The Preacher and the Punch

I believe this incident takes place in 1977 or 1978 the old traveler just can't keep all the years straight anymore.

We were in Michigan south of Detroit working at a steel mill and it was cold.It was late in December and we were just going through the motions on the job.Many of the people had used vacation time or regular monthly leave to be home for Christmas.There were only six of us from our department at the site on a Friday afternoon.Four of us were clustered around a fire barrel trying to stay warm,when the foreman walked up with the preacher.The preacher as we called him was the mr.goody goody of our crew.He didn't smoke,drink,cuss or worse yet **** around.He was constantly trying to get people to go to church and study the bible with him.Worse yet if some of us got together and were having a party he would come and try to put a stop to any "heathen behavior"as he put it.

The foreman and the preacher got up by the fire with us and the foreman said "if you guys want to go early today go ahead.""Make sure everything is shut up tight and I'll see you guys Monday."Not needing to be told twice we started off to check our equipment and lock up.Within fifteen minutes we were all in the locker room.After checking to make sure the preacher was not around Red Meinert the oldest guy of our crew,said "boys I believe tonight would be a good night for me to make a batch of my famous punch."He said "it's been awful cold and nothing will keep you warm better than it will."I had had Red's punch before and he was right.The problem was you also did not know where you were,who you were with or even who you were.The damn stuff tasted like fruit punch but had the kick of a mule.You didn't even know you were drinking until it was way too late.I to this day have no idea what was in that punch,but I still retain a very healthy respect for it.

Heading out to the parking lot Red said "you guys come around about 7 and bring some ***** and I'll have the punch ready."All of us lived at the same motel but had come in seperate cars that day and we split up.Instead of heading for a bar I went and got something to eat, figuring I would need it.I got back to the motel about five and seeing the maid was still in the laundry room,went and asked her to Red's party.This particular maid was a very accomodating lady having ****** everyone in the motel. She was glad to accept my invitation and said she would call a couple of friends.Things were looking very good indeed for the evening.I was headed for my room when coming across the parking lot i saw the preacher.At first I started to duck out of the way,but a better idea formed in my brain.Hey preach I said,a bunch of us are going to be in Red's room tonight come on by.Knowing he could not resist coming over to rail at us for our "heathen behavior" the trap was set.I called the guys and Red to make sure we set it perfectly.

The girls showed up at 7:15 and we clued them in.Around 8 when the knock came at the door,there were seven of us in the room,three ladies and the four guys all respectably sipping punch and watching a basketball game.The preacher was startled by the scene and rendered speechless.Red said "hey come on in have some punch and grab a snack,good game tonight.""Lots of vitamin C in that punch,need it this time of year"he said.The preacher said "well I sure will thanks."That was the last understandable word I heard the man say.Red had set some big tumblers next to the punch and a bucket of ice.The preacher filled his tumbler and added no ice,he took two big swallows,gave the punch a fuuny look,took another big gulp and sat down.I watched him try to focus his eyes on the TV and all of us had to look away to keep from laughing.He took a couple of more drinks and tried to express his appreciation of the punch.If I try to write it here it would look like this I think.ssslorhupwe nuth gorb looyi.The rest of us then felt we needed to catch up and the party was on.The preacher passed out within a half hour and we were never sure if he was continuing his speech of appreciation for the punch or berating us for our behavior.During this time while the preacher was still with us the ladies somehow had lost some of their clothing.We all thought it would help to memorialize the occasion by taking some pictures of the preacher with the unclad ladies.Fortunately Red had a camera in his room and this was accomplished before the preacher retired for the evening.We hauled him back to his room and gently tucked him in for the night.The rest of us were able to continue our party without fear of interruption.

The following day late in the afternoon the preacher was seen loading his car.Being concerned neighbors we went to see if we could help.yuioygysh gtwyfrmmi I believe was what he said.He did not leave the job but moved to a new motel.

The middle of the following week pictures of the nights activities began to appear all over our work area.They would never stay up for long as apparently they were coveted momentos.

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Good. I've no sympathy with preaching. How do they know what they are saying is right? It's all hearsay presented as fact.