The New Kid

For those of you who may not know me here I am in the constuction trade and this story is about one of the jobs I was posted to.

Our crew was on a military post in the western U.S. constructing some semi-secret installation for the Air Force.We were living in some old abandoned WWII era buildings forty miles from the nearest town.Everyone was tired of the situation and guys were doing everything they could to get posted to a new job.I had only been with the company for three years so my chances of getting out were slim.Several of the people I am still friendly with today were on this job and we stuck together then as now.I should mention here that this was in 1975 and many things we use today simply did not exist then.

One morning the foreman came to me and said he wanted to talk to me.He asked if I had been trained on the new lift truck and did I want to move to it as the senior driver was leaving the job.Damn right I told him.This truck had an enclosed cab and got me out of the sun and wind.With the senior driver leaving this meant a replacemnt was coming out and we all wondered who might show up.As we were making plans for a party for our departing friend the new kid walked into the building.Nobody knew him he was a new hire and had never worked our trade before.The kid was cocky and got right into the middle of our session.Guys were looking at each other and rolling their eyes wondering who this smartass was.Next morning as the foreman handed out the assignments the kid bitched at getting the lift truck without a cab.At lunch several of gathered and we planned his education.

Since the party was to be the next night in town it was decided that this was the opportunity to further the kids education.

We went to a bar in the town and it being Saturday they had a band.There were about twenty in our group including the kid and the manager put some tables together for us.When he came over later to check on us I asked to talk to him.Since we were regular Saturday customers and hadn't caused too much damage to the place he took me to his office.

I told him who the kid was and explained he needed to further his education.The manager understood the problem and said he would be happy to help.From then on whenever a round was brought the kid's drink had a little extra.By midnight all of us were drunk but the kid was asleep.Having properly saluted our departing comrade we decided to head for home.One of the guys threw the kid in the back of his truck and off we went.After we had turned off the highway and started on the dirt road to camp I signalled our convoy to a halt.Still six or eight miles from camp we were in the middle of the desert in the dark of night.Holding a hasty conference it was decided to leave the kid there.

Bleary eyed the next morning we went to breakfast all talking about where the kid might be.As we sat eating the MPs drove up with him.A seargent came in asked if he belonged to us and we all denied it.The kid began to cry and beg tell him,tell him,guys tell him.I'm sure the seargent knew we were lying but arrested him anyway for being on a military installation. 

It was late that afternoon before they brought him back as the foreman had gotten the mess straightened out.

The kid packed his stuff and was gone in ten minutes.   

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3 Responses Jan 17, 2007

HahaHaha kinda mean but I should try dumping my brother out in the middle of nowhere next time he gets drunk=D

OMG! He could have been bitten by a snake, stung by a scorpion or died of exposure! Your business sounds like a pretty dangerous business to start work in. When I first started work I was sent to a trade counter for a "long weight". They made sure I got a long wait - for about half an hour before they took pity on me and explained the joke. Your story has made me realise I got off very lightly. LOL

School of Hard Knocks, heh?? I'm glad you're nowhere near me Proffessor Trav!! lol.