent out and I interviewed them.The woman I chose as my office lady was very attractive and I admit I had evil thoughts about her.(dear ladies of MESS please remember this is before Lorraine).

Because we were using "outside" people and not some of our usual crew I reminded our "inside" people that they would have to watch the new folks and teach them how we did things.

Within a week my foreman had attached himself to the office lady and was constantly making passes at her.At first I thought little about it as it was usual practice for women on these jobs to swear and act just like the guys.

One morning as I came into the office I noticed the lady was in ahead of me.I stopped to speak to her and she seemed nervous.About an hour later I went to the warehouse to check on something and I noticed the foreman had her in a corner and was standing very close to her.I made a mental note to find out about the situation but got busy and let it ride.

The following Monday when I arrived at work I found the lady at her desk crying.I took her to my office and closed the door.Trying to be gentle I asked what was wrong.Still crying she said "I have to quit this job."She said she could not take anymore sexual pressure from the foreman.That upset me,it was my fault I felt and my job to fix it.I asked her if she would stay if I took care of the problem."Of course it's the best job I've ever had."Now I would plot my foreman's demise.

Knowing my forman to be a married man and knowing that his wife was in California I began to plan.I called a lawyer friend of mine and told him is was concocting an evil plot and needed his help.Having known me for a number of years he decided it would be fun to play along.I had him get in touch with an attorney he knew in California and draw up the letter.

The attorney in California drew up all the legal papers for a divorce stating under California law the foreman would have to divide everything he owned equally with his wife.Additionally since they had been married more than ten years she would be claiming half his pension and social security.

I had the letter sent to the job site address and when it came in the mail held it until the foreman was out of the office,then put it on his desk.He came in a while later ready for lunch and when he sat down saw the letter.

At first he did not realize what the letter was about.But when he opened it and began to read his face turned white.He rubbed his eyes and shook his head,he reached for the phone but realized where he was and stopped.He sat a few minutes then could not sit still any longer.He began to pace and mutter.I let him stew for about five minutes and called him to my office.Someting wrong I asked?He held out the letter"boss I don't believe it" he said.I'll be ruined.Flat on my ***.What am I going to do?

I let him vent a little pretending to read the letter.I got up and closed the door."Sit down".He was looking at me like a man drowning and pleading for help.I lowered the boom.

I had that letter sent here and the next one will be real unless you leave the office lady alone. I told him he could **** anybody he wanted but not in my office.I told him he had better be glad I had sent him the letter and not advised the lady to file a suit.I blasted him for about fifteen minutes and sent him out.

I kept word from getting out about the whole thing but eventually had to send the guy to another job as he was so spooked he couldn't function there anymore.

He had been done in by The Letter

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Jan 16, 2007