I Do Love Me Some Practical Jokes

And I just got Etherbunny and over 200 other EP members tonight


Etherbunny and I have been friends for many years and we have many of the same friends. Well tonight I got to play a joke on Ether by making him think his current roommate was told about the silly things he sometimes posts.


So I created an account with a name used by his roommate in other sites


Well poor Ether tonight got a taste of his own Ether so to speak.


And to all those lovin’ the drama well GOTCHA






P.S. Never mess with a smuggler


dasmuggler dasmuggler
36-40, M
8 Responses Mar 21, 2009

nice dude :)

*Standing ovation*

thank you, thank you


We should all bow to you and your practical joking prowess.

I scared Ether off ep there for awhile

And that is precisely why you are the Master, my sweets.