The boys and I are planning a good practical joke for my wife. She has been in Vegas with her Mom since Tuesday. My father in-law is picking them up at the airport and will bring them home. What we have planned is to have the house a mess when she gets here.

We have been keeping the house up just fine this week and we're going to polish every thing off this morning, but then we're going to empty the cabinets of all the clean dishes and pile the sink full and set them all over the kitchen counter, the table and the table in the living room. We have let the trash can fill up, and we're going to set full bags of trash all around the trash can.... as if we've emptied it, but that's as far as it went. We're going to take clothes and throw them all over the place. We're going to get blankets out and lay them all over the sofa and love seat to appear that we have spent a lot of time there while she was gone.

We're going to re-arrange the refrigerator and the pantry. My wife has a list of phone numbers posted on this poster board in the kitchen. My oldest son made one to look just like it and put bogus names on it. Names she won't even recognize, and we're going to put it over her list.

We're going to put on pajamas and mess our hair all up, and when she walks in the door, we're all going to be in our recliners. I can't wait to see the look on her face... 

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Ha ha I did that with my brother except it was real, I ransacked the house and put a whole bottle of liquid soap in the dishwasher and had a bubble party.

LOL It didn't take her long to realize that it was a joke.

If was funny. We did everything except for re-arrange the frig and pantry. The boys and I were getting ready to do it, and then we started talking about who was going to put it all back. Neither of us wanted to so we dropped that<br />
<br />
We clued the father in-law in on what we were doing so he came in with her. She came in and looked around and said, what the hell have you guys been doing???

Ha! It is going to be funny....

I would kill you!!!!!!!!!!!