Total Surprise For a Coworker With a Totaled Car

Nothing like having some arrogant coworker to start off every morning. The latest rumor in gloom and doom. Well finally one day i decided to give the jerk a taste of his own medicine. So i got a few fellow workers together to pull this one off.

Waiting for the perfect day finally arrived. With a light coat of freezing rain on the ground, the plan was launched. One of my friends called the arrogant jerk. Hello sir, this is plant security, we want to inform you that your car has been totaled in an accident in the parking lot. The look on that jerks face, priceless!

Needless to say, the jerk took the issue to upper management but they laughed it off. 

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Remind me to keep my doom and gloom to least around you :)

thats pretty funny!